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ALERT ALERT! Very Weird Ares Discrepancy…Someone HELP!

This wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d be writing about at the moment, but I think it’s pretty damn important and I want to go ahead and get it all out on the table. I’ma try to bang this out quick, so stick with me.

I was absent-mindedly doing some searching on Google Images for possible upcoming character cars when I ran across something really strange: a picture of what appears to be Ares as a single from Target’s website.


Do you see what I see? Look at the rear quarter panel: it’s a vibrant amber color.

Now this don’t mean shit (necessarily) because Target posts pics of stuff way before release. Just recently we’ve been seeing singles of Ares over on eBay, but as we’d expect, they all look like this:

And that is what they should look like…right? Well of course. We were introduced to Ares a few weeks prior thanks to his debut in a Wonder Woman 2-pack. Typically speaking, and especially lately – though there have certainly been exceptions – 2-packs are designed to include one exclusive and the another car that can be picked up as a single.

On the Wonder Woman 2-pack, we’re clearly told that Wonder Woman is the exclusive. That, in turn, implies that Ares will be available in this same form as a single, at some point. And that’s pretty much what’s happened so far, right? The 2-pack was released, followed by an Ares single, and this single appears to be the same as that in the 2-pack.

All of that makes perfect sense…until Target’s weird ass site went and posted what they posted.

Is this just another one of those random things where small changes are made for seemingly no reason? If so, why are some Ares singles “normal” and other affected by this strange new piece of a paint job? Is it just a fucked up photo…? If you look at the other pics with the car by itself, it appears normal. The yellow-ish piece only appears on the packaged vehicle. Trick of the light? Maybe. But if you visit the actual page on Target’s website and use the zoom feature, it really doesn’t look like we’re seeing an optical illusion.

Man, let me know if you know anything about this thing. It’s weird to be sure. Definitely reach out to me should you see one of these variants for sale! Otherwise, anybody got any best guesses as to what the hell is going on?

DC Doomsday Character Car Revealed!

Alright, this’ll be quick but I wanted to go ahead and get it out there…

Big thanks to C. for finding this over at Target’s website. Occasionally posting items way way way ahead of their release date seems to be a somewhat common occurrence over at Target.com, so take the whole, “this shit ain’t neva gonna be available to you” assertions with a grain of salt:


Neat huh? Here’s the official link if you’re interested. Overall I think Doomsday will be a wonderfully badass entry in the series. Until then…

New Character Cars from WONDER WOMAN Film

Ok, damn, I am sofa king behind on what I want to write about it’s insane…trying to balance the little stuff with the lengthier stuff with the timely stuff…nevermind the more permanent fixtures I’d like to incorporate into the blog – buying guides, collection constituent lists, etc. Time to stow away my whining for the moment though, because I really should’ve gotten this entry out a good 4 or 5 days ago. I didn’t want to abandoned my previous piece though; once these things get left behind I have a bad habit of not picking them back up.

Most of us are probably aware of the DCEU’s forthcoming fourth installment – Wonder Woman. Hell, you don’t even have to be particularly in-tune with comics or DC. Wonder Woman is one of those gals we’ve all heard of but have a hard time placing. Adults will likely have varying degrees of memory of the Linda Carter series from the 70s, and some children of the 70s and 80s may remember seeing her alongside other members of the Justice League in cartoon form. She’s been around almost as long as Batman and Superman, first appearing back in 1941. Now, after just over three-quarters of a century, she gets her first live action film.

Hot Wheels is right in the middle of a collectible goldmine with their series of Character Cars, and evidently, the enterprise must be getting increasingly lucrative. We’re starting to see more specialized packaging, more variations, and more characters in general in the time before and after theatrical releases. 2016’s Suicide Squad is a very notable exception – all we got was a pricey special edition of Harley.

And so, Hot Wheels + new Wonder Woman film = specialized line of cars.

A few articles back I reported on the existence – or impending existence – of an Ares Character Car. Yep, the exclusive Riddler form the Batman Rogue’s Gallery 5-pack was released as a standalone, and there was Ares on the back. Around this same time, we had another Wonder Woman car pop up, similar to the Batman v Superman version, but with coloration differences and new Wonder Woman movie packaging. However, this card did not feature anything new on the card back. From then on, I was searching eBay for “hot wheel dc ares” several times a day, and then eventually, a single listing popped up: a Wonder Woman vs. Ares 2-Pack featuring an exclusive Wonder Woman car!

I immediately bought it. The next day, I went to a Toys R Us a couple towns over, and found several. These don’t seem to be totally widespread yet, but I have found them at the Cary and Durham TRUs, though not the one in Raleigh. Anyway, there is is – Ares and our fifth iteration of Wonder Woman! Besides being excited about Ares and a more casually “dressed” Wonder Woman, does the 2-pack imply anything else? In my opinion, yes.

See, Hot Wheels is damn tricky with their 2-packs. What they like to do is release the pack with one exclusive (whether explicitly stated or not) and then another car which is (or becomes) available singly. We’re already told that the Wonder Woman car is the exclusive, to this must mean that Ares is getting a standalone release as well – which would make sense based on what the back of the Riddler said. All of that adds up to at least 3 Wonder Woman Film-branded character car packs: new Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman vs Ares pack, and an upcoming Ares. Might this mean we get more character cars under the Wonder Woman Film banner…? The back mentions Zeus – a god like Ares – in the flavor text, and Mattel (Hot Wheels’ parent company) has put out a first wave of Wonder Woman Film dolls including both Queen Hippolyta and Steve Trevor. And get this: one of the new DC Multiverse figures (the $20 ones that each come with a piece of another figure) is Menalippe, Wonder Woman’s aunt.

I don’t know any more about the upcoming film than anyone else, possibly even less, and furthermore I’m not wildly familiar with Wonder Woman’s mythos either, so I’m straight up dropping these characters’ names based on when and where they’re mentioned with regards to merchandise. Basically I’m building up to this: does this mean the Wonder Woman Film branding will extend to other characters introduced to us from the movie? It would seem a little weird for this packaging to exist only for 3 items, though it’s worth mentioning that Ant-Man got his own packaging (as well as a Civil War card) and so did Doctor Strange; neither branding persisted any further than the titular characters. The Batman v Superman packaging only lasted 3 vehicles as well: Armored Batman, Man of Steel, and then the BvS Wonder Woman released last summer and way, way after the other 2.

So what do you think? Is the DCU arm of Hot Wheels’ Character Cars ready to put Batman on the backburner and start digging into the nooks and crannies of DC’s vast multiverse? Should they venture into such territory so soon after skipping over heavyweights like Lex Luthor and Doomsday who would’ve been perfect following Batman v Superman? I get that you gotta start somewhere, but if we get a Hippolyta before a Lex Luthor…I just…I dunno. What I really hope is that they don’t get as messy as Marvel…random stuff like Red Hulk and Nova while superstars like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are ignored.

But hey, there will always be shit to complain about. In the end we got ourselves an Ares Character Car, and that’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Let’s do it up:

Wonder Woman vs Ares 2-pack

Wonder Woman vs Ares

“WONDER WOMAN is the daughter of Zeus. ARES is the God of War. Now, these sworn enemies square off as fierce fighting vehicles in a battle of mythic proportions.”

“The stunning Amazon strength and beauty of WONDER WOMAN shines forth in thies V-8 sports car with wrist guard fender shields and WW insignia emblazoned over the front grille. ARES is a massive tactical vehicle with heavily armored chest plates and a skull-shaped turret that allow him to always be prepared for combat.”

“With a score to settle almost as old as Time itself, sparks are sure to fly when these two go hood-to-hood.”

Overall, I think this is a great 2-pack. It’s fully centered on the new Wonder Woman film and it gives us, for the first time in DCU’s character cars, a 100% non-Batman villain! It does make me lament the fact that there wasn’t more done with Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad, but maybe we can hope that wfro this point forward each film will get some respectable level of attention.

New Wonder Woman

Do we need 5 Wonder Woman cars…? Probably not. But honestly, the one before this one – the one that looks very similar to the BvS version – seems to be the most unnecessary. This newest one, touted as the 2-pack’s exclusive, retains the same body shape but with a vastly different color scheme meant to represent Wonder Woman in her more relaxed, casual wear, i.e. not her elaborate and showy “Wonder Woman” outfit. It actually looks quite similar to the 12″ Queen Hippolyta doll recently released with its sortta tan-gold thing going on…what do you even call that color? It’s like…metallic beige or something…


Now look at dis mofo. Is it cool? Is it not? I’m not even sure. But it is one of the most unique and original Character Cars we’ve ever seen, and for that, it deserves a lot of credit…even if it does come off as a bit abstract. Earlier I mentioned that my knowledge of Wonder Woman mythos is limited – really all I “know” about Ares comes from the Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game released a couple years back. The car doesn’t quite hit the whole “black-knight-meets-Satan” thing that the game gives us, though it’s definitely got an old world, pagan-esque feel to it…maybe even a bit “occult-adjacent” with the weird emblem thing on top coupled with the red tires and bestial face created at the front.

I can’t say I’ve ever really appreciated Hot Wheels’ tactic of releasing 2-packs with only ONE exclusive in them; however, I do prefer it done this way – the non-exclusive released before its single counterpart. Overall this is a really cool set and I’m glad to see Wonder Woman (the upcoming film) getting some competent (and timely!) love from the Character Car department. It makes me a little sad for all the chances missed in previous films, but at the same time, it’s a promising start for perhaps a new, more comprehensive era of Character Car releases. Will we ever backtrack to Man of Steel for a General Zod or rewind to Suicide Squad for a reasonable collection of relative nobodies like Diablo, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang, or Rick Flagg? (Or Incubus or (I’m having to stifle my laughter) Slipknot or…) The answer is probably not – but I’m trying to stay positive, and like I said, starting with Wonder Woman is better than leaving the new film behind like the others. Really this could be a good chance for the DC side of Hot Wheels to regroup and create a complete and respectable collection as opposed to the random sprawl of Marvel (hooray for no fucking villains! (barely)) and the uneven distribution of Star Wars (why do we have fuckers like Sidon and Biggs and Battle-Damaged Flametrooper before a damn Lando Calrissian!!!??? Why has the prequel trilogy been ignored save for largely fodder like Battle Droid and 501st Clone Trooper? Hey, I’m all for a Carbonite Han or Bossk, but not ahead of (I love railing these off) Qui-Gon, Padme, Mace, Dooku, Jar Jar (I know, I know), and maybe even the likes of Nute Gunray, a younger Obi-Wan, and Commander Cody.) Whatever. Whatever!

Blahph, another entry that took me way too long to type! Anyway, hope you enjoyed a closer look at Wonder Woman #5 and the supercool Ares. I’ve got some more cool shit that I’ma start working on right now so stick around! I’ve got all kindsa shit to talk about – LEGOs, Batman, amiibo, more cars, more and more cars, and man, lots of good stuff.

4 New DC Universe Character Cars!

4 New DC Universe Character Cars!

Originally posted on December 18th, 2016.

4 New DCU Hot Wheels Character Cars

Bear with me guys and gals, I’m trying to vaguely recreate the experience of just receiving these toys. Part of the point of this blog was to be able to hop on and make a post when I got new stuff, so I’m sort of trying to compensate, especially when it comes to the really recent stuff.

Most of Hot Wheels’ character cars series have been limited and finite: 6 Mario cars, 8 Power Rangers’ cars, 6 Spongebob, etc.  Marvel and Star Wars have been the 2 major exceptions with steady additions due in no small part to Marvel’s ubiquitous TV and cinema presence and the recent Star Wars films.  Hot Wheels’ stance towards the DCU has been a little more ambiguous.

Despite DC’s attempts to step up their feature film game and their stranglehold on the CW (DC is making a huge mistake by having their film and TV universes separate…it seems like I’ve also read that not even all the TV shows are set in the same universe…), the line of DCU character cars has remained comparatively small.  Moreover, aside from a few scattered Justice League alumni, the cars have pretty much come from Batman.

Well, 2 or 3 weeks ago, we finally got a new slew of DC cars to chew on.  i was prepared for some of it; there’s a fairly recent convention photo circulating that shows a bunch of DCU cars and among them Green Arrow, Deadshot, a new Joker, and a new Harley Quinn can be seen.  According to another source, the Joker and Harley cars were to be labeled “Joker GT” and “Harley GT” to distinguish them from previous versions.

Out of the 4, elsewhere on the web there was a solid pic of Deadshot in a package, so I started regularly searching for him on eBay.  It paid off, and I was rewarded with 4 brand new DCU character cars!  As you can see though, it wasn’t exactly the 4 I expected…



“Like Deadshot himself, this crimson assassination machine appears deadly just standing still. Fully loaded with hi-tech weaponry, including his advanced laser targeting eye and hood-mounted machine gun, this is truly a hit-car for hire. The metal-enclosed cabin, signature chest plate grille, and chrome hood louvers are proof that with Deadshot, looks can be dangerous indeed!”

The good news is that we do have Deadshot and Green Arrow.  If they’d just churn out a Cyborg (we are seriously long overdue) and Martian Manhunter we’d have a nice little Justice League team rounded out.  I take a little bit of offense to Deadshot being labeled as “the deadliest assassin in the DCU,” because that honor is supposed to go to Deathstroke who, let’s be honest, is a lot cooler. In some ways, Will Smith was both the best and the worst thing that could’ve happened to Deadshot.  Nothing wrong with the popularity bump, but let’s not forget who Deadshot really was in the DCU – an expendable, C-grade villain without much of a dedicated following.

Still, his car looks cool as hell.  Many times the characters’ weapons are tucked away or repurposed as air intakes or exhaust pipes, but Deadshot’s rifle is right there, long and strong, ready to blow shit away. And you gotta love “crimson assassination machine.”

Green Arrow

Green Arrow

“This maximum armored vehicle captures the stealthy power and hunting prowess of the vigilante archer, Green Arrow. With emerald mask windshield and golden “G” insignia, this crusading machine is powered by an electric powertrain and backup turbo six piston engine. The spearhead-shaped front end is perfect for making an “arrow-dynamic” getaway!”

The Green Arrow car is another treat, if nothing else because he’s a bit more removed from Batman.  The car itself is a little less than impressive and looks a bit like one of Hot Wheels Street Beasts in the design of an insect.  Nothing wrong with an insectoid car, but it doesn’t seem to fit Green Arrow.  Couldn’t we get some more well-pronounced arrows!!??

The Joker GT

The Joker GT

“With a psychotic grim plastered around the front of the chalk-white body and shocking green cockpit, this sinister sports car embodies Batman’s dreaded arch rival, The Joker. Its insane V8 roar strikes fear in the hearts of Gotham City citizens. The large rear intakes provide wind-cheating aerodynamic performance – guaranteeing that The Joker always has the last laugh!”

Next up is Joker GT.  I’m not sure where this “new Joker” comes from; must be something in the comic world, because it doesn’t exactly reflect Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad.  Whatever the case, this is a much more substantial and impressive vehicle than the ol’ hotrod from before.



“Navigating the streets of Gotham City’s hip Burnside district, this agile racer is as unstoppable at catching its prey as crime-fighting Super Hero Batgirl. The sculpted body is suited up with utility belt gear. A wraparound windshield mask features bat-shaped ears that double as cooling intakes, and the stylized cape strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere!

The last of the 4 is probably the most surprising – Batgirl!  Had I been able to update this blog as I received stuff it would already be clear why.  Just a week or two before these new DCU cars popped up, we were finally treated to 3 releases from the DC Super Hero Girls line: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl!  So within a month, we’ve got 2 Batgirls.  The body is the same on both, but the paint job is different.  This DCU Batgirl is darker and more subdued, while the other has a friendly color scheme based more on purple than black.  I can’t say I was itching for 2 Batgirls right away, but I’ll take it!

Armored Batman and Man of Steel were re-released with this new packaging as well, giving them some flavor text on their backs for the first time ever.

4 New DCU Character Cars