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A Worthwhile JOKER GT Comparison

Like so many stories, this one begins at Walmart. I was doin’ mah thang and noticed that they had the new Injustice 2 cars. This actually gave me a good chance to see exactly what came in the case, which was the 4 I2 cars plus an extra Batman (5), and then 3 re-issues from the regular DCU line – Killer Croc, Batman Hot Rod, and The Joker GT (that makes 8 for a full case). We already established that Killer Croc was slightly different, and so I started staring at that Batman Hot Rod, wondering if it was even darker than the other Batman Hot Rod (which was definitely darker than the previous one)…and the jury’s still out on this one.

New Joker GT
This only left The Joker GT. I don’t have an eidetic memory, and I haven’t spent hours staring at Joker GT, but something about this “new” model caught my eye. Check out the picture to the right. See that large swath of clear-ish yellow running roughly between the front and rear wheels on each side? That’s what jumped out at me Can’t really tell you why or what should’ve been there instead, in just felt out of place. So I brought it home. How can I be sure this is indeed a re-issue? The back is a dead giveaway; the original released boasted some combination of other new releases at the time, like Batgirl, Green Arrow, and Deadshot. This time we only see Killer Croc and Batman Hot Rod.

Soooo was I right? Was I wrong? Delusional? Hallucinatory? VALIDATED.

Joker GT Comparison

If you look at the area in question, you’ll see that it’s bordered by thin red lines. These lines are supposed to represent the Joker’s lips, and obviously the space in between is his teeth showing via his perpetual grin. On the original Joker GT, you can see that the grin is a strange shade of white. It doesn’t match the surrounding body, leading me to believe it’s probably a white piece of plastic rather than metal painted white. It almost looks like a piece of glow-in-the-dark plastic, but so far I can’t get it to glow.

Comparison of 'Lips'

Clearly, that white piece, which extends from one side, all the way around the front, and to the other side – just like a grin! – has been fully replaced in the new version with the translucent yellow piece. Also take a look at the “lower lip:” on the original, the line is doubled up, once on the outer surface and then again on the recessed surface. Now look at the newbie: the innermost red line is gone and only the outer remains.

The last little thing is the hood…by itself I wouldn’t think much of it, but while I’m scrutinizing it anyway, let’s look. The original features just a silver, pentagonal piece resting on the hood. The new one seems to be constructed identically, however, the small amount of paint on the edge of the piece is gone, giving it a slightly more raised appearance.

Do the rest of you collectors out there notice this shit? More importantly, does it bother you? Do you feel the need to gather up these variants? I know that the key words on the back of nearly every car back is, “Colors and decorations may vary,” but where do we draw the line? I dunno…I guess it really comes down to how/why these differences come about….are they deliberate decisions made to improve upon earlier versions? Are they just arbitrary differences in dye lots? I guess it’s the intent that sets it apart for me. If they’re meant to be different from each other then I definitely want to own and chronicle their existence. On the other hand, if they’re simple accidents, I find my position shifting. I’m not exactly sure towards what, but I do / would relegate them to lesser importance.

I find myself doubling up on cars for small differences quite often and one of these days I’m gonna lay it all for you to judge. Until then, what experience do you have with this phenomenon? Is it worth it? Does it drive you crazy? Lemme know!


INJUSTICE 2 Character Cars (and Other New DC Stuff)

So with all the shit coming from so many directions – Flip Fighters, Black Panther, the 3rd (right?) wave of Star Wars cars, the 3rd (right?) wave of starships, Battle Rollers, Batmobiles, carships, and whatever the hell else you might be interested in, so far there’s only been one that was a quick and easy find: the Injustice 2 Character Cars. Ok that’s a lie, the Flip Fighters were easy to scoop up too, I just wanted to sensationalize things a bit. Of all the things rattling around on my “want list” though, I am extremely happy to have found these. This was over a week ago and I just hadn’t gotten to it until now, and although I’ve seen a few since then, they seem to be relegated to Toys R Us.

Injustice 2 Character Cars

In the article where I initially reported on their existence, I brought up the fact that they were labeled 1 / 5, 2 / 5, and so on with the 5 / 5 conspicuously absent. This leaves us with a weird case configuration – we’ve got the 4 cars, a duplicate of Batman (5), an oldschool DCU Katana (6), a new slight color variant of Killer Croc (7), and then I don’t exactly know what that 8th slot is. Anyway, just to be clear, the (so far) 4 Injustice 2 cars are:

  • 1 / 5 – Batman (Injustice 2)
  • 2 / 5 – Superman (Injustice 2)
  • 3 / 5 – The Flash (Injustice 2)
  • 4 / 5 – Supergirl (Injustice 2)

Now let’s be clear, none of these are 100% original. Batman is the Armored Batman that came out around BvS, Superman is taken from his old old design, The Flash is a take on his very recent Justice League release, and Supergirl is based on her first appearance within the DC Super Hero Girls line. So yeah, glad they’re paying attention to a powerful moment in DC history – the game Injustice 2 – but why 5 characters and why not original designs…> The game opens with a whopping 27 playable characters; Brainiac can be unlocked or straight up purchased and Darkseid was a Day One freebie (also available for purchase) bringing the total to 29. Since then, we’ve received all of the planned 9 downloadable characters: Red Hood, Starfire, Black Manta, Enchantress, and the Atom from the DCU along with out-of-universe characters Sub-Zero and Raiden (from the Mortal Kombat franchise), Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics), and TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (Mirage Comics, initially at least). Even more, through a system of costume and equipment changes, you can squeeze a few more semi-distinct characters from the roster officially recognized by the game: Reverse Flash, Jay Garrick (Golden Age Flash), Bizarro, Black Lightning, Vixen, Power Girl, John Stewart (Green Lantern), Nightwing, and then each individual turtle from TMNT (Leo, Donnie, Mikey, and Raph). Fucking crazy right? Cut out every bit of the even slightly gimmicky shit and you’ve still got 38 solid, discrete, distinguishable characters!

I’m not trying to endorse Injustice 2 (though I have been spending lots of time with it lately) I’m just pointing out that there are an assload of characters to choose from. I’m not even necessarily lobbying for (relative) obscurities like Doctor Fate or Atom or Black Adam. We’ve got some big A-listers on there that haven’t appeared in car-form yet: Brainiac, Darkseid, Black Manta, Scarecrow, Starfire…we had a lot of good ones from the first Injustice as well that didn’t carry over to the sequel.

Batman (Injustice 2) ( 1 / 5 )

Injustice 2 Batman

Remember Armored Batman? That damn thing was everywhere…forever! And it’s an ok car, but certainly a ways off from the most inspired of the lot. The Injustice 2 version improves on the original by giving it a fresh paint job. It’s got a black matte finish with lots of little green and white lines and blips for decorations…sort of like a weird light show. Hot Wheels was clearly going for a “fluorescent look” when it came to these cars (I’ll explain in a second) so I’m at a bit of a loss as to the Batman’s dull finish. The bright greens do give it a tech-y feel though, and the clear green tires definitely push the “fluorescence” angle.

As for the next 3, well, I’d be lying if I said they were anything less than beautiful. A little too familiar in design…eh, maybe, but beautiful nonetheless.

Superman (Injustice 2) ( 2 / 5 )

Injustice 2 Superman

The history of the Superman car can be a little confusing. A long time ago, with the very first rollout of DCU Character Cars, there was a “Superman” car in the shape of the one you see above. Later on, with the release of Man of Steel, we got the “flat car,” though it was officially dubbed “Man of Steel.” This was all fine and well for a while, and then a few months before the marketing machine behind Justice League got going Hot Wheels re-issued a whole slew of DCU cars in new packaging, among them the original Superman design as well as the newer Man of Steel version. Nothing too fishy at this point. However, when the Justice League machine got going, there was another slew of cars, and this time the “original” design (like the above pic) was left behind and the newer design was re-named “Superman.” Not sure why they did all this but they did.

I think I prefer the older one anyway though. It has a more classic, sporty design and the cape absolutely embodies Superman in basic albeit recognizable terms. Of course what makes this car such a beaut is the deep, glossy blue and red, highlighted by that bright cream color which almost gives the car a glow of its own vis-à-vis Hot Wheels’ continual references to the cars’ “fluorescent” attributes. And don’t forget those clear yellow wheels (tires?)!

The Flash (Injustice 2) ( 3 / 5 )

Injustice 2 The Flash

I was excited when we got Flash in the Justice League subset because his old version was a bit…strange, to say the least. The sleek, armored look of the newer iteration hasn’t changed much; it’s a little darker and a little glossier. The same sort of creamy lines from Superman zig-zag across the car’s body and give it a respectable “Flash-like” look.

Supergirl (Injustice 2) ( 4 / 5 )

Injustice 2 Superirl

I’m diggin’ this car. Shape-wise it’s basically a more feminized version of Superman. The cape is more steeply tapered to account for Kara’s slimmer shoulders and the vehicle’s body has more of an hourglass dip to reflect her girlish figure. She looks almost aqua on the packaging, though she’s very clearly a mixture of darker and lighter blues plus white, giving her the most fluorescent vibe of the all. And just to make sure we have more actual light bouncing around, let’s not skip over the clear red tires, her shiny silver interior half exposed by the crisp yellow windshield, and the hidden ahem…underside of bright gold.

Supergirl is easily my favorite of this lot, probably due to her full-on transformation from innocent cartoon girl to a sleek, elegant, and more mature machine. To be fair the entire style is very cool and I would love to see more characters / more cars get this “fluorescent” treatment. (I don’t mean to continually harp on about “fluorescence,” but it’s as good a term as any to describe the unique quality of these cars and hey, Hot Wheels themselves put it out there for us!) The ultra-gloss, metal-flake (at least in Flash), high saturation, and liberal use of contrast was a brilliant decision, and yes, it breathes new life into familiar vehicles, but damn, this would look awesome on some brand new bodies. (And yeah, Batman is kinda the odd man out (‘cept for those killer transparent green wheels) and no, I can’t explain why…why not give him high-gloss black and accent him with the super-bright neon green…?)

Injustice 2 Character Cars

So where’s the 5th car? Who’s 5 / 5?

Ah yes, the million dollar question! Well check it: Hot Wheels saw it fit to bestow upon us a new pamphlet! We’ll get to that more in a minute but real quick let’s answer that supa dupa question:

Cyborg (Pamphlet)


Yep yep, yes sir, it’s him. Are you surprised? Cuz I am. Have you played Injustice 2, specifically the Story Mode? Minor Spoilers Ahead: In the events of the game, we rejoin the “alternate Earth,” this time with minimal interaction with “real Earth.” In the first game you had all kinds of folks flying around; most were from “alternate Earth,” but several “regular Earthlings” came over…and then there were scenes of regular Earthlings who couldn’t come over but wanted to, and then some people were deceased in one reality or another…my point is that it got a little confusing keeping track of who hailed from where. Injustice 2 did us a favor and really kept this dimension-hopping to a minimum. In fact, I think the only 2 characters to crossover are Reg. Green Arrow and Reg. Black Canary. This is not only based on implicit dialog, but also on the fact that Alt. Green Arrow is well-established as dead during the events of the previous game and since he and Black Canary are apparently a couple with a child, well, it only makes sense that she’s from Reg. Earth as well.

Now the general gist of Injustice 2 is that Brainiac has showed up and started some serious shit. Superman and his former regime have mostly been locked away and sufficiently contained, largely due to Batman’s efforts and coordination of various surviving Alt. Earth heroes. Batman, as Bruce Wayne (the secret’s out here on Alt. Earth after Sup’s defeat), has become a major public figure, speaking out on the evils of Superman’s dictatorial stint and generally working hard to comfort the public against a similar event. With Brainiac royally ripping this Alt. Earth a new one, Batman & Co. quickly realize the futility of their situation and begin to ponder whether or not releasing Superman to help defeat Brainiac is worth the risk. With the ginormous cast of Injustice 2 obviously some characters play larger roles than others. Although most (excluding DLC) appear in some capacity or another, our core is divided between Batman’s and Superman’s team. Batman’s “freedom fighters” consist of Green Arrow and Black Canary from Reg. Earth, Harley, Beetle, Firestorm, Catwoman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and a tentative Aquaman, while Superman’s regime includes Wonder Woman as his right hand “man,” Robin (Damian Wayne) as his protege, Cyborg and Black Adam as his “top dogs,” and then varying degrees of closeness with Gorilla Grodd’s “The Society,” made up of Grodd himself, Deadshot, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, Bane, and Captain Cold.

Supergirl occupies some interesting territory during the course of events and arguably has the most personable storyline. She was sent way from Krypton at the same time as Superman to protect the boy; at the time Superman was an infant and Supergirl (Kara) was a teenager. The dying planet threw her ship off course, and as a result, she landed on Earth much later, and unaged due to hypersleep. She arrives on Alt. Earth sometime after Superman’s imprisonment and remains confused and angry, having been taken under the wing of Wonder Woman and Black Adam, who remain quietly hidden in Kahndaq. She hones her powers, does her best to believe in Supes, but ultimately witnesses the brutality of her charge’s regime first hand.

Moving back to the cars, obviously it would make sense to include Batman & Superman. Supergirl certainly earns her place as well since she’s one of the only (if not the only) character that the game really gives us any emotional interest in. Then there’s The Flash, which I also sortta get. See, this Alt. Flash was originally part of the regime, though upon witnessing the death of SHAZAM! in the first game, quickly decides this is not the life for her. We later learn that he turned himself in and was eventually pardoned by Batman under the conditions that he help Batman monitor…whatever he fuck he monitors, and that he not use his powers. Barry seems more than amicable to the terms and overall expresses deep regret for his role in the regime. So who should the 5th slot belong to…?

Honestly I thought it would be Wonder Woman due to both fan familiarity and the amount of screen time / dialog she was given in the story. I mean I was like 99.9% sure. Now secretly I’d hoped we’d get a Character Car of the game’s big bad – Brainiac himself! That was my remaining 0.1%. That’d be the cool thing to do, right? Keep it under wraps and then bang out someone so unexpected yet completely relevant.

But no. It’s Cyborg. Why!!!?? Spice it up Hot Wheels!

Alls I gots to say is that Cyborg’s “fluorescence” better be mindblowing.

But Cubes, I Thought You Mentioned Something About Other New DC Cars?

Yes! Yes I did! I guess I’ll go ahead and show the pamphlet, let the big reveal hit you, and then go over what we see. I scanned these myself!

Click on each to see a full, life-sized version of each side in a new window.

New DC Pamphlet - Front

New DC Pamphlet - Back

Alright, first things first, brand new Batman & Robin!!! To be technically correct, we have the Supercharged Batman and Robin 2.0T…does anyone know what the “T” means? Anyway, I love love love the new designs. I guess they don’t look much like characters, but they do look like awesome cars. They really capture that high-end European GT style mid-engine hypercars. Granted these visuals are just illustrations, I still have high hopes for the vehicles themselves.

Supercharged Batman Character Car

On the other hand, do we really need another fucking Batman!? We’ve had so so many already:

  • The original Batman Character Car (that looks a lot like some variant of a Batmobile)
  • Batman Hot Rod – Black with Gold Base (Justice League 5-pack Exclusive)
  • Batman Hot Rod – Blue
  • Batman Hot Rod – Black with Silver Base (Batcave Playset Exclusive)
  • Batman Hot Rod – Dark Blue (re-issue with a noticeably darker blue)
  • Armored Batman
  • Batman (Justice League)
  • Batman (Justice League)(Flying Fox Playset Exclusive)
  • Tactical Suit Batman
  • Batman (Injustice 2)

That…is…just…nucking futs.

Robin 2.0T Character Car

As for Robin, well, I’m a little torn. On a superficial level I’m really glad they gave him a redesign…he was one of the stranger looking cars of the lot. Judging from the original artwork, I assumed this was meant to be either a Grayson or Drake iteration of the sidekick. What I found interesting was Robin’s re-issue with the new “Character Cars” packaging – the artwork appeared to very clearly depict Damian Wayne. Sadly, there was no actual difference between the cars themselves. What I’d like to see isn’t so much “Robin 2.0T” (wtf is that “T” for!!??) but something like “Robin (Dick Grayson)” and “Robin (Damian Wayne)” and so on. I’d also like to see former Robins on the roster as their new aliases, a la Nightwing (Grayson), Red Hood (Todd), Red Robin (Drake), etc. I guess you could throw in Stephanie Brown / Spoiler / The Fourth Robin but she’s much lower on the radar than the others.

Newer Killer Croc Character Car

Christ, this has been a doozy of an article hasn’t it? Truth be told I probably would’ve had this done 24 to 48 hours ago if not for a mishap where I spilt Tea Tree Oil all over everything. Long story. Anyway, the last thing I want to touch on is the “new” Killer Croc Character Car. This is actually the first time we’ve seen KC in any sort of new-ish packaging. He was sold as a single way way back and was most recently available as part of a Batman Rogues Gallery 5-pack. When I spotted “new” KC on the shelf, it immediately looked different to me…maybe lighter or “more green” or something. Well I just had to grab it and see for myself.

When it comes to color changes across re-issues of Character Cars I’m always reluctant on how to handle it. Do I count it as something “new”? A freak aberration? I don’t know! I mean on the one hand it is a different color but on the other hand I really have to wonder if such a small change was intentional. We see this shit all the time: the early Catwoman is much more purple compared to the later release which is much more pink – the reissued Blue Wolverine is a much darker blue than the original – there’s been a whole slew of Captain Americas will all sorts of shades of blue – Iron Man has had multiple small changes – the original Superman contains metalflake in its paint job whereas the newer reissues are just blue – and of course there’s the Batman Hot Rod I mentioned earlier which, when reissued, was a noticeably darker shade of blue – Man of Steel has been released with different shades of blue and red and wheel color – it’s crazy, no?

Ok ok gettin’ back to Killer Croc as if this shit needs to be any longer…real quick, here’s a picture of the newest release of Killer Croc:

Newest Killer Croc

Look any different to you? Yeah yeah, I realized just throwing this pic up wouldn’t mean much, so here’s a comparison, new on the left, older 5-pack release on the right:

KC v KC (1)

KC v KC (2)

Um k…I must concede…the difference is not as profound as I thought. I could’ve sworn those greens were different but nope, they look pretty much the same to me. The only difference I can spot is the color of the spoiler thing (?) near the back. The older version is blue with a little bit of metallic sheen to it. The newer Croc sports a blusih-gray piece, clearly absent the metallic, semi-sparkly finish.

Well, at least there was a difference.

Well well holy hell. I feel like I’ve been working on this piece for ages…maybe I should’ve split it up into a couple of pieces but it seemed like it all went together at the time. Whew, well, I won’t take up any more of your time. Hope you got some good info outta this article! More stuff is coming just as soon as I can type it up, so c’mon back before too long! Or better yet, hit that FOLLOW button over on the right for email notifications whenever I update!

Until next time!

Quick Update on INJUSTICE 2 Set of Hot Wheels Character Cars

Alright this is a quickie but I figured worth mentioning. Remember the new INJUSTICE 2 Character Cars? (Read about it here!) You might recall that we had no idea what the fifth car in the set was. Well I tracked ’em down on Amazon where a guy actually had photos of the backs posted. And guess what!? The backs just had some combination of the 4 we already know of! Sneaky bastards! So it looks like won’t know what that fifth character is just yet.

My short list would consist of Wonder Woman and…well…she’s really the only other person story-wise who’s on the same level as the other 4 (Superman, Batman, Supergirl, the Flash). I guess maybe Cyborg but putting anyone before Wonder Woman seems strange. Also seems a bit strange for Wonder Woman to be the big secret reveal as well. Now what would be super awesome bomb as hell would be for this fifth wheel to be none other than Brainiac, the central antagonist of Injustice 2 and our resident Dr. Octopus impersonator. Brainiac would also make sense as the belated reveal…then again, they pushed back the release of Flash with the Justice League subset.

Whatcha think? Know some shiz that I don’t? As always, leave all such pertinent info and even speculation in the comments below!!

Three More Down – THE FLASH (Justice League) & Others

Three More Down – THE FLASH (Justice League) & Others

This all actually went down several days ago, I’m just now getting around to putting it to paper. I had a little hiccup during the week that caused me to have to drop everything and go to the State Fair (if I wanted to go at all and avoid weekend traffic). A good time was had by all and although I wish I had some fun “toy news” from the event, the State Fair isn’t exactly a toy place. It celebrates agriculture and the harvest and as such, pretty much the only toys you’ll find are the $$$ handmade, wooden, one-of-a-kind sorts of stuff, juxtaposed with the endless bits of worthless cloth and plastic that comprise the illustrious “prizes” given out by all the game booths.

Anyway, I’ve made a few fun discoveries/purchases along the way. Remember how the big wave of Justice League cars was conspicuously devoid of The Flash? A few weeks later a few Flashes began popping up, but these sold pretty quick and the one or two sellers with more than one were quick to adjust their prices. I shit you not, I watched one guy sell one for $20, the next for $25, then $30, and then $35. I know he had one priced at $40 after that, but I don’t know if it sold. By then I was getting antsy about what it would take to get my own Justice League Flash.

Justice League Flash

Well well what the hell – just then, the ever-vigilant C. stepped in to tell me of a Flash for sale on Amazon, although it would take it like 7 or 8 days to ship. I was still pretty satisfied with this because the vehicle was available for it’s regular retail, $3.99. The biggest kicker was that it was listed as an “add-on” item, a really shitty practice Amazon has started for god knows what reason. It goes like this: Amazon will offer up an item for $3.99 and call it an add-on item and tell you that you’ve got to get your cart up to $25 to actually purchase this item. The good news is that at least the $3.99 counts towards the $25 total. The bad news is that there is no other way to buy an “add on.” I could understand if $3.99 was the “special add-on price” and then you could buy it for like, I dunno, $5.99 or even $8.99 as a standalone, but the way it’s set up right now, it’s like some kind of arbitrary discrimination based on how much money one has spent. Amazon is a really great vendor to deal with in a lot of ways, but this add-on shit just feels shady.

Regardless, I snagged a couple of rarer vehicles from Blaze’s catalog (I’ll show you those a little later!) and patiently waited for The Flash. According to Amazon, the site would receive more on the 8th and ship them then. Continually outdoing themselves, I actually had the package on my porch on the afternoon of the 6th. Again, big thanks to C. for making me privy to the opportunity. The thing is, I had actually looked on Amazon before all this, but check it – it was listed fucking bizarrely – like “Justice League Vehicle 1” or something equally retarded and not including the word “flash” anywhere in it.

I am 1,000% appreciative of tips like this and I’m super glad to hear any information that any reader may have to pass on – thanks again for those that have helped and thanks in advance to those that are bound to. Also, please keep in mind that I’m open to trades or helping to track down goodies you may have a hard time finding.

Ticking off Justice League Flash means finishing off the DC pamphlet – cool I guess but now what’s coming!? I wish we could be hoping for Steppenwolf and Parademon Character Cars, but right now, things don’t look so good. We will be getting some kinda “exclusive deco Cyborg” on or around November 1st in the form of a 5-pack…along with 4 other cars that most of us will probably already have…

Overall I like the new Flash car. The old one looked sort of backwards. The new one skews a bit towards the more traditional car-shape, but the paint job does a decent job of representing the character’s beetle-like armor(?) we’ve been seeing in Justice League previews.

Interestingly, the shop.mattel.com site had both Deadpool and Loki listed (maybe Armored Hulk too?), with a special “Notify Me” button whereby the user would receive an email when the cars were available. Well, as of a few days ago, Loki had disappeared (along with the new Hulk, if it was ever there) and Deadpool was just all grayed-out with the typical out-of-stock “More Ways to Buy” button lit up. Where the fuck were my notifications, Mattel? Ugh. It’s confusing to me why in this day and age companies seem so disconnected from their products. Look at the highly automated systems that govern the nationwide inventory of places like Walmart, Amazon, Target – these systems are wildly impressive. Yet we aren’t at a point where I can’t type in some shit like “hot wheels deadpool character car” on an official Mattel site and in .0235 seconds get a list of exact locations where I can buy the damn thing within a 5, 10, 20, 50 mile radius of my zip code? Better yet, why doesn’t Mattel hold on to some of them and sell them via their site? I mean I know they do this with some of their stock, but fuck, look at all the shit that isn’t listed for sale – and then take a moment to look at how much of the shit that is listed is straight up out of stock (most likely permanently).

(shop.mattel.com actually has some pretty interesting stuff listed for their Star Wars stuff…more on that later – perhaps!)

Feeling a bit despondent about Loki but also a bit incensed at eBay’s prices, I was faced with that age-old question: do I get it now and revel in the fact that 4 weeks later I wasn’t forced to pay twice as much…? Or do I get it now and kick myself in the ass when it’s on shelves everywhere for 20% of what I paid for it in a week’s time…? It’s a hard thing to gauge. Like Guardians 2 – I only ever saw the first wave of those 4 times at 2 separate stores. As for the second wave, well, I saw Drax once and Gamora twice, both at Barnes & Noble, and I’ve yet to see Nebula or Mantis “in the wild.” But then Spider-man: Homecoming dropped and pretty much every Walmart and Target has kept a steady supply of the new Spidey and Iron Man along with Venom, Doc Ock, and Rhino.

So when considering Loki, I started thinking I should err towards the “rare” side since we still hadn’t seen any sign of Valkyrie or Armored Hulk. Does it actually mean shit when the “set” is divvied up across multiple cases released at different times? Fuck if I know, but I do notice that the more they seem to “trickle” out online, the less likely I am to just see 4-6 new Character Cars go “BAM” on the shelf 1 to 2 weeks later. At the moment in question, there was a single Loki up for sale, and judging from what the others had sold for, I decided it wasn’t awful and I saw that it certainly get worse. So I bit.


Loki is a fine looking car, and honestly it’s one I wish we’d gotten like 3 years ago or whatever. The horns are wacky and exaggerated just like Loki’s, and the matte, understated color scheme help to remind us of his time as a villain – even though I think he’s being played up as one of the protagonists in Ragnarok.

About a day later I decided to take stock of the Vulture situation…the fact that this one didn’t come out with the rest of the Homecoming stuff and was accompanied by no new pieces from Homecoming was a bit disconcerting. Looking at the “Sold” stuff surprised me even further – I didn’t expect so see just how few had made it over to eBay. Sellers caught on quick though – the first one sold for like $10, the last one was just over double that. So I carefully monitored the “Vulture situation” for the next 2 or 3 days…nothing popped up. Finally I got a hit – the guy was open to a Best Offer and free shipping and we came to an agreement. Yeah yeah, it was a little more than I wanted to pay, but a) the free shipping softened the blow a little, b) this is one of those cars that I could see potentially skyrocketing (as far as Character Cars go), and c) I bought it late Friday night, the guy shipped Saturday, and it was at my mailbox Monday morning. Can’t beat that. I’ve noticed that about 15-20% of the time, sellers with small items that they’re willing to ship for free are damn eager to knock off $0.35 wherever they can, and something that could’ve gotten here in 2 days for $2.48 ends up taking 6 days for the SUPER SAVING MEGA RATE of…$2.16 or some shit.

Vulture (Spider-man Homecoming)

Vulture is a good looking car, even if he was a less than stellar villain. I just wish we’d seen a frickin’ Shocker alongside it. Essentially the car reminds me of a more masculine, angular version of Wasp. He’s a bit on the plain side, but really, I can’t fault it too much when considering the source material. If you ask me, as dopey as the comic version was, he still had a bit more panache than this “more realistic” version conjured up for today’s movie-going audiences.

And that is that, my friends fiends friends. This still leaves Deadpool and Thor as far as cars that we know are out there. Honestly there are some pretty cheap Deadpools online, but the Thors seem to be in a similar boat to Loki, with slightly lower costs. I know Thor is just a repaint, but he be purty damn cool lookin’.

Now stay right there! Or at least resign yourself to check back very soon! I have some abso-smackin-frickin-lutely CRAZY NEW NEWS! And YES, I meant to get to it right about 24 FUCKING HOURS AGO but I couldn’t cuz my DAMN INTERNET was all UP AND DOWN like a vidja game! So sit tight young padwan. I got some bombs to drop.