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DONKEY KONG Character Car is Here!

Ok, it’s not here as in it’s in my hands, but it does exist in some decent quantity! I’ve started noticing them on eBay, granted at the going rate of roughly $20 as of writing this.

Donkey Kong Character Car

Interestingly enough, it’s being releases alongside the entire original 6-car set. Makes sense, right? They just tacked on Donkey Kong as number 7. Yeah that’s cool…except that if you’ve seen any Mario Character Cars around lately you’ve probably just seen Mario and Yoshi with no mention or even allusion to any Mario Character Cars in existence. They changed up the packaging and everything; no more numbers, Mario advertises Yoshi and Yoshi advertises Mario, and that’s it. (I’ve mentioned this before; Hot Wheels has given similar treatment to Spongebob and Despicable Me 3, very, very soon after the larger original run in the case of the latter.) I dunno, just seems weird to me to push the whole 6 car set back a couple of summers ago (2015, I think), wait for them all to disappear over the next few months, and then roughly six months ago re-release Mario and Yoshi as if nothing had happened. I don’t mean to stay so hung up on it, it just seems like a really bizarre move, especially with regards to something like Mario where we could probably put together a list of characters and critters numbering in the low hundreds.

So yeah, he’s out there! It doesn’t look like any of the other cars have been changed but as always, I’ll need to take a closer look before definitively saying so. Hopefully this one won’t be too hard to find as distribution spreads since I see Mario & Yoshi all the time.


New Roadster Racers Coming…?

It’s probably been about a month or a little more by now, but as I spent some time browsing both and for any online exclusives or other special items, I noticed something pretty cool under a mickey roadster racers search: 3 new vehicles!

To be fair, 2 of these are repaints (and reuses of existing characters no less) but we do get one all new specimen in both car and character…Morty McCool’s Roadster Vehicle in a dark green color that we haven’t yet seen in the series. Next up is dark blue recolor of Mickey’s Hot Rod now known as Mickey’s Secret Spy Car and last but not least a deep red version of Donald’s Cabin Cruiser called Donald’s Scorchin’ Speedster Vehicle.

Morty McCool

Mickey's Secret Spy Car

Donald's Scorchin' Speedster

I have no idea when these will be out; I’ve kept my eyes peeled for them but so far they aren’t even showing up on other retail sites on the web so it could be a while. I’m down for whatever Disney and/or Fisher Price decide to make into toys, but I do wish they’d tone down some of the palette swaps when the show is so full of different characters (like Cuckoo Loca) and interesting looking vehicles (I see pictures with Pete in all kinds of cool stuff!) to chose from instead. Anyway, if you happen to see any of these around, in stores or online, drop me a line!

I Found ALL of the New SOLO Hot Wheels Toys (Character Cars, Starships, Carships, All-Terrain, & Battle Rollers)!

Alright folks, I don’t want to be too repetitive of the previous post, but in the midst of gathering up all that info and trying to write the article I ended up finding every bit of the Solo stuff I listed plus some brand-new Battle Rollers that I didn’t know existed. Funny thing is I found them all at my local Target and have yet to see them anywhere else – I fear that our closest Walmart got a little too excited about the Black Panther / Ragnarok wave and there is still a massive glut of these guys jamming up the shelves. Anyways, it was kind of a cool story…

Maybe you know and maybe you don’t, but I try to hit up the closest Walmart and Target fairly early in the mornings. Target opens at 7am and Walmart is 24 hours, and oftentimes it takes Target an hour or two to get their toys stocked for the day. Depending on how early I get out and/or how bare Target’s shelves look, sometimes I pop back over in the early afternoon. I’m not sure what the exact time was this past Friday, but I did notice several new Battle Rollers on the shelves along with a few other action figures. Some of them were re-issues – I’ll need to look at the older ones to make sure – but I’m comfortable saying there’s at least 4 or 5 all-new ones. So that was cool…not quite the home run I was hoping for but definitely some proof that Solo stuff was potentially very close.

I spent that afternoon and early evening scrubbing down North Raleigh Targets in particular in hopes of finding more. Nothing. Not even the Battle Rollers. Most stores didn’t have anything related to Solo though one did have an end-of-aisle display with some figures and several empty racks (though none that suggested Character Cars or Starships).

I was fairly dejected after all that searching on Friday, but I reminded myself I was that much closer to Saturday. I set out again to my local Target and BAM. I found the Han, Chewy, and Lando Character Cars, all of the new Starships (at least the ones available so far), and both All-Terrains. This left one little hole – did you spot it? That’s right, the sole Carship of the lot. I figured worst case scenario I could buy this online. But I also realized Target didn’t seem to have the full “case” of Character Cars stocked. So I went back late Sunday morning and they had a few of the other reissues I hadn’t spotted the day before (3PO, R2) plus – hell yeah – the (new) Millennium Falcon Carship!

And that’s it. Within a little over 48 hours I got a hold of all the new Solo Hot Wheels toys! I’ll drag the camera out pretty soon, get some real pics, and also give you the specifics on which Battle Rollers are new. For now I’ma wrap this up though – I’ve got a couple of other things I want to go over before they get too very old!

New SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Toys Rapidly Appearing!

UPDATE: Yeah yeah, this information is somewhat outdated but I spent a long time working on it and it’s all at least true. So yeah – a little outdated but stick with me and I’ll churn out something more recent very shortly!

I know guys (and possible gals), I been a little quiet, but please, bear with me and take a look at my previous entry for a little bit of explanation. For the time being though, I’m trying to make some real time to keep this thing updated and push out some real content. This “news” is a couple of days old at this point, but I feel like it’s still pretty dang relevant.

So for whatever reason, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be hitting us around Memorial Day of 2018 instead of Christmastime. Disney’s reasoning behind continuing to oversaturate the world with Star Wars? Not sure, unless they really want the dust to settle before releasing the conclusion of the Sequel Trilogy come 2019. At any rate, I was getting little antsy about not seeing any Solo merchandise on the shelves yet….well, they still aren’t on any of my shelves but they’re popping up all over eBay with numbers rapidly increasing over the past 48 hours or so. So far it looks like Hot Wheels/Mattel is covering all 4 bases when it comes to their usual lineup: Character Cars, Starships, Carships, and the newer All-Terrain Character Cars. Solo may not be getting generating a huge amount of related merchandise (and who can really blame the toy companies after being so heavily inundated with Star Wars products these past few years) but Hot Wheels does appear to be spreading the brand across multiple forms.

Character Cars

This time around we’re seeing a release of 8 Character Cars, 3 new and 5 re-releases. Joining the cast for the very first time is Lando Calrissian, albeit a younger version and not quite the true Billy Dee Williams Lando. But hey, I’ll take it. Lando has been missing for way way way too long…now we just need to get some of those Prequel Trilogy players out in the open (Qui-Gon, Padme, Dooku, Mace, Jar Jar, etc.). Han Solo has been given a slight redesign/recolor to represent a younger version of himself, which will be interesting because we’ll now have a “young,” “regular (?),” and “old” version of Han as a Character Car, not to mention him frozen in carbonite as well. Lastly there’s a retooled Chewbacca; I’ll need to take a closer look at him, but he appears to retain the same general flatbed shape albeit with a more fusiform and less boxy cabin.

Lando Character Car

Han Solo Character Car
Chewbacca Character Car

Returning with no discernible differences (that I’ve been able to tell so far) are Vader, Stormtrooper (Imperial), R2, 3PO, and Boba Fett. Not too sure what sort of role the droids will have in this flick, and of all people, I’d really like to see a redesign of Boba Fett. Or maybe some more general focus on Jabba’s court, since Han has evidently dealt with the gangster at some point in his younger years.


Let me reiterate that I have not yet seen any of this Solo stuff for sale…however, several sellers on eBay attempting to bundle up all this new stuff include 9 items: the 8 Character Cars plus a single Carship. Kinda weird, huh? Turns out that we are in fact getting a new-ish Carship this time around…a repainted (and possibly slightly redesigned) Millennium Falcon! I guess it’s not that exciting, but it makes perfect sense. Not sure why so many sellers are including it with the cars though…perhaps they’re all being bundled together in the factory cases since it seems like so far the Falcon is the only new Carship. I mean seriously, after this last wave I don’t exactly see Hot Wheels shipping out cases full of only a single carship.

Millennium Falcon Carship


I’m a little fuzzy on exactly what the release of Starships looks like for Solo, (lots o’ re-releases) but I do think I have a good handle on what’s new: Han’s Speeder, AT Hauler, Imperial Arrestor Cruiser, what looks to be a slightly redesigned (“younger”) Millennium Falcon, and what looks to be a very oddly tacked on First Order AT-ST (Chicken Walker). I really don’t understand why a First Order vehicle is being introduced here, but whatever. Hot Wheels is always doing weird shit like this, i.e. release a Saw Gerrera Character Car a year after Rogue One and right in the thick of Episode VIII material. It’s worth noting that I only know about the AT-ST via pictures on the back of the cards and as of right now, they doesn’t seem to be any for sale.

Starships Back

Han's Speeder

Han’s Speeder

Arrestor Cruiser

Arrestor Cruiser

AT Hauler

AT Hauler

 'New' Millennium Falcon

“New” Millennium Falcon

All-Terrain Character Cars

Last but not least (maybe least?) is the relatively newish line of All-Terrain Character Cars, Hot Wheels’ 1:43 monster truck-ish answer to their original Character Cars. Basically we’ve got new/young Han Solo and Chewbacca. I’ll want a closer look at ’em before I say much more, but yeah, here they are.

All-Terrain Han Solo

Chewbacca All-Terrian

Alrighty – that covers it for now. Like I said, this info is a little old and I have more to add but I really wanted to go ahead and get this out in its current form before I moved on. Enjoy!