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DONKEY KONG Character Car is Here!

Ok, it’s not here as in it’s in my hands, but it does exist in some decent quantity! I’ve started noticing them on eBay, granted at the going rate of roughly $20 as of writing this.

Donkey Kong Character Car

Interestingly enough, it’s being releases alongside the entire original 6-car set. Makes sense, right? They just tacked on Donkey Kong as number 7. Yeah that’s cool…except that if you’ve seen any Mario Character Cars around lately you’ve probably just seen Mario and Yoshi with no mention or even allusion to any Mario Character Cars in existence. They changed up the packaging and everything; no more numbers, Mario advertises Yoshi and Yoshi advertises Mario, and that’s it. (I’ve mentioned this before; Hot Wheels has given similar treatment to Spongebob and Despicable Me 3, very, very soon after the larger original run in the case of the latter.) I dunno, just seems weird to me to push the whole 6 car set back a couple of summers ago (2015, I think), wait for them all to disappear over the next few months, and then roughly six months ago re-release Mario and Yoshi as if nothing had happened. I don’t mean to stay so hung up on it, it just seems like a really bizarre move, especially with regards to something like Mario where we could probably put together a list of characters and critters numbering in the low hundreds.

So yeah, he’s out there! It doesn’t look like any of the other cars have been changed but as always, I’ll need to take a closer look before definitively saying so. Hopefully this one won’t be too hard to find as distribution spreads since I see Mario & Yoshi all the time.


I Found ALL of the New SOLO Hot Wheels Toys (Character Cars, Starships, Carships, All-Terrain, & Battle Rollers)!

Alright folks, I don’t want to be too repetitive of the previous post, but in the midst of gathering up all that info and trying to write the article I ended up finding every bit of the Solo stuff I listed plus some brand-new Battle Rollers that I didn’t know existed. Funny thing is I found them all at my local Target and have yet to see them anywhere else – I fear that our closest Walmart got a little too excited about the Black Panther / Ragnarok wave and there is still a massive glut of these guys jamming up the shelves. Anyways, it was kind of a cool story…

Maybe you know and maybe you don’t, but I try to hit up the closest Walmart and Target fairly early in the mornings. Target opens at 7am and Walmart is 24 hours, and oftentimes it takes Target an hour or two to get their toys stocked for the day. Depending on how early I get out and/or how bare Target’s shelves look, sometimes I pop back over in the early afternoon. I’m not sure what the exact time was this past Friday, but I did notice several new Battle Rollers on the shelves along with a few other action figures. Some of them were re-issues – I’ll need to look at the older ones to make sure – but I’m comfortable saying there’s at least 4 or 5 all-new ones. So that was cool…not quite the home run I was hoping for but definitely some proof that Solo stuff was potentially very close.

I spent that afternoon and early evening scrubbing down North Raleigh Targets in particular in hopes of finding more. Nothing. Not even the Battle Rollers. Most stores didn’t have anything related to Solo though one did have an end-of-aisle display with some figures and several empty racks (though none that suggested Character Cars or Starships).

I was fairly dejected after all that searching on Friday, but I reminded myself I was that much closer to Saturday. I set out again to my local Target and BAM. I found the Han, Chewy, and Lando Character Cars, all of the new Starships (at least the ones available so far), and both All-Terrains. This left one little hole – did you spot it? That’s right, the sole Carship of the lot. I figured worst case scenario I could buy this online. But I also realized Target didn’t seem to have the full “case” of Character Cars stocked. So I went back late Sunday morning and they had a few of the other reissues I hadn’t spotted the day before (3PO, R2) plus – hell yeah – the (new) Millennium Falcon Carship!

And that’s it. Within a little over 48 hours I got a hold of all the new Solo Hot Wheels toys! I’ll drag the camera out pretty soon, get some real pics, and also give you the specifics on which Battle Rollers are new. For now I’ma wrap this up though – I’ve got a couple of other things I want to go over before they get too very old!

DONKEY KONG Character Car Coming Soon!

Hey hey, another massive shoutout to C. for dropping this bombshell on me…Hot Wheels has announced (via Twitter) that a new Donkey Kong Character Car will join the ranks of the other Mario Character Car in the near future. Check out the pic they included:

Donkey Kong Character Car

Looks pretty good alongside the rest, I’d say. I especially like the barrel on the back.

However, due to some dubious wording, in sounds like Hot heels just might be insinuating that DK will be a GameStop exclusive. I sure hope not. I hope it’s just a quick attempt at bridging he gap between gamers and collectors. GameStop does, after all, stock small numbers of Character Cars, though they seem to be primarily from Star Wars.

Here’s the actual text from the tweet:

Wa-hoo! 🙌 Rolling into #MAR10Day with a SUPER cast of #HotWheels Character Cars! 🏎💨🍌 Coming soon to @GameStop!

Whatcha think? Are they just drawing a quick connection between DK as a video game character and GameStop as a game retailer? It’d be awful weird if this whole exclusivity thing started here and now. Chime in with your $0.02 below.

Exciting News: New INFINITY WAR, DISNEY, & JURASSIC WORLD Character Cars Coming Soon!

First of all, super big amazing thanks to my buddy C. for cluing me into all this stuff! We’ve got kind of a lot of stuff to go over here so I will just dive right into it!

Infinity War

These images are ones I actually lifted from a video that C. linked to me; I believe it came from Hot Wheels’ Twitter and seems to be the most recent piece of news.

Black Panther

Black Panther - Infinity War

Nothing new so far, right? This is exactly what we saw alongside the release of the Black Panther film roughly a month ago. I guess that’s alright…but why bother to reprint and/or repackage the car at all since most collectors will already be 100% familiar with…?

Iron Man

Iron Man - Infinity War

I guess we can lend a bit of credulity towards this redesign, though many of us have been exposed to it via the Flip Fighters or the new Thanos-themed track set. I mean I’m glad it’s different but it is a weird look. Have you caught sight of the new suit Iron Man sports in some the Infinity Wars promo stuff? It’s pretty nimble and agile looking, so I guess the car is supposed to be representative of the new digs. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the suit in action.

Captain America

Captain American - Infinity War

Hrmmm…if I had a dollar for every shade of blue that Cap has been made from, I’d have like – 7 bucks. It’s a little lazy, but at the same time I can kinda behind what looks to be literally a stripped down and darker version of the character. I think this would match up rather well with the whole “Nomad” thing, but I think Marvel explicitly stated something about not following Cap’s stint as Nomad. Actually it seems kinda silly with Cap doing shit like tripping over his own cape, but I think it’d be a great story to inject some modernization and gravitas into. And I think the whole arc with him going from uber-patriotic – possibly to a fault – to somewhat broken, disillusioned, existentially conflicted. I can’t tell from the video, but what I really want to know if the car still sports his shield or not!



I won’t lie…I was gonna be freeking pissed if we didn’t get a Thanos out of all of this. From what I can see though, he looks great, and I’m lovin’ (what I assumed to be) the completed Infinity Gauntlet up on the back.


Alright, I think these designs are pretty cool for the most part. I lifted all of the following images straight from another site so I don’t know anything terribly new or exciting but I like how different all of these vehicles look compared to each other and how well they represent themselves. Unfortunately all we have so far is one big group shot and the some concept art for each vehicle.

Upcoming Disney Character Cars

Mickey Mouse (Concept Art)

Mickey (Concept Art)

Pretty much what you’d expect for Mickey as a car, but sometimes it’s best to keep mega-iconic figures like him as simple as possible.

Elsa – Frozen

We got a glimpse of her in the group photo, but for some reason the site doesn’t have any concept art for her. Still, I love the shimmery blue and that awesome icy look.

Maleficient – Snow White (Concept Art)

Maleficient (Concept Art)

Is it just me, or was “Maleficient,” as we know her, not a huge deal when we were young? Hmmm…I remember, like, Ursula being a big deal (she straight up scared me when I was preschool aged)…Scar was a pretty bad dude…that kid from Toy Story was creepy as shit…I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t really dig back into the 30’s or 40’s when thinking of badass Disney villains. It seems like Disney has been hard at work inflating the “evilness” of some of these old timers. But who am I to judge – they made a damn cool car out of it…I only wish they coulda channeled more of her “dragonness” into it…

Winnie the Pooh (Concept Art)

Winnie the Pooh (Concept Art)

Admittedly Winnie the Pooh wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice for a Character Car. As far as how well known he is, I guess he deserves it as much as anyone, but I wouldn’t mind some stuff from their Golden Age of animation. But it’s cool. I’m glad they thought of a creative approach like the cement mixer; it’s the perfect setup for Pooh’s jar of “hunny.”

Jack Skellington – A Nightmare Before Christmas (Concept Art)

Jack Skellington (Concept Art)

Fantastic use of the whole Character Car concept. It’s long and skinny like Jack himself and it’s got a great gothic/cartoony vibe to it. Very cool!

Mike Wazowski – Monsters, Inc. (Concept Art)

Mike - Concept Art

I feel like Mike is a little out of his league here with the other heavyweights and I also feel like a little green blob is a bit of a cop-out for a character. With a such a huge catalog behind them I wish they’d landed out someone a bit more “important,” or at the very least, someone more visually impressive, you know, like Mike’s blue furry buddy.

Overall I like the looks of this line. Hot Wheels has definitely been hard at work with their Character Cars, though they seem content to release a limited series and then move on. The way the original article was worded make me wonder if they plan to keep their Disney line going for more than just one set of 6 cars. Hopefully they realize how much potential they have on their hands: everything from old-timey stuff like the Seven Dwarves or Dumbo or Pinocchio, classics like The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid, and even TV stuff like Duck Tales or Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. They’ve also got plenty of room to appeal to both boys and girls, plus all the newer stuff that I think has generally been well-received over the past several years. With Star Wars having an end in sight (sorta), I could definitely see them looking for a new series to stretch out, and the scattershot approach of considering all things Disney is sure to keep fans consistently interested.

Jurassic World

Do the dinosaurs in Jurassic World count as “characters”? I’m not sure. Is it a good idea to turn dinosaurs into cars? You bet! These boys are scheduled to drop sometime this spring, and it’s obvious that the designers worked hard to establish a particular aesthetic and then run with it. They’re hella unique…I don’t know I’d really identify them as dinosaurs or not (well, apart from appears to be a Stegosaurus) but the overall theme of being rugged, armored, tough, and extremely powerful really shines through.

Jurassic World Character Cars

Not sure who exactly is who since all we have is 2 group shots, but here’s who/what the article names:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Stegosaurus
  • “Blue the Velociraptor”
  • Triceratops
  • Mosasaurus

Jurassic World Character Cars

I’m glad they’re throwing in 3 visually iconic dinosaurs – T-Rex, stegosaurus, and triceratops – and I’d love to add pterodactyl (pterosaur?) and some kinda long-necked homie (diplodocus, brachiasaurus, something like that) to round it all off. However, it just wouldn’t be “Jurassic Park” without a velociprator screeching in distance of every scene after Act I!

Sooooo…? Whatcha think? I’m excited, and I’l leave it at that! I like how the Disney cars – for the most part – maintain a very elegant and classy design. What do you like? What do you not like? Spill it below! And as always, plug me in to any ill new shit that I don’t know about!