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ALERT ALERT! Very Weird Ares Discrepancy…Someone HELP!

This wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d be writing about at the moment, but I think it’s pretty damn important and I want to go ahead and get it all out on the table. I’ma try to bang this out quick, so stick with me.

I was absent-mindedly doing some searching on Google Images for possible upcoming character cars when I ran across something really strange: a picture of what appears to be Ares as a single from Target’s website.


Do you see what I see? Look at the rear quarter panel: it’s a vibrant amber color.

Now this don’t mean shit (necessarily) because Target posts pics of stuff way before release. Just recently we’ve been seeing singles of Ares over on eBay, but as we’d expect, they all look like this:

And that is what they should look like…right? Well of course. We were introduced to Ares a few weeks prior thanks to his debut in a Wonder Woman 2-pack. Typically speaking, and especially lately – though there have certainly been exceptions – 2-packs are designed to include one exclusive and the another car that can be picked up as a single.

On the Wonder Woman 2-pack, we’re clearly told that Wonder Woman is the exclusive. That, in turn, implies that Ares will be available in this same form as a single, at some point. And that’s pretty much what’s happened so far, right? The 2-pack was released, followed by an Ares single, and this single appears to be the same as that in the 2-pack.

All of that makes perfect sense…until Target’s weird ass site went and posted what they posted.

Is this just another one of those random things where small changes are made for seemingly no reason? If so, why are some Ares singles “normal” and other affected by this strange new piece of a paint job? Is it just a fucked up photo…? If you look at the other pics with the car by itself, it appears normal. The yellow-ish piece only appears on the packaged vehicle. Trick of the light? Maybe. But if you visit the actual page on Target’s website and use the zoom feature, it really doesn’t look like we’re seeing an optical illusion.

Man, let me know if you know anything about this thing. It’s weird to be sure. Definitely reach out to me should you see one of these variants for sale! Otherwise, anybody got any best guesses as to what the hell is going on?


Yeah ok. i did it.


Yep…I fucking broke down. $19.99 + $3.50 + up to 5 days handling = fuck no. But somehow $22.00 + $0.00 + 3 or 4 states away = success.

The $22 free shipping Nebula popped up not long after that $19.99 one. And then the $19.99 one disappeared, nevermind it being the obviously worse deal – even if only marginally worse, it was still blatantly so. And so that Nebula sittin’ up there somewhere in PA (I think) just tore through my brain. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing, but I remember telling myself that I was going to go take a look after I was done. Still there. Click, click, password, bam, ORDER MOTHERFUCKIN’ PLACED. That was that, sometime nearer the morning side of Friday night / Saturday morning.



Super nice guy. Dropped it off in the mail late Saturday morning and even sent me a message. Was I expecting a small box with Nebula today? I dunno, not really. I mean I knew it was possible but my anticipation was tempered appropriately in case it didn’t. I was doing something up front at the desktop computer….watching a parody of Humble I think…heard the mailman (carrier?) thwop clop across the porch, listened to him jam the mail in the box incorrectly (seriously, the front slot is for shit that will fit – if it’s oversized, you open the fucking door on the side), and just as I was about to return my full aural attention to Key of Awesome, I heard the tell-tale “brrreeeep” of the guy’s scanner gun thingamabob. (Do-dad, skitamarink…Whatchmacallit!)

I gave him a couple of seconds to make his way down the steps into the next yard, popped half my body out the door like some kind of deranged hermit, and snatched the small box off the top of the mailbox.


And that’s it. My kid just came back last night, and he was just hella excited to load 2 more cars into Groot Hauler since last week – Battle Damaged Rocket Raccoon and duh, Nebula.


So I wanted to break this news a few hours ago when it actually happened, but you know, life and shit got in the way of all that. Anyway, I discovered a new character car this afternoon evening! This has only happened a couple of times before: way back I found Vision and Winter Soldier a full 2 days before any popped up on the web. And then there was Luke vs. Rancor who I had 2 of and sat on for 2 weeks before I did anything. I either had the first or second listing up on eBay, and like I said, that was after 2 weeks of wondering what to do. Still, I only halfway count this because we did at least know that this 2-pack was coming at some point. Finally, I was the first to list the Civil War 2-packs, the ones with the exclusive battle-damaged Captain America and Civil War version” Falcon. I knew nothing about these; just came up on ’em in the store.

And that’s exactly what happened today while I was out furiously turning over every rock for a chance at Nebula or Mantis. It was at Toys R Us, but it wasn’t over there with the Hot Wheels and most of the other Character Cars. It wasn’t even over in the “Marvel area” where they still keep those comic book 2-packs and Civil War and Age of Ultron 2-packs. Instead, it managed to catch my eye while in the midst of bunch of action figures…



Alright alright, it may not be as mind-blowing as find a Bodhi car or Lex Luthor, but it is kinda neat. The Groot Go-Kart is the same one we see singly, but Rocket Raccoon sports a distressed, battle-damaged look.


I was really excited to get to the back of the card and see what other new 2-packs might be out there or soon on their way, but nada, just the bio text for Rocket and Grroot is all we get.


So that’s it! Add a Battle-Damaged Rocket Raccoon to the ranks! I got one for myself and a few extras to peddle on eBay, so it’ll be fun to see what happens over the next few days.

So, dear readers, why do you make of this newest inclusion? Kinda random if I do say so myself!

New Star Wars Toys – Part 4 of 4: Another Upcoming Character Car

Alright alright maybe I cheated just a little with this whole “Part 4” thing, but I didn’t want it to take away from the previous bit about Krennic. And of course I didn’t stick the reveal in the title because that’d be dumb. Obviously this information comes straight from the card back. I blurred it out in the previous article but here it is…


I know it’s a little small, but can you see who’s next(ish)?!? It’s Hera Syndulla! And Chopper, but more importantly it’s Hera! Ok, for real, she’s from the animated Rebels TV series which I totally don’t follow but this has be excited because we finally have a manifestation of one of those illustrations from so long ago and that means we’re that much closer to Lando.

My source image was pretty small though I did my best to enlarge Hera as well as I could. She looks pretty cool from what I can see, and definitely faithful to the old illustration.

Hera Syndulla

Of course no word on when we can expect to see Hera amongst her people but it shouldn’t be too very long…right?

That does it for our rundown of new Star Wars stuff on the horizon, but don’t go anywhere! I’ve still got lots and lots to talk about!

New Star Wars Toys – Part 3 of 4: Jyn Erso and Director Krennic Character Car 2-Pack

Wow WOW just fucking WOW…I mean I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing even though it’s something I’ve been personally lobbying for for like, ever. This image comes to us from a guy on Twitter who apparently discovered it on Amazon’s Canadian site. And no, before you wonder, there’s currently none of these for sale.

Jyn and Krennic

How cool is that!? Besides the Twitter account, and the cached image over at Amazon.ca, a .de website has gotten a hold of them as well and they give us a great image of The Director.


I think it’s a great fit: pearly white, clean lines, subtle curves, and an austere, regal look about him. Not sure why they have to release Jyn a third time though…why not Bodhi…? I haven’t lost all hope though. So far we don’t have any tracksets for Rogue One and I could definitely see us getting an exclusive with such a set. After all, they tucked Finn away in such a manner, and he was like, one of the two most main characters! I’ll bet there are still collectors out there that have no idea Finn even exists!

No idea yet when these 2-packs will be available but I will checking like madman.

And so, we move on to number fo…wait…what? Oh yeah! Number 4 comes to us directly from the Jyn and Krennic card! I’ve altered the image a little bit, but take a look anyway:


C’mon back for Part 4!

New Star Wars Toys – Part 2 of 4: Biggs Darklighter Character Car Revealed!

Last week marked 2017’s Celebration Star Wars in Orlando, Florida. Back in 2015 we saw the exclusive character car release R2-KT in honor of the real-life droid tasked with bringing joy to young sufferers of cancer. Though not much to do with official canon, it was a noble gesture, but essentially we got an R2-D2 car with all of the blue parts colored a sort of magenta-pink, much like the pink we see associated with cancer awareness. Last year the initial version of Boba Fett was honored; instead of the battle-scarred blue and gray armor we’ve come to know, the prototype version of Boba was clad in 100% white. Another cool idea, but still not really a character. I think the piece would’ve been more memorable had it been cast in a different shape, but no, it was just a Boba car painted white.

I had my reservations about 2017’s pick, and then quite recently I found out that Biggs Darklighter would be the newest addition. I won’t waste too much time repeating myself (you can read more about my thoughts regarding his inclusion in a previous article) but I will quickly lament that Biggs is damn near too minor to bother with making a character car. Most of his screen time ended up on the cutting room floor, and no, he’s not that pilot buddy you see alongside Luke time and time again during the original trilogy – that would be Wedge Antilles…you know, the guy that actually survived the “Trench Run.”

But hey, he can’t help that he was chosen (and honestly, I’m glad he made it over Sandtrooper and R5-D4 – I guess the 40-Year theme with Episode IV was inevitable) and even though Wedge was the better choice, we’ll give Biggs a proper breakdown.

Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter

Whether racing, chasing, or evading a nemesis, this hardcore piece of machinery has all of the handling of an X-wing Fighter for hairpin turns and ultimate canyon carving. Mirroring Luke’s best friend and skilled Red Squadron pilot Biggs Darklighter, this vehicle is sure to bring back memories from their time on Tattooine.

Enemies would be wise to steer clear when large rear fenders and an orange tinted windshield come speeding their way. With a thick mustache safeguarding the front end intercooler and an iconic helmet design for ultimate roof protection, this finely tuned sports car has a huge Rebellion logo plastered on the side – letting everyone know exactly which side he fights for. It’ll be like old times…but better!

Biggs Darklighter

Now I don’t have any inherent problem with Hot Wheels wanting to make character cars out of other pilots, but the exact thing that I didn’t want to happen happened: Biggs uses the exact same casting as Luke in his pilot outfit. Not only that, but the 2 cars are damn similar even sporting identical blemishes from battle. There is a small variance in decoration across the top, and Biggs’ chassis is black while Luke’s is white, but wow. I guess the most noticeable differences are the lack of lightsabers on Biggs’ rocker panels and the fact that his windshield is tinted green instead of Luke’s yellow. If this – or any of the Celebration exclusives – were released elsewhere, fans would see it as a cheap and derivative cash grab. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Hot Wheels won’t go a little above and beyond – or even a lot above and beyond and give us nerds something really nerdolicious to feast on!

Biggs' 'Stache

Bigg’s ‘Stache!

The mustache at the front of the car is a fun choice…it was pretty much the only defining feature of Biggs and it makes me chuckle to see that Hot Wheels worked it into such a blatant location. I mean really, how else do you just give a car a ‘stache? Humor aside though, I afraid that after 3 years I’ve just gotta conclude that these Celebration offerings aren’t that impressive. It’s like Hot Wheels is squeezing out a budget car and using this event to masquerade it as an uber-collectible exclusive.

But hey, ultimately I don’t mind if characters like Biggs Redshirt Darklighter get thrown into the mix; I just wish that if they were going to choose guys like these over missing heavyweights like Lando, Padme, Qui-Gon, etc., we could at least get some halfway original designs!

I must compliment the packaging though – they should do all of the 40th Anniversary stuff like Biggs. It’s got a very simple, low-tech, retro feel to it. We get the graphic using a fairly small color palette in lieu of using an actual picture, something you wouldn’t have seen much (any?) of 30 or so years ago.

So there’s Biggs, ready to tide us over for another year. I do think it’s weird that those early concept sketches of the likes of Lando and Scout Trooper and a few others were shown at last year’s event and here we are without any of them! Oh well…time to get your butts ready for Part 3!

Exclusive Star Wars Celebration 2017 Hot Wheels  – BIGGS DARKLIGHTER

Exclusive Star Wars Celebration 2017 Hot Wheels – BIGGS DARKLIGHTER

Alright ladies and germs, the excitement of this announcement will be directly proportionate to how impassioned you are by random-ass background characters in the Star Wars franchise!

Some time ago we saw some images for what are assumed to be future Character Cars – Lando, Scout Trooper, Hera, Wampa – (none of which have yet come to fruition I might add) and then lastly there was a panel asking people to vote: random droid R5-D4, random pilot Biggs Darklighter, and random Stormtrooper variant Sandtrooper. At the time I had no idea, but the vote was in regards to what car should be unveiled at 2017’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL. After the death of Carrie Fisher, I suspected that a tribute would follow, but I guess 4 months just isn’t enough time to put all those gears and cogs in place.



So the masses spoke, and Biggs we got. I guess he was probably the best of the three, but honestly I don’t think any of them were great choices. What do we even know about this Biggs Darklighter? He was Luke’s friend back on Tatooine, probably had plans on joining the Imperial Academy as a pilot, and then somewhere in there defected to the Alliance. Apparently there are some deleted scenes from A New Hope where he tells Luke of his secret desire to join the Rebellion. The real shitkicker is that we never even give a damn who Biggs is, mostly because he’s just another redshirt gunned down by Vader during that final trench run. Seriously, if Hot Wheels was hellbent on giving us another pilot, why not go with Wedge Antilles? He’s definitely more recognizable, and if someone knows the name of only one random-ass background pilot from the original trilogy, it’s Wedge!

Ok, so even if Biggs won’t be adding much narrative diversity to my Hot Wheels recreations of the saga, we can still get pumped about what a fucking awesome ass car he’ll turn into, right!!??!! Well no, probably not. I would love to have a reason to get all excited about these “Celebration” cars and eagerly hand over $60 to some eBay scalper, but so far all we have is R2-KT – a repaint of R2-D2 who isn’t even a fucking character (no disrespect to all the charitable cancer stuff, this just was not the right release for the occasion) and then last year it was Boba’s prototype armor – still not a real character – which ultimately resulted in the Boba Fett car that we’ve all seen a thousand times…just painted fucking white!!! So what does this mean for the illustrious Biggs Darklighter? Probably a riff on Luke’s pilot gear car. And even then they all had the same outfits so..is Biggs really gonna be the unique exclusive that Celebration 2017 deserves…?

Here’s the article confirming it all (the one on the right). Click on the image to make it bigger or just scroll down to read the article as I’ve typed it out.


From Wingman to Wheelman

Fans Select Biggs Darklighter to Become the Next Star Wars Hot Wheels Car

Lucky fans at Celebration Orlando in 2017 will have the chance to get their hands on an exclusive Biggs Darklighter Hot Wheels car, following a vote at their Celebration in Europe. In July, Mattel’s Hot Wheels team gave the crowd at their Celebration panel the final say over which character would get the custom-car treatment, an Biggs came out ahead by a narrow margin.

The 2016 exclusive was a Boba Fett-inspired vehicle – which reimagined Ralph McQuarrie’s concept armor for the character as a low slung, gleaming hot rod – while 2015’s offering was hot-pink R2-KT droidmobile. We look forward to seeing how Bigg’s signature mustache will play into the new car’s design!

There was a guy on eBay selling pre-orders of Biggs, and call me a sucker, but once he dropped it $10, I jumped all over it. These things do devalue, though it does take a while and afterwards they can then start creeping back up again. I know absolutely nothing about the Celebration this year, but the seller claims that the item will be shipped sometime around April 18th. Again, I’d rather have Wedge as my wingman over Dead Biggs, but exclusivity is pretty cool, and maybe it’ll provide some further impetus for me to go ahead and get R2-KT.