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DOOMSDAY and SWAMP THING – Brand New DCU Character Cars!

Whoop whoop whoop!

Doomsday and Swamp Thing

What else can I say? They’re out! I got ’em! Awesome! (But seriously where the hell is our VULTURE car!!??)

Whatever, let’s geek out about these for a sec. I stumbled across these maybe…Wednesday or Thursday evening I guess…? When I got home Sunday afternoon there they were, waiting for me!

Doomsday would’ve been more appropriate back in Spring/Summer of 2016 (when lots of non-comics people were getting their first dose of him via Batman v Superman) and I’m not really sure where the hell Swamp Thing is coming from (obviously DC is planning to do something with this property at some point (“Justice League Dark”) but it seems a little premature) but honestly I’m not complaining and I’m glad DC is branching out. I won’t quite be 100% cool with Hot Wheels + DCU until I’m holding a) a Lex Luthor Character Car and b) a General Zod Character Car, but for now, this’ll do.



I must say that these are some nice looking vehicles to add to the collection. The cartoon artwork in the recent pamphlets hardly does either of them justice. Fortunately we knew pretty much exactly what Doomsday was going to look like thanks to the weird Target leak. We also had that prototype version of Swamp Thing to whet our whistle, but honestly, after looking at that and then looking at the finished product…well…let’s just say that prototype didn’t do Swampy justice at all. (Check it out here if you missed it.)

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

Again, both of these cars are great looking and I’m glad to have ’em. They were a little pricey but I expect them to drop as more and more sellers get their hands on them, so if you need to wait a couple of weeks, don’t sweat it. Oh and this is kinda cool – once Hot Wheels drops the new Justice League Flash car, the DC pamphlet will be officially completed! Who’s next? More Super Hero Girls maybe? Maybe some other well-known archvillains like Manta Ray, Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, etc.? I guess we’ll see! Q4 should be pretty damn interesting…


Right on the heels of the new Justice League Character Cars, we’ve got a brand new 2-pack with its own exclusive: Tactical Suit Batman!

Tactical Suit Batman

It’s just the new Batman with a few little adjustments to the paint job, but it looks like this “tactical suit” may play a major role in Justice League, perhaps akin to his armor in Batman v Superman. Also of note is the “new” version of Aquaman in the 2-pack. If you’ve kept up to date with your character cars thus far, you can actually make the most of these releases and snatch up these new Justice League cars without any duplicates. First, grab a single Batman, then grab this 2-pack. Since Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg are repeats, you won’t need them, and this slightly different Aquaman is packed with an exclusive!

Justice League 2-pack

Stick around folks, I don’t know exactly when it’s coming, but I got a couple of really cool things to show you…

New JUSTICE LEAGUE Character Cars – Differences and Similarities Confirmed!

About a week ago we saw the all-new packaging associated with the upcoming Justice League film. So far we’ve got five characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, & Cyborg. At first it was only obvious that Batman was different. Then I saw some differences with Aquaman, and then suddenly I thought Superman might be different…anyway I ordered Superman and Aquaman and then found all 5 (albeit only in a single Target) the next day.

Justice League Character Cars

At any rate, it gave me a chance to definitively compare each of them. Clearly Batman is different, and as I already mentioned, the coloring on Aquaman is different as well. Otherwise though, we’ve seem ’em before. Wonder Woman is from her older BvS appearance, Superman borrows the BvS-era blue-wheeled Man of Steel look, and Cyborg is identical to his initial release not so long ago.

So there you go! Stick around for my next article because there is yet one more new Justice League Character Car on the table…

New and Upcoming DC Character Cars REVEALED / CONFIRMED

Here’s another thing I wanted to get out like 2 days ago but just didn’t/couldn’t. At first I thought about combining this with a general rundown of the newest Justice League branded cars but instead I’m going to try to keep it as concise and on-topic as possible.

Technically this isn’t much new news but more like confirmation of what we already knew. You know how those recent Marvel releases came with their own little pamphlet, cluing us in to the likes of the Ragnarok cars, Deadpool, and the as-yet-unreleased Vulture? Well, Hot Wheels finally seems to be giving the DC camp equal treatment and has packed pamphlets with the new Justice League line as well.

I’ll show you full scans of both sides in a moment, but first I’ll go ahead and hit at the obvious stuff. With this new Justice League line we’re treated to 5 cars…conspicuously missing is undoubtedly what we knew as “movie Flash,” instead labeled “Flash – Justice League” just like the others (even those that bear no differences from their earlier counterparts). Check him out:

Movie Flash

Looks a lot like Wonder Woman’s car to me but hey, sometimes these cartoonish renditions don’t do them justice.

Finally we’re treated to 2 more characters largely outside of Batman’s sphere of influence, Doomsday and Swamp Thing. Hopefully this is just further proof that we’ll be seeing Doomsday sooner rather than later; if you remember, our friend C. tracked down a real live screen shot of Doomsday tucked away on Target’s website. However we do get a bit of a better idea as to what Swamp Thing will look like since all we’ve seen so far is the prototype.

Swamp Thing and Doomsday

And just so you can check it out for yourself, here are both sides of the pamphlet, straight from my scanner. I’ve rendered them pretty small for the page, but just click on either of them and you’ll get the full-sized versions opened in a new tab.

DC Pamphlet (1)
DC Pamphlet (2)

Alright guys and gals, ruminate on that for a while and I’ll be back before too long with…something newish. I’m not sure exactly what yet because I still feel like I’ve got a million things to blog about..we’ll see soon enough!

Correction / Addendum to Previous Entries Re: “Justice League” Character Cars

Ladies und gentleman: I have made a grievous and wholly embarrassing error in my recent and cursory “analysis” of these new character cars. (In regards to this piece and this piece.)

First of all, Aquaman in the new Justice League packaging is in fact different than the recent Aquaman. The earlier model has both gold and gray on the body/cockpit area, whereas the new Aquaman is totally gold, without the gray. It’s not huge, but it’s noticeable, and it’s something I didn’t catch until I inspected a higher quality image of the new Aquaman.

This of course got me nervous about my other assertions; I check and rechecked the best I could, and I’m still convinced that Cyborg is the same and that Wonder Woman is the same Wonder Woman in the BvS packaging. Then I moved on to the tricky matter of the Man of Steel / Superman stuff. …Was I on crack when I wrote that..? I mean all the stuff about the color differences is true, but it’s like I just fucking stopped and called the new Superman “Gray Wheels” when right below it I was inserting a picture of “Blue Wheels!” I do remember getting it a little tangled in my head about when the switches occurred…but dayum.

So yeah, first of all there’s that: I proclaimed the new Superman car to simply be an old gray-wheeled Man of Steel, when it fact it is the blue-wheeled Man of Steel. Then I started comparing the 2 more carefully, and to be honest, for the time being I’m calling it “inconclusive.” There’s some potential for noticeable differences in shading and luster, but at this point I just can’t tell.

I’m not going to bother posting up a bunch of comparison photos right now. As soon as I recognized my folly I immediately ordered both characters in new packaging; in a couple of days I’ll be able to show you a side-by-side of the Aquaman’s and we’ll look at Superman a little more closely. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts on any differences, including Cyborg and Wonder Woman.

All New BATMAN Character Car!

UPDATE: I got all kinds of messed up with regards to the Superman vehicle I talk about here. Be sure to read my correction after finishing this article!

It was just several hours ago that I found DCU Character Cars with new “Justice League” packaging and that we got an “official” glimpse of a new Batman Character Car. Welp, we can all count on adding one more to the collection! Not long after spotting Cyborg and Aquaman in the new Justice League packaging, I ran across Superman, Wonder Woman, and you guessed it, a brand new Batman!

New Batman

I absolutely love the look of the new Batman, what else can I say? It’s sleek, sporty, and stealthy, and it really begins to hit some sweet spot between “Batman-as-a-car” and a bona fide Batmobile. In fact, this is easily the best Batman Character Car we’ve been treated to. Although I love the first one from way back, it feels more like a straight up comic book interpretation and lacks a little of Batman’s grime and grit. We’d then see 4 versions of the Batman Hot Rod (yes 4) and I’m sorry but a car shaped like Batman’s cowl just ain’t enough to impress me. …And then we got Armored Batman, which, while not a travesty, certainly wasn’t Hot Wheels’ most inspired moment. These things were just beginning to pop up everywhere back when I was getting serious about collecting Character Cars and no lie – it took weeks of glossing over this guy before realizing it was actually supposed to be a damn character!

New Batman

So yeah, I’m pretty damn psyched about owning this guy. I’ve already ordered mine from one of those 3 or 4 guys (or girls) on eBay who stays on top of these newcomers. Hopefully I’ll have it in my hands by the end of the week. Oh oh – and judging from a couple of the photos on eBay, it looks like the new DCU releases are being packaged with a pamphlet as well, just like they did with Marvel, so we can get a better look at what the future holds! Note that Flash is noticeably absent from all this new Justice League packaging even though a “movie Flash” seems to be imminent…

If you’ve otherwise kept up with character car releases, you shouldn’t need to worry about Superman or Wonder Woman. (Or Aquaman or Cyborg, as I mention in the previous entry.) This “new” Justice League Superman car appears to be identical to the first version of the Man of Steel character car. Hot Wheels has been tricky with these Man of Steel releases (and still, I promise, we are going to dig into all this bullshit minutia someday soon-ish!) and has produced 2 different versions that I’m aware of. (And don’t forget that these are different from the proper Superman character car of years past.)

New Superman

The main difference and the easiest to spot is the color of the wheels: one has gray wheels, the other has blue. Also, the blue paint on the body is darker on the blue-wheel version, and the small graphic details in the blue paint are different between the two. Now it’d be easy if Hot Wheels just did Gray Wheel for a while and then switched gears to Blue Wheel….but that’s not the case. The first Man of Steel cars were Gray Wheel. Then, when Batman v Superman was released, a new BvS card was used and the Blue Wheel was introduced. There are also 2-packs of Armored Batman and Man of Steel featuring the BvS packaging and Blue Wheels. Now remember back to all those re-releases (and new cars) that flooded the market around the new year? This was when the packaging actually started sporting the words “Character Cars” and Hot Wheels re-released the Batman Hot Rod, Superman, Armored Batman, and Man of Steel. This time they flipped back to Gray Wheels, and I guess that’s what we’re sticking with – I supposed it’s probably best to think of Gray Wheels as “original” Man of Steel and Blue Wheels as BvS Man of Steel.

New Wonder Woman

As mildly confusing as this possibly is, it kinda looks like they’ve done the damn opposite with Wonder Woman! The “new” Justice League Wonder Woman has a gray-ish back end like the Batman v Superman-branded release instead of the black back end featured in the newer Wonder Woman (the 2017 film) packaging.

Bleh! That was a fucking mouthful. And again keep in mind that I don’t yet own these, so if you spot something, let me know!

NEW “Justice League” Branded DCU Character Car Packaging

UPDATE: I may have jumped the gun on some of the assumptions made in this entry; be sure to read my correction after finishing this article!

Hey hey hey, I really thought we’d have seen Vulture or Doomsday or something by now, didn’t you? Oh well. I was bouncing around on eBay earlier, doing my usual thing, and I ran across a couple of items from a seller that I hadn’t seen before. I screen-capped the pics, so unfortunately they’re a little washed out looking (and small) so there’s not much I can do. You can clearly see the “new” Aquaman and Cyborg – same cars but with the actors featured on the cards instead of illustrations.


That’s pretty cool in an of itself I guess, though I do kind of wonder what the need for all these packaging changes is, especially when it’s just the same car with a different backing.

The real treat was going to be the backs..and luckily the seller provided photos. I guess due to the size of the original uploads, eBay allowed me a slightly “zoomed in” view of the Aquaman back:

Aquaman Back

It’s difficult to tell, but there are actually some faint words below and to the left of each picture. I’ve tried enhancing them in various ways – I mean we pretty much know what all of them are – but I would like see what they’re officially calling the one second from the left – which is the obvious newcomer to the lot. It looks a lot like that new Batman car C. shared with us a while back, but then again the shot is washed out so much I’d hesitate to definitively label it as such. But then again, we’ve got the rest of the line plus Deadshot thrown in so I dunno.

Here’s the back of Cyborg. It’s a little easier to see that there is actually some text below the images, but still not a great pic overall.

Cyborg Back

I looked through the rest of the guys stuff – both listed and anything recently sold – just to see if he had any more Justice League-branded stuff, but no cigar. I probably won’t spend my precious monies on these since they look virtually the same as what’s out now, though if you do happen to pick up one and notice a difference (especially in color) do let me know! I am very interested in collecting/documenting those color changes that fall somewhere in that gray area of intentional vs. sloppy and one day I’m going to show you just many of those odd cases I’ve found!

Alrighty then, I’m signing off again for now – actually that’s not true. I’m going back to working on my DC Super Hero Girls article, I just figured I’d take a pause and get this weird little tidbit out there.