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New DC INJUSTICE 2 Character Cars Available!

Right on the heels of finding out about the new Black Panther stuff, I was treated to something quite surprising: a small series of DCU Character Cars based off of the Injustice 2 video game!

I’ll venture that most of you have probably at least heard of Injustice 2 (or its predecessor, Injustice: Gods Among Us) but just in case you haven’t, it’s a video game…a fighting video game. You know, a couple of guys square off against each other and punch and kick each other for a couple of rounds. It’s made by the same guys who’ve been responsible for Mortal Kombat the last few years, so the quality is indisputable. Yet it shouldn’t be thought of as just replacing Scorpion with Batman or Kitana with Wonder Woman – no, the creators were eager to develop a system different than that of the MK franchise. Of course they didn’t want to experiment within the MK series and risk alienating fans (I personally think the overall “system” of fighting in MK is the best in the genre) so they used their new-found connections with Warner Bros. to bring you a DC-based game of cosmological proportions.

With the depth and flashiness of games nowadays, hitting each other for a few seconds can seem kind of…weak. For that reason, a strong story needs to be at the crux of any worthwhile fighting game. And instead of having good vs. bad making a fight between, say, Batman and Superman a totally moot point, Injustice (the series as a whole) gets around this by digging right into the DC Multiverse from the outset. Basically there is “our world” as we know it in the main DC continuity. However, there’s an alternate universe whereby Joker blows up Metropolis, kills Lois Lane in the process, thereby eliciting the wrath of Superman, who summarily executes the clown, and consequently develops this sort of “New World Order” where the superheroes essentially “rule” the “dumb humans who don’t know any better.” Some heroes defect and join Superman’s ultimately oppressive regime while others stay hidden for fear of punishment and death. And by this token, some villains flip as well, finding Superman’s brand of terrorism too much for them.

I hate to be so long winded, I just wanted to paint a picture of Injustice 2 as you enter into it. To summarize, “regular” Earth’s Batman with the help of both heroes and villains from both universes imprison “other” Earth’s Superman and his cohorts, though they are soon left with the difficult decision of whether or not to free Superman in order to assist them with an impossibly powerful antagonist. The layering of the universes can get a little confusing, but the second game in particular takes a lot of this pressure off the player by staying with one version of the character most if not all of the game.

What I really like is that the good guy/bad guy line has been completely redrawn. There is some definite gray area, but for the sake of simplicity, they can easily be sorted into good and bad factions. Guys (and gals) like Superman, Wonder Woman, and a Damian Wayne Robin are thuggish villains, while Batman and his group of rag-tags fight from the shadows, including Harley and Catwoman. Hal Jordan also exists in both universes – one as a Green Lantern and the other as a Yellow Lantern.

Anyway, it’s a fun game, and if you like fighting games, you should definitely give it a shot. There are constant costume upgrades to unlock and while the bright, flashy colors of the DCU still exist in Injustice 2, there’s an over-the-top brilliance to them that make our characters feel larger than life. I still think matchups like this are kinda silly because really, who could best Superman in hand-to-hand combat without specialized biology or technology? He could just grab you and fly your ass up into orbit until you suffocated. Wrangle yourself free? Congratulations, you’ve still got about 1,000 miles between you and the ground. What about the Flash? He could just dodge your blows and smack you back before you even blinked. You get the idea…

As for the Character Cars, Hot Wheels has released a small set for the occasion. The corner has them labeled “1 of 5,” “2 of 5,” etc. except at the moment we do not know who 5 of 5 is! And wouldn’t you know, I still can’t find a picture of the back of the card to possibly gather more info.

The others are:

  • 1 of 5 – Batman
  • 2 of 5 – Superman
  • 3 of 5 – The Flash
  • 4 of 5 – Supergirl

If we’re going based on importance in the storyline, I guess I feel like Wonder Woman should take the next spot, but then again we’re running mighty close to the Justice League line of recent. What do you think?

Injustice 2 Character Cars

When looking at these 4, I have to wonder if Hot Wheels is running dry on ideas. Each of these is a recycled shape: Batman from Armored Batman, Superman from the old-school Superman, The Flash from the most recent Justice League Flash, and then Supergirl straight from the DC Super Hero Girls version of Supergirl (and itself highly derivative of the original Superman). Don’t get me wrong, the paint jobs really bring these things to life, giving them a very tech-y, futuristic look with some great juxtaposition between light and dark. But…but…couldn’t they just implement these new color schemes on brand new body designs? Makes me even more curious about that 5th car though…makes me also wonder if there’s a secret “chase car” (a sort of “secret 6th”) vehicle too…

I haven’t found any of these in stores yet and there aren’t a whole lot on eBay, but a set like this should become relatively common before too long. But damn, of all the characters available to play as in Injustice 2, I wish they’d pepper in some of the lesser known characters (and of course villains!) – I’m always lobbying for Scarecrow and Poison Ivy – but also guys (and gals) like Black Manta, Enchantresss, Atrocitus, or Gorilla Grodd. And hey, Hot Wheels, quit snoozin’ – make Luthor, Brainiac, and Nightwing. Yes.

And that, they say, is that! Holla back if you get a scan of the back or find out what numero 5 is, or whatever! Just be sure to keep me in the loop!

And don’t forget to take a look at some recent news that’s dropped:


Promised MARVEL Character Cars Begin to Trickle Out

Sometime in the last couple of weeks ago, Hot Wheels has reminded us that all is alive and well on their Marvel and DC fronts with the releases of Deadpool and Justice League Flash. On the one hand, Deadpool seems to be more and more common as the days pass while Flash is still quite rare and fetching some unreasonably high prices. The site shop.mattel.com suggests that both Deadpool and some members of the Ragnarok collection will be available for purchase on the site itself. I definitely want to hold out and get a good deal if possible. I feel like such a chump when I buy these things for $10 – $15 and then 2 weeks later they’re everywhere for $3.99.

As of today or yesterday, 3 new Marvel Character Cars have appeared, all on eBay and all in the hands of only a couple of sellers, which is really driving prices up. At any rate, we can finally confirm the existence of Vulture – why this didn’t hit shelves a month or two ago is beyond me. We’re also getting a glimpse into the upcoming Ragnarok film with both a re-colored Thor and a highly unique Loki. No word on the others yet, though hopefully they won’t be too far behind!

Check out the new additions via these screen-caps. I really hope some adequate competition pops up soon and beats these prices back from the $15 – $20ish mark to the $7 or $8 mark.



So whatcha think of the newcomers? Seen any around where you live yet? Anything I’ve missed? Feel like sendin’ me Justice League Flash!!?? Help me out yo!

DESPICABLE ME 3 – A New Set of Character Cars

DESPICABLE ME 3 – A New Set of Character Cars

Alright I get it, “new” isn’t exactly the best word to use here. I remember that someone had mentioned them quite some time ago in the comments, which I then forgot about, and then was somehow reminded of again. You’ll have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm…Despicable Me and those ubiquitous “Minions” are just not my thing. At least with the Toy Story and Muppets there was some carryover and familiarity from my childhood. And I’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated with Spongebob via my own kid. But Despicable Me? It doesn’t feel…culturally significant enough to sit aside the likes of Mario? The Power Rangers? I dunno…the fandom just seems a little narrow compared to the other juggernauts that Hot Wheels has chosen. I won’t spend any more time going over this – god knows I’ve harped on about worthy franchises (not to mention the idea of having something like a Series 2 to the Mario cars) – but I do feel like Despicable Me was a strange choice that’s going to end up feeling oddly dated as time goes on.

Despicable Me 3 Minions

The Minions: Dave, Stuart, Jerry, & Tom.

But hey, I don’t want to complain too much. At the end of the day I can either shut up and buy ’em or shut up and leave ’em be. I decided to get ’em! And I don’t hate the cars, again, it’s just a strange choice for character sourcing.

When I first saw these beginning to pop up online, I restrained myself from purchasing them right away. A lot of times these new series will show up locally within a week or two of their first appearance on eBay. But as I scrolled through them and contemplated a possible purchase – particularly if I could find someone selling all of them – I began to notice something very strange: only 5 of the supposed 6 cars were showing up in the results. A quick look revealed that number 3 / 6 – Minion Jerry – was the missing piece. Why? Well I’m not 100% sure, but I have seen some listings recently that may shine some light on the issue.

First of all I guess I should quickly recount my experience. I spent a few days looking, and then boom, those same 5 cars popped up at Walmart and I grabbed them. This drove me even more crazy over “Minion Jerry” whom I finally found online (for fucking $15…) but the situation seemed odd enough to me that I went ahead and spent the money. Were this more like the situation with Looney Toons where 1 was released and then the following 5 a couple of months later, I could kinda understand. But releasing 5 and delaying the release of the last one…? Seems like a fault strategy. Seems like a lot of people wouldn’t bother buying any of them if owning all of them didn’t seem possible.

The Humans: Gru & Bratt

But like I said, I continued to pay attention to listings and to a lesser extent what I saw in stores. As you probably know, Character Cars are shipped in cases of 8 cars each. So for example, if you’re in your local Walmart and notice 8 new Character Cars on the shelf and wonder, “did they get so-and-so in?” you can be relatively sure that they haven’t (unless of course they’ve already sold 1 or more cases, but you get the idea). What I noticed at my local Walmart and another Target a few days later, was the following breakdown: 2 #1’s, 2 #2’s 2 #4’s 1 #5, and 1 #6. Numbers 1 through 4 are Minions and 5 and 6 are the “humans” from Despicable Me 3 (Gru and Bratt respectively). In this configuration #3 is non-existent and the humans are exactly twice as rare as the other Minions. So far this seems to be the prevailing case that’s making its way around the country, however, I’ve noticed a few cases for sale on eBay with a different configuration: 2 #1’s, 2 #2’s, 2 #3’s, and 2 #4’s.

See what’s happening there? They want Gru and Bratt (5 & 6) to be the rarest, so they’ve chopped up 2 different case setups in weird ways, with #3 (Minion Jerry) as an unfortunately casualty. This would leave 5 and 6 each 4 times more rare than 1, 2, and 4, and about twice as rare as 3. This is of course assuming that the case distribution evens out, and right now, the variant with Jerry seems to be in short supply. The other 5 cars are going for something like $5 – $7 online (and of course are $3.99 retail) and let’s take a look over at eBay…WOW. Ok, I’m not so upset about that $15 I dropped…there are currently only 2 listings for Minion Jerry and they’re both going for around the $30 mark! I expect this will change over time, but again, wow. I guess the play for Gru and Bratt to be the rare ones kinda failed, eh?

So let’s take a quick look at the cars themselves. In case you didn’t know…

  • 1 / 6 – Minion Dave
  • 2 / 6 – Minion Stuart
  • 3 / 6 – Minion Jerry
  • 4 / 6 – Minion Tom
  • 5 / 6 – Gru
  • 6 / 6 – Bratt

Despicable Me 3 (Back)

Like I said, I’m not much of a fan of these here Minions, but I guess Hot Wheels does a decent enough job of keeping each of the vehicles distinct. The real standouts are the “humans.” Gru looks a lot like Beaker from the Muppets series, both in shape and color. Bratt – the villain of Despicable Me 3 as my son tells me – reminds me a lot of Zurg from Toy Story. It’s also got a fun throwback feel to it..like a Corvette or Lambo from the mid 80’s. (I guess maybe this has something to do with the character himself, as he’s pictured with both a mullet and a keytar…)

I think that’ll about do it for the Despicable Me 3 run. If you have any further information (or even just speculation) regarding the odd distribution of these fellas I’d love to hear it. I mean if Hot Wheels’ plan was to make Gru and Bratt the rare ones, they sure are going about it a weird way! I won’t say Hot Wheels did a bad job with this series because that’s not really the case. I just think that they picked an awfully strange franchise to transmute into cars. My one question though: why is Tom a different color yellow than the rest of the Minions?

Alright folks stick around. I’ve got several small chunks of “news” to crank out that may or may not be all that relevant at this point. I actually didn’t intend on this article being so long but I did think the oddness about the cases was worth going into. Anyway that’s it for now. Got several little tidbits I wanna get out so I think I’ll opt for quick, short articles. Keep an eye out!

FORCE FRIDAY II (at Toys R Us) Part 2 / 3 (New Star Wars: THE LAST JEDI Toys)

Yeah yeah, it’s taken me like a week to get this all done but that’s just how it is. In the interest of moving this along as quickly as I can and getting to Part 3 and covering other stuff, let’s jump right in. Oh, but be sure to read ’til the end for new info on upcoming releases! Here are the brand spankin’ new Character Cars we were able to snag:

  • FINN (Battle Damage)
  • BB-9E
  • KYLO REN & SNOKE (2-pack)

FO Executioner





Rey and Luke

Kylo and Snoke

Out of all of these, Kylo was the only redundant car, which is pretty good. These aren’t the only ones issued, however. Along with them are the likes of BB-8, Chewbacca, Leia, Luke (pilot outfit), and Vader as singles plus 2-packs of “Dirty” R2 & 3PO, Poe and BB-8, Jabba and Carbonite Han, and Boba Fett & Bossk. The Jedi-in-Training Rey is also available singly. There may be others, but this is what I remember seeing on the shelves that night. I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture beforehand – nor do I want to prolong this article any further – but this does not include the all-new exclusive Chewbacca that comes with the Millennium Falcon Play Set.

The verdict? Not to bust on Hot Wheels too much, but I felt like Finn and Phasma were cop outs. I guess the Finn isn’t as big of a deal since barely anyone knew about the original Finn anyway, but I wish with Phasma we could’ve gotten something a little more “updated” in appearance. The FO Executioner feels a little uninspired, then again if you’ve seen some of the promo material, you’ll realize that the car does about as good of a job as it can. THe Executioner is just a Stormtrooper with a black stripe and, well, so is the car.

Compare Finn

Original (Starkiller Base) Finn | New/Battle Damaged (Last Jedi) Finn

A comparison of the 2 Finns: you can plainly see the dark streaks on the new release, plus his bio on the back of the card acknowledges his battle scars, similar to the Ezra single.

Compare Phasma

Original Phasma | New Phasma

The slight blemishes on the original Phasma were a little difficult for the camera to pick up, but if you have the car in hand, you should easily be able to see the layer of “grime” or “filth”…kinda like when silver begins to tarnish. For whatever reason, we get a “clean” version for The Last Jedi.

FO Executioner

First Order Executioner

Red, Jedi Training

Rey, Jedi Training

On the flip side, some are exceptionally well done. Rey has a fresh and unique look that combines both her femininity and the classic Jedi warrior-monk garb. It’s traditional with a hip shape, and I love how the lightsabers appear to “go through” the tires from the rocker panels to the headlight area. It also feels like a natural progression from the Jakku-garb of her previous vehicle. BB-9E – an evil droid according to the card – has that sort of classic droid shape, however it is not a direct re-cast of either R2 or BB-8 (it has its own mold), which I appreciate. Then there’s the Elite Praetorian Guard, obviously a “descendant” of the Imperial Royal Guards. There’s nothing quite as striking as a red car, especially in the Star Wars car-universe that’s full of blacks, whites, and browns, and the Preatorian delivers with its elongated body and sharp angles.



Elite Praetorian

Elite Praetorian Guard

My absolute favorites are Luke and Snoke. I haven’t seen much of the old and presumably world-weary Luke, but so far the car seems to mesh aspects of his time as a Jedi and his roots as a moisture farmer on Tatooine. The green glass is the perfect accent and I really dig the interpretation of his cybernetic hand on the right fender. Snoke, on the other hand, looks more like a fancy sort of old-timey limo thing more than an actual character car, though the appearance is still striking. The body sports a gash indicative of Snoke’s disfiguring facial scar, and the gold evidently represents some sort of gold robe he’ll be wearing. There’s a sort of dark, 40’s-50’s vibe to the car, a lot like Palpatine’s vehicle.


Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi)



Ready for even more fun stuff!!?? By now I’m sure you’re aware that Hot Wheels have been including small inserts with their most recent vehicles, but we haven’t had one for Star Wars drop…until now! Check out the full spread below and click on ’em for full-sized versions that I scanned myself! (The first side is specific to The Last Jedi while the second covers the franchise in general.)

Star Wars insert

Star Wars insert

Cool, right? As you can see, some of the upcoming stuff is silhouetted while others are shown in all their glory. Let’s quickly break it down!

Rose Character Car

Over on The Last Jedi side we only have a single upcoming release: Rose. Can’t say I know much about the girl, but she is appearing in lots of Episode VIII toys and promo material. I’ve seen action figures of her several times, and I bought my kid one of those PlaySkool sets of figures and Rose was included as well. Why is she the only Ep. 8 character left off? I dunno…seems a little weird…will there be more? I mean we got lots of time ’til Christmas and the film’s release, and in all likelihood some new stuff will continue to trickle out in the weeks and possibly months after the film’s release as well. Judging from what we’ve seen she’ll probably have a generic-ish flight suit type of design, but that’s ok. I’d rather Hot Wheels churn out more characters rather than endless repaints and alternate decos and the like.

Scout Trooper and Ahoska Tano

Moving on the other side, 3 out of the 4 cars on the top row are new new new to the series and include Scout Trooper, Ahoska Tano, & Saw Gerrera. C…can you…can you…can you f-f-f-f….feel…m-m-m…my r-r-r…can you f-f-feel my…growing…r-rage…at see-…seeing Saw a-a-as an up-and-comer…? I got absolutely no problem with Saw joining the ranks – in fact I welcome keeping the Rogue One story “alive” for a couple of years (especially since it’d be difficult to do much of anything else with these characters) but damn, why can’t we get that Bodhi car!? He might not have stolen the scenes he was in, but his role was pivotal to the plot – he was the freakin’ catalyst for the events of Rogue One as the Imperial defector who leaked all that critical info about the Death Star!


So yeah, a little pissed about Bodhi…but maybe getting Saw means we’ll eventually get a Moroff…?

Glad to see Ahoska joining the ranks. I could be wrong – and please correct me if I am – but I think she may be the first character we’ve gotten who originated from The Clone Wars animated series. Not that I give much of a damn about the animated series (I can’t stand that weird, angular, and damn near disproportionate style of CG-ish “animation”) but I’m glad that Hot Wheels is reaching into all corners of the Star Wars Universe. Now if only Disney would re-canonize Shadows of the Empire! You hear me Disney!?

And then we get to the Scout Trooper who is just, well, a Scot Trooper. We saw this basic design some time ago when some artwork for upcoming cars was released and it looks pretty much the same as it did back then. Again, I’m not totally against putting resources towards “characters” like these, I just feel like there’s a lot of other folks to acknowledge first. And I’ll stop myself there….

As yet to be revealed are the Wampa (another one most of us already know well from the early artwork) and the much-appreciated IG-88! I realize it’s a bit of a stretch to hope for Dengar, Zuckusss, and 4-LOM, but I am happy that both Bossk and now IG-88 are gettin’ some love.

Wampa and IG-88

This went on way, way longer than I thought it would, though I still feel the need to close this on a mildly bitchy note. Though I may be more emphatic about Bodhi’s thus far exclusion, I am much more dumbfounded by Hot Wheels’ decision to keep Lando Calrissian out of the mix for so long. I won’t harp on about it too much because I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but way back when we first saw artwork of the Wampa, Scout Trooper, and Hera Syndulla, Lando was included in that batch as well. (Check it out here if you don’t remember.) Is this a hint? A clue? WTF!? I want a Lando, dammit. Put it this way: if I wanted to recreate any of the currently 8 existing Star Wars films (excluding Last Jedi obviously) to any sort of reasonable degree, I would only be able to do A New Hope and Force Awakens. I could even embellish Episode IV even further with cars like the Jawa and Tusken Raider (I wouldn’t consider them essential) and yet I can’t do Rogue One (No Bodhi), nothing from the prequel trilogy (no Qui Gon, no Padme, no Jar Jar), and of course no Ep. V or VI because I ain’t got Lando!

Alright alright enough…I know this has been one fuck all of an article not to mention it’s a week late (more, really). But here it is, for better or worse, and I hope I’ve provided some decent insight into this newest batch of Character Cars. Also, don’t forget to look out for Part 3 (starships) not to mention a good deal of other new news that I need to put out!

ARES (Character Car) Variation Confirmed!?

Having the internet means having a vast array of tools to see into the future…if you know where to look at least. Our world is planned out far in advance – fashions, trends, technology, entertainment – and metered out to us based on careful formulas designed to maximize profit and steer us towards the next big thing. With a little bit of smarts and a little bit of luck, you can at least get a glimpse of what’s to come, even if you can’t physically hold it in your hands yet. Melodramatic much? Maybe! Of course I’m talkin’ ’bout toys, cuz that’s what I talk about! And one of the weirdest ways I’ve found to glimpse into the future of “toys” is the fucking Target website. Yeah, go figure. It’s not a 100% foolproof method, but you can see real-life, high quality photos of items that may not “exist” for months to come.

Remember Wonder Woman (the movie, that’s what the italics mean) from a few months back? Of course you do. You’ll probably also remember that just prior to its release we saw a character car 2-pack featuring Ares and the exclusive Wonder Woman (who we have no official name for…in my opinion they shoulda just called this car “Queen Hippolyta,” added an extra character to the roster, and be done with it…my kid pretends it’s Hippolyta anyway). Following Character Car release logic, this means we should see a single of Ares at some point. These would eventually surface (although who the fuck cares – everyone who gave a shit already had him via the 2-pack) but before they did, Target had a sort of dummy page devoted to the release, with pictures and everything. So just what in the hell am I getting at? Check out this post or just stick with me.

You see, Target’s Ares looked like this:


This is the photo lifted directly from Target’s website. Other pictures on the site confirm the bizarre yellow coloration of the quarter panels – i.e. it’s not some “trick of the light.”

And just for clarification, here’s what every other Ares looked like:


At first I thought maybe the single release of Ares had this yellow color, but as the picture above proves, these single releases were colored exactly the same as those in the 2-pack.

So what’s up with the Target listing? Just a fluke? An early paint job that was changed somewhere between taking promo photos and the actual release? A flat-out mistake that just happened to occur on the item that the Target photographers were given? Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that it’s a bit weird, right? Well I’m ’bout to drop another weird bomb on dat ass.

Toys R Us has their Character Cars spread out all over the place nowadays, so I pay attention to each of them closely to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Now I have yet to see a single Ares of any color out in the wild, but the 2-packs are pretty common. Here’s exactly what I found!



Ain’t it cool? Now just to prove this isn’t some bullshit having to do with reflections or the flash or some other anomaly, I put my personal “yellow Ares” and original Ares nose-to-nose:


Proof, right? I mean, when coupled with the weird Target thing, this pretty much proves that there are at least 2 variations (errors?) of Ares out there, i.e. the yellow-ish quarter panels were not some type of one-time misprint. It’s not unusual to see changes in colors between releases, such as the first Black Widow having gold accents and the Civil War release with silver. Whatever happened to Ares happened in the midst of a production run, not between them (which is far more understandable).

So whatcha think? A legit variation? Kinda reminds me of the Yondu variations from earlier this year (rear smooth wheels vs. rear all-terrain wheels) or the Slave I carship where grays and greens were swapped. It’s hard to say they’re intentional when there’s no official acknowledgment or in-universe reason for the changes, but then again it’s hard to believe that multiple errors rolled out of the factory and made it to market. I mean I get the occasional missing wheel or incorrect paint job slipping under the radar, but a whole population of mistakes just seems weird!

For what it’s worth, eBayers seem to catch on to this mistakes quickly, rapidly bundling both “variations” into one easy-to-own purchase. Hell, my kid noticed the Yondu wheel differences almost immediately just from browsing the thumbnails in the listings! Anyway, this yellow Ares variation seems to be much less widespread. I’ve yet to see a “yellow one” on eBay and the one I’ve got is the only one I’ve seen in a store.

So let me know, are these kinds of difference worth your time and money? I don’t know that I would’ve ever hunted down this yellow variant, but I definitely couldn’t pass it up when it was right in front of me! And what do you think happened to cause this issue…? If I knew more about how these things were painted it’d be easier to figure out just how widespread this issue is. i.e. does it happen once or twice per batch or is the kind of thing that affects an entire batch? I think it’s pretty cool, but I would like to put it into some sort of manufacturing context. For the time being at least, “yellow Ares” has earned a slot in my Hot Wheels DC case.

Star Wars RATHTAR ESCAPE Track Set Finally Available!

I almost did an actual spit take when I saw that this thing was finally for sale in the corners of Amazon and eBay. I can’t say with much certainty how long this has been available, but it ain’t been long because it’s one of those things I check on regularly.

You may or may not remember, but I first learned about Rathtar Escape several months back – mind you this was well after Force Awakens had come and gone from the public spotlight. If I had to guess, I’d say we were probably in the throes of Rogue One merchandise. Stock photos of the track set started popping up on the web, notably on sites like Target.com. Besides these few screen shots, I really knew nothing about it, and had these pictures not been so convincing, I’d be highly inclined to think this was some sort of joke or error…I just can’t convey how fucking weird it was to have this big, unreleased piece of Force Awakens merchandise trapped in some sort of toy limbo a year or more after the film’s release.

Rathtar Escape

But hey, through whatever wacky circumstances that may have transpired, here it is! As you know, it’s not so much the track sets that get me excited…it’s the – typically exclusive – Character Car that comes with it. To be honest, Hot Wheels did a pretty thorough job with Episode VII, aside from perhaps an older, updated Leia. There were certainly some more minor characters they could’ve made, but overall I was satisfied with the treatment of Force Awakens…especially once we found Finn with that Starkiller Base Trackset. So even after some careful pondering, it was hard to guess what exclusive might’ve made its way into Rathtar Escape.


It’s BB-8. Fucking BB-8. Wait no, it’s a battle damaged BB-8! Our regular ol’ BB-8 with some little silver “scratches” pointed all over it. … … WTF Hot Wheels.

Exclusive BB-8

Due to the flash of the camera, it’s hard to tell that this BB-8 is any different than the original, but rest assured, faint “scratches” are present!

In in the interest of trying to bang out content I’ma hold off on giving this a complete unboxing right now. Overall I like the Rathtar theme and the trackset looks about like we’d expect. I’ll bust into it at some point and give you a more complete verdict. What I really want is another track that supports a race!

Rathtar Escape

And that about wraps it up. I’m definitely confused as to why it’s taken this thing nearly 2 years (from the onset of Force Awakens merchandise) to appear, but I’m glad it finally did…I guess…even if all we get is…a…fuc–…a fucki—….a fucking battle dam–…battle dama–…a fucking battle damaged BB-8!

Does this mean we may actually have a shot at getting a Bodhi car come Summer of ’18!!?? UGH just make the damn Bodhi car, Hot Wheels! Please! Everything else about Rogue One is legit (well, ok, you could throw Saw (and maybe Moroff) in there) but we need something to be Bodhi!

But seriously, stick around. I’m doin’ a pretty good job of getting all that news stuff written up and posted. Just a little more to go…

New Character Cars, New Carships, and New Starships from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Holy guacamole, I did not expect to see this much new Hot Wheels Episode VIII stuff floating around just yet! Granted these mostly seem to be available in limited quantities and the sellers are whippin’ out their crazy prices, but they are in existence nonetheless. Knowing how flooded shelves will eventually be with this stuff I doubt I’ll be shelling out the big bucks, but eh, time will tell.

I don’t want to get too wordy with these because there’s quite a few to go over, so I guess I’ll just caption what I know about each toy. FYI, I stumbled across all of these over on eBay, so some regular Joe does have these in their hand!

Character Cars

Rey (Jedi)

Rey, Jedi in Training





Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

Le verdict? Pretty standard for Character Cars I’d say, though I’m definitely digging the new Praetorian Guard!


Silencer Carship

Kylo Ren’s Silencer Carship

Ski Speeder Carship

Resistance Ski Speeder Carship

Of course I’d love to have more Carships of ships we already know (A-wing, B-wing, Vulture Droid) I’m always happy to see new designs rolling out.



Kylo Ren’s Silencer


The “Heavy” AT-AT (I think)

Ski Speeder

Poe’s Ski Speeder

Ski Speeder

Resistance Ski Bomber

One guy has a giant lot of Starships for sale so we can probably expect more than just these 4, including re-releases of previous ships. I’m really excited to get a good look at these too!

Keep in mind that that isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of new stuff, just a cursory look at some stuff I stumbled across. I think that’ll about wrap things up this time; let me know what you think of the new stuff and definitely give me a shout if you see ’em out somewhere in the retail world!