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DOOMSDAY and SWAMP THING – Brand New DCU Character Cars!

Whoop whoop whoop!

Doomsday and Swamp Thing

What else can I say? They’re out! I got ’em! Awesome! (But seriously where the hell is our VULTURE car!!??)

Whatever, let’s geek out about these for a sec. I stumbled across these maybe…Wednesday or Thursday evening I guess…? When I got home Sunday afternoon there they were, waiting for me!

Doomsday would’ve been more appropriate back in Spring/Summer of 2016 (when lots of non-comics people were getting their first dose of him via Batman v Superman) and I’m not really sure where the hell Swamp Thing is coming from (obviously DC is planning to do something with this property at some point (“Justice League Dark”) but it seems a little premature) but honestly I’m not complaining and I’m glad DC is branching out. I won’t quite be 100% cool with Hot Wheels + DCU until I’m holding a) a Lex Luthor Character Car and b) a General Zod Character Car, but for now, this’ll do.



I must say that these are some nice looking vehicles to add to the collection. The cartoon artwork in the recent pamphlets hardly does either of them justice. Fortunately we knew pretty much exactly what Doomsday was going to look like thanks to the weird Target leak. We also had that prototype version of Swamp Thing to whet our whistle, but honestly, after looking at that and then looking at the finished product…well…let’s just say that prototype didn’t do Swampy justice at all. (Check it out here if you missed it.)

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

Again, both of these cars are great looking and I’m glad to have ’em. They were a little pricey but I expect them to drop as more and more sellers get their hands on them, so if you need to wait a couple of weeks, don’t sweat it. Oh and this is kinda cool – once Hot Wheels drops the new Justice League Flash car, the DC pamphlet will be officially completed! Who’s next? More Super Hero Girls maybe? Maybe some other well-known archvillains like Manta Ray, Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, etc.? I guess we’ll see! Q4 should be pretty damn interesting…


Right on the heels of the new Justice League Character Cars, we’ve got a brand new 2-pack with its own exclusive: Tactical Suit Batman!

Tactical Suit Batman

It’s just the new Batman with a few little adjustments to the paint job, but it looks like this “tactical suit” may play a major role in Justice League, perhaps akin to his armor in Batman v Superman. Also of note is the “new” version of Aquaman in the 2-pack. If you’ve kept up to date with your character cars thus far, you can actually make the most of these releases and snatch up these new Justice League cars without any duplicates. First, grab a single Batman, then grab this 2-pack. Since Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg are repeats, you won’t need them, and this slightly different Aquaman is packed with an exclusive!

Justice League 2-pack

Stick around folks, I don’t know exactly when it’s coming, but I got a couple of really cool things to show you…

New JUSTICE LEAGUE Character Cars – Differences and Similarities Confirmed!

About a week ago we saw the all-new packaging associated with the upcoming Justice League film. So far we’ve got five characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, & Cyborg. At first it was only obvious that Batman was different. Then I saw some differences with Aquaman, and then suddenly I thought Superman might be different…anyway I ordered Superman and Aquaman and then found all 5 (albeit only in a single Target) the next day.

Justice League Character Cars

At any rate, it gave me a chance to definitively compare each of them. Clearly Batman is different, and as I already mentioned, the coloring on Aquaman is different as well. Otherwise though, we’ve seem ’em before. Wonder Woman is from her older BvS appearance, Superman borrows the BvS-era blue-wheeled Man of Steel look, and Cyborg is identical to his initial release not so long ago.

So there you go! Stick around for my next article because there is yet one more new Justice League Character Car on the table…

New and Upcoming DC Character Cars REVEALED / CONFIRMED

Here’s another thing I wanted to get out like 2 days ago but just didn’t/couldn’t. At first I thought about combining this with a general rundown of the newest Justice League branded cars but instead I’m going to try to keep it as concise and on-topic as possible.

Technically this isn’t much new news but more like confirmation of what we already knew. You know how those recent Marvel releases came with their own little pamphlet, cluing us in to the likes of the Ragnarok cars, Deadpool, and the as-yet-unreleased Vulture? Well, Hot Wheels finally seems to be giving the DC camp equal treatment and has packed pamphlets with the new Justice League line as well.

I’ll show you full scans of both sides in a moment, but first I’ll go ahead and hit at the obvious stuff. With this new Justice League line we’re treated to 5 cars…conspicuously missing is undoubtedly what we knew as “movie Flash,” instead labeled “Flash – Justice League” just like the others (even those that bear no differences from their earlier counterparts). Check him out:

Movie Flash

Looks a lot like Wonder Woman’s car to me but hey, sometimes these cartoonish renditions don’t do them justice.

Finally we’re treated to 2 more characters largely outside of Batman’s sphere of influence, Doomsday and Swamp Thing. Hopefully this is just further proof that we’ll be seeing Doomsday sooner rather than later; if you remember, our friend C. tracked down a real live screen shot of Doomsday tucked away on Target’s website. However we do get a bit of a better idea as to what Swamp Thing will look like since all we’ve seen so far is the prototype.

Swamp Thing and Doomsday

And just so you can check it out for yourself, here are both sides of the pamphlet, straight from my scanner. I’ve rendered them pretty small for the page, but just click on either of them and you’ll get the full-sized versions opened in a new tab.

DC Pamphlet (1)
DC Pamphlet (2)

Alright guys and gals, ruminate on that for a while and I’ll be back before too long with…something newish. I’m not sure exactly what yet because I still feel like I’ve got a million things to blog about..we’ll see soon enough!

Correction / Addendum to Previous Entries Re: “Justice League” Character Cars

Ladies und gentleman: I have made a grievous and wholly embarrassing error in my recent and cursory “analysis” of these new character cars. (In regards to this piece and this piece.)

First of all, Aquaman in the new Justice League packaging is in fact different than the recent Aquaman. The earlier model has both gold and gray on the body/cockpit area, whereas the new Aquaman is totally gold, without the gray. It’s not huge, but it’s noticeable, and it’s something I didn’t catch until I inspected a higher quality image of the new Aquaman.

This of course got me nervous about my other assertions; I check and rechecked the best I could, and I’m still convinced that Cyborg is the same and that Wonder Woman is the same Wonder Woman in the BvS packaging. Then I moved on to the tricky matter of the Man of Steel / Superman stuff. …Was I on crack when I wrote that..? I mean all the stuff about the color differences is true, but it’s like I just fucking stopped and called the new Superman “Gray Wheels” when right below it I was inserting a picture of “Blue Wheels!” I do remember getting it a little tangled in my head about when the switches occurred…but dayum.

So yeah, first of all there’s that: I proclaimed the new Superman car to simply be an old gray-wheeled Man of Steel, when it fact it is the blue-wheeled Man of Steel. Then I started comparing the 2 more carefully, and to be honest, for the time being I’m calling it “inconclusive.” There’s some potential for noticeable differences in shading and luster, but at this point I just can’t tell.

I’m not going to bother posting up a bunch of comparison photos right now. As soon as I recognized my folly I immediately ordered both characters in new packaging; in a couple of days I’ll be able to show you a side-by-side of the Aquaman’s and we’ll look at Superman a little more closely. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts on any differences, including Cyborg and Wonder Woman.

New Arrivals! Batman…and Batman

I got 2 new packages in the mail yesterday – regrettably one of them was not the Skyward Sword Link amiibo – but they were a couple of items I’d spotted Sunday night perusing eBay, so kudos to these fellas for getting these in the mail and over to me quickly! (Back when I started this, like Tuesday…)

Mystery Models

You know the Hot Wheels boxes with the “Mystery Models” in them? I did a piece on one not too long ago, a Gold Tumbler. And you know, as proud as I was to find one, and then two, and then 5, and then a few more to stockpile for some easy $5 sales on eBay over time, these boxes began to appear everywhere. There’d be 3 or 4 down with the hanging Hot Wheels, and then I’d glance up at the top shelf used partially for storage and notice anywhere from 4 to 10 more boxes! That’s a lot of Gold Tumblers. So when I saw this brand new Gold Arkham Asylum Batmobile as the new Mystery Model, my mind immediately began thinking about just how long it’d take all those Tumbler boxes to clear out. Thinking about all those boxes and simultaneously finding a new Batmobile for less than $5 with shipping included, I decided to go ahead and snag one of ’em off eBay rather than holding out for a release in my area.

Gold Batmobile

And the good news is that if I do happen to stumble across half a dozen of these tomorrow, well, I can easily sell ’em. The Arkham Asylum Batmobile isn’t terribly common in the world of Hot Wheels, so I was glad to add this golden one to my collection alongside my recent acquisition of the red-windowed one from the latest Batman 5-pack.

Gold Hot Wheels

It’s funny how many different versions of “gold” there are. Somehow they’ve given the Arkham Asylum Batmobile its own special finish, a worthy step up from the strange “yellow” of the Tumbler. Just for comparison, I’ve thrown in a couple of of other cars with gold and metal-flake; the Gas Monkey and Evil Twin. Then there’s the outright mirror finish that can be seen on stuff like Super Chromes – the golden Millennium Falcon.

Cue some majestic, triumphant music. Something with trumpets and those bassy tribal-like drums. Cymbals crashing like waves. Some mysterious, suspenseful chimes, leading into an unmistakably glorious melody brought about by a crescendo of tubular bells and some choral “oohs and aahhs.” The release comes and brass gives way to the string section as reality sets in and soothes us after the initial orgiastic expression….

Yeah that’s right.

Black Batman Hot Rod with the Gold Base

Batman Hot Rod

If you did not totally nerd the fuck out with me just then I strongly recommend brushing up on you Character Car-ography, specifically the “vintage” DC sub-area.

Lemme back that shit up for ya’ll no-hip-hoppers. Ok that’s a line from a Missy song but if we could replace “hip-hoppers” with something relevant it would’ve totally worked.

To the best of my knowledge, the DCU series of Character Cars kicked off in 2012 with those packages with the little blue border. Most of these have been re-released, and those that haven’t are evidently common enough to find but will occasionally cost a little more than their counterparts – the original Wonder Woman and Bane come to mind. The older Catwoman and the first Superman probably ought to be in this batch, because the first edition of Superman was painted with metalflake which was absent from subsequent releases and the older Catwoman is noticeably more purple and less pink/red than the newer, magenta/rose version. I fully intend on going into detail about all this minutia one day. And just in case you were wondering there’s been a total of 3 releases: the oldest blue border, followed by the black border, and then the newest ones with the words “Character Cars” on the blister insert, debuting early 2017, possibly late 2016, I’m not 100% sure when they kicked in.

Anyway, 2014 saw the first DC 5-pack, labeled as the Justice League, but it strangely didn’t include any exclusives. In 2015 another Justice League 5-pack was released, recognizable by its black packaging. This pack would (does?) include what is probably the most difficult and most costly DC Character Car to acquire. It’s the same shape as the Batman Hot Rod, only the body is colored black and the frame/chassis is gold. It may not seem like a big deal – and it really isn’t – it’s just that this is only way to procure this particular “configuration” of colors when it comes to the Batman Hot Rod. Note that additionally, Hot Wheels made a “regular” Batman Character Car some time ago, until the blue Batman Hot Rod became the preferred single. A few months ago, a black Batman Hot Rod was released as an exclusive with a Batcave trackset…I wrote an article on the topic, and you can watch me get excited about owning the Black Batman Hot Rod, until I realize – while adding in the pictures that very night – that this new black version had a silver chassis and the coveted old one sported a gold chassis. Yeah, it burst my bubble a little, but at the same time I can appreciate Hot Wheels’ integrity regarding their label of exclusive: both the original black-&-gold remained exclusive while the new black-&-silver could rightly be called exclusive as well.

Batman Hot Rod

So like, what, half of you are still rolling your eyes about why I’m nerd-gasming all over the place about it. You might’ve even noticed that a lot of times these 5-packs are available on eBay for significantly cheaper. Not this one. Out of the 3 existing DC/Batman 5-packs, 4 Marvel 5-packs (and one 4-pack), and 4 Star Wars 5-packs, this one labeled “Justice League” with the black background will nearly always be priced at a jaw-dropping amount. They steadily appear on eBay for $100+, and there’s a guy over on Amazon who periodically sells “near mint” packages for $70 to $80 and “package will be damaged” for $60 to $70. It’s weird…it’s always the same guy, he seems to have a few for sale for a while, then they’ll disappear, and then a week, 2 weeks, maybe even a month later he’ll pop up with “near mint” and “acceptable” versions once again, +/- $5.

I’d long considered emailing the guy to make sure that the cars within the damaged packages were in good shape but I never quite brought myself to pull the trigger. I can probably make a little bit of money back on the loose Wonder Woman, but the other 3 are very common and I’d be lucky to get $3 or $4 for them loose.

Not surprisingly, these things aren’t all that common on eBay, though it seems like there’s always one for same at the $100+ mark. I scrolled back through sold versions sometimes and would see auctions top out around $50, maybe $40. I took a look just now and found nothing though I’m sortta confused because I know I saw one up the other day for something like $86. The one I purchased isn’t showing up in search results because get this (I just caught it) – the listing reads “Justice Leagure.”

Alright alright, to begin winding this rather long story down I’ll go ahead and get down to brass tacks – I got my very own 5-pack with moderate wear and tear to the packaging for $40.99 plus another $5 for shipping. Great? Probably not. Good? Definitely. Better deals than this will probably roll through, but then again this is a coveted set that will only gain more value through time…that is unless or until Hot Wheels releases a Batman Hot Rod with these colors…

(If you don’t believe me, check out the very first Star Wars 5-pack which included a Battle Damaged Stormtrooper. This thing was at least $35 all day long…and then that 2-pack with the Battle Damaged Death Trooper and Battle Damaged Stormtrooper 2-pack and snap, it dropped down to $15 or $16 practically overnight.)

Of course other DCU character cars will come and go, but the acquisition of this Black Batman Hot Rod with Gold Frame is a milestone of its own; not only do I have it, but it also brings me up to speed with the DCU collection. So far, I’ve got all the DC Character Cars that have been released! Now we can look forward to newcomers like that cool Batman car, Swamp Thing, “movie” Flash, and Doomsday!

I’ve got some more Batman stuff to show you, but first, lets take a few minutes to dig into the world of the DC Super Hero Girls and all that’s been happening on that front. Stick around – or at the very least check back once a day – as I bring you a whole buncha stuff from the pinker end of the toy section!

ALERT ALERT! Very Weird Ares Discrepancy…Someone HELP!

This wasn’t exactly what I thought I’d be writing about at the moment, but I think it’s pretty damn important and I want to go ahead and get it all out on the table. I’ma try to bang this out quick, so stick with me.

I was absent-mindedly doing some searching on Google Images for possible upcoming character cars when I ran across something really strange: a picture of what appears to be Ares as a single from Target’s website.


Do you see what I see? Look at the rear quarter panel: it’s a vibrant amber color.

Now this don’t mean shit (necessarily) because Target posts pics of stuff way before release. Just recently we’ve been seeing singles of Ares over on eBay, but as we’d expect, they all look like this:

And that is what they should look like…right? Well of course. We were introduced to Ares a few weeks prior thanks to his debut in a Wonder Woman 2-pack. Typically speaking, and especially lately – though there have certainly been exceptions – 2-packs are designed to include one exclusive and the another car that can be picked up as a single.

On the Wonder Woman 2-pack, we’re clearly told that Wonder Woman is the exclusive. That, in turn, implies that Ares will be available in this same form as a single, at some point. And that’s pretty much what’s happened so far, right? The 2-pack was released, followed by an Ares single, and this single appears to be the same as that in the 2-pack.

All of that makes perfect sense…until Target’s weird ass site went and posted what they posted.

Is this just another one of those random things where small changes are made for seemingly no reason? If so, why are some Ares singles “normal” and other affected by this strange new piece of a paint job? Is it just a fucked up photo…? If you look at the other pics with the car by itself, it appears normal. The yellow-ish piece only appears on the packaged vehicle. Trick of the light? Maybe. But if you visit the actual page on Target’s website and use the zoom feature, it really doesn’t look like we’re seeing an optical illusion.

Man, let me know if you know anything about this thing. It’s weird to be sure. Definitely reach out to me should you see one of these variants for sale! Otherwise, anybody got any best guesses as to what the hell is going on?