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New Star Wars All Terrain Vehicles Coming Soon?

Hola ladies and germs! I just got a great tip from reader Sam regarding some upcoming All Terrain Character Cars. These screenshots come from Walmart’s website, promising us Yoda and R2-D2 to add to the collection!

R2-D2 All Terrain Character Car

Yoda All Terrain Character Car

No word on when to expect these yet; I’m guessing they’re part of this last big push of Star Wars toys that’s on the horizon. Let me know what you think of the newcomers!


We Might Just Have Our First Store-Exclusive Character Car…

Let me preface this “declaration” with a bit of disclaimer: I do not claim that this information is necessarily 100% correct, I’m just basing it on my experience thus far. So if you know any different, please contact me so I can as much factually correct information as possible!

A few weeks back I was riding a wave of elation after my clean sweep of Solo stuff…sorting it, photographing it, getting ready to blog…and then leave it to the internet to throw a wrench in my plans – the Donkey Kong Character Car had now appeared! And so my scouring process began anew.

Donkey Kong Character Cars

This story begins with my mom offering to drive my son and I around one late afternoon / evening. I let my son decide where we’d go and he picked the Walmart in Louisburg. Now you gotta understand that heading up to Louisburg is generally a one shot deal. Raleigh, Cary, Durham, all that good stuff is south, southwest, and west…but Louisburg is north. And honestly, there aren’t any big cities heading north. I guess there’s Oxford…and then there’s South Hill once you cross the Virginia border…but the point is that the major metropolitan area is south and there really isn’t anything comparable within driving distance if you’re headed north.

Louisburg can be a real crapshoot. One time I found a flurry of those Mandalorian Talon Fighters back from Force Awakens-era toys. Scooped ’em up for $4 and sold them for upwards of $20! They also tend to get some of those limited edition sets of Hot Wheels way before we do – hell, I’ve never seen a couple of them outside of Louisburg, and when I have spotted some of them at other Walmarts they are thoroughly picked over. What can I say, each Walmart has its damn quirks and some are more useful than others. Last time we went we completed the 8-car ZAMAC set we started over at Brier Creek, where we couldn’t find 8/8 despite our best efforts. The real kicker though was the missing Wave 3 Jada DC Metalfigs that we were missing. This is the only place we’ve seen the singles aside from one lone Bizarro at Target, but this is all a story for another day – I really want to get into all my Jada Metalfigs (we just found some Halo figures at yet another semi-remote Walmart!) so look for a piece on them as soon as this new shit calms down.

So we went..and we left, empty handed.

Dejected, and with my son screaming at my mom to drive to hell and back despite her staunch objections, I suddenly had a quick chain reaction go off in my brain…”GameStops sometimes have Hot Wheels…DK is a video game character…didn’t C. foretell this very situation way back when…?”

The GameStop was about a 70 second car ride down the lot so my mom was alright with that. We popped in and I was actually a little overwhelmed at how many toys were sitting there. Finally I spotted Toad car up on the top shelf. I couldn’t see well but I could make out the “6 / 7″ on the card, denoting that this was from the newest batch. I couldn’t see what was going on, so I had my son back up and tell me what was next…”Yoshi….oh oh OH THERE HE IS!! Behind Yoshi!” Hell yeah touchdown game set match.

Donkey Kong Character Car

In the following days I found another at my local GameStop, my son found another at Crabtree’s GameStop, and I actually came up with a miss earlier today over at Brier Creek. Do I need 3? Of course not, but they could come in handy as trade material or just something to generate a few extra bucks – interested? Drop me a line. First come first serve! No guarantees, but I’m always happy to do some fair business with readers.

Naturally I’m inclined to now believer that the Donkey Kong Character Car is exclusive to GameStop. Now Character Cars can be very elusive, but on the flipside, GameStop has never been a reliable place to get Character Cars. They might have a Vader and an R2 laying around for a couple of months, and maybe you got lucky way back when and stumbled across Jango or Grievous….but the point is that these things are around for the casual gamer to go “hmmm” and snag one as an impulse buy and not there for the hardcore collector to scoop up at 10:02am.

As a quick aside, it looks like GameStop is getting in bizarre cases or customers are just blindly buying whatever they see first…or both. For example, at 2 of the stores where I found DK, Yoshi was missing. One store was doubled up on Toad (a strange pick for a duplicate) and at what I would consider the busiest of the ones I went to DK and Yoshi were missing while they had 2 each of almost all the rest. I guess people just aren’t clear on exactly what’s going on.

I think that about wraps it up! Have you seen Donkey Kong outside of a GameStop? I’m glad Hot Wheels showed some interest in an older series though I wish they’d go with a few more uncommon characters…they could do a whole set devoted to the Koopalings, hell, they could even include Bowser Jr. for a full 8-car set! Or what about Blooper? Or a Hammer Bro.? Wishful thinking!!

Examining the “New” 1:50 Batman: Animated Series BATMOBILE (It’s Different!)

Examining the “New” 1:50 Batman: Animated Series BATMOBILE (It’s Different!)

Have any of you out there tried collecting all of the Hot Wheels 1:50 scale Batmobiles and other assorted Bat-vehicles? If your collection is anywhere near completion, you’ve probably had to spend more money than you’d like on things like the Batwing and the Batblade. However, one previously pricey item has been reissued…but is it the same vehicle…?

The Animated Series Batmobile

The Original Release

A few months ago I noticed that the Penguin Duck and The Bat re-appeared on shelves. Now these aren’t particularly difficult to find or pricey on the secondary market, but it is interesting to take note of their re-release. If you look on the back, you’ll also see Hot Wheels touting the re-release of the Animated Series Batmobile. That should be good news for collectors, ’cause these guys are $40 minimum in general. Perfect, now we can cop it for $8 or $9, right? Maybe.

The Animated Series Batmobile

The NEW Animated Series Batmobile

Hot Wheels has advertised this thing for a long time and ever since I’ve been scouting for it to no avail. However, last weekend I finally located one at a somewhat unlikely store, Barnes & Noble. (I’ll get into Barnes & Noble’s bizarre and scattershot inventory of cool ass Hot Wheels another time.) I casually picked it up and a couple of seconds later my kid snatches it out of my hand and goes, “hey, this is different than ours!”

I say, “really? Looks the same to me, what are you seeing?”

And then he’s like, “it’s m— it’s got a ma— …the color is mmm—….”

And of course I’m like, “spit it out son!”

And he’s like, “ok, you know how we have 2 of those regular Batmobiles [he’s talking about the version from the 1989 film] and one’s shiny and one’s not?”

“Oh yeah yeah yeah, one has a glossy finish and the other is matte,” I said.

And then he lights up like, “yes matte, that’s what I was trying to say! This one is matte and the one we have is shiny!”

Animated Batmobiles - Compare

He was right, this re-release we found was indeed matte, and although I couldn’t remember 100% if our existing one was matte or not I was inclined to trust his memory. We got home, dug through the “1:50 Batmobile bin” (yep, special bin for those fellas), and grabbed the “old” Animated Series Batmobile and sure ’nuff, it’s the shiny version. But wait!!! That ain’t the only difference…maybe not even the biggest one…?

I was about to wrap this up and get the pics ready but once I started snappin’ the photos, even more differences became apparent. First of all, the Matte Version is longer, probably by about 1/2″. And also take a look at both the back and front; slight color differences but still noticeable. (Glossy Version on left, Matte on right.) Lastly I stacked Mr. Gloss atop Mr. Matte to illustrate the difference in the rims, “chrome” vs. plain ol’ gray plastic.

Animated Batmobiles - Comparison

Length Comparison: The older glossy version (left) is noticeably shorter than the new matte version (right).

Animated Series Batmobile - Comparison

Animated Series Batmobile - Comparison

Do the differences warrant 2 separate purchases? Hey, that’s for each individual collector to decide – I certainly understand making a case for either. As far as I’m concerned, a few minor color differences/changes aren’t wildly important, but gloss vs. matte pushes me over the edge. However, I’d say the biggest determining factor here is the length. I should be supa-cool and get a ruler and a calculator out and confirm, but just by eyeballing it I think the proportions are slightly different as well. It also looks more slender because although the new release is longer, it’s the same width as the older version. Personally I think that the Matte Version is a more accurate replica of what’s seen in The Animated Series though the Glossy Version feels like a more idealized version of the car, like if they tried to transmute it into “real life.”

So there you go. If you’re not too picky about your collection, just keep your eyes open for the new, matte version. Eventually supply will catch up with demand and you’ll be able to snag one of your own for $8 or $9. But if you’re a hardcore obsessive completist like myself, you just won’t be happy until you’ve grabbed both. Be careful on sites like Amazon and eBay if you’re trying to hunt down the old glossy Batmobile. And not that I think vendors will actively try to scam you, but I do believe it could be the case where many sellers aren’t even aware that there are shiny and matte versions. Although the re-release will probably bump the price of the original down somewhat, astute sellers will still recognize the inherent value in the older packaging, so you can probably continue to expect paying a bit of a premium for the older one. If you’re really interested, take a look at the carded pictures near the beginning of the article – the colors might be able to help you out.


Animated Series Batmobile (1:64)

Still there? Cool cool! If you’ve paid attention to the latest wave of Mainline Hot Wheels hitting the shelves you might’ve noticed something pertinent to our story here…a new for 2018, 1:64 scale Animated Series Batmobile! When it comes to Batmobiles I’m generally all about “the bigger the better,” but I love the variety that the 1:64 scale encompasses.

Animated Series Batmobile (1:64)

Animated Series Batmobile - 1:64 and 1:50

I really hope we see the 1:50 line grow. It seems to sell pretty well in stores aside from the large numbers of ’60s Batcopters and ’60s Bat Boats left behind. A few pieces I’d love to see are the Bathammer and the Batwing & Bat Boat from Batman Forever. And of course the Arkham Knight Batmobile, preferably in “pursuit” and “tank” modes if they’re not able to craft a transforming version. And hey, if they ever run out of ideas, all that gotta do is look at the 1:64 lines! (Batman Beyond, Arkham Asylum, Affinity)

That’s all for now!

Odd Distribution of Character Cars

Important Note: I apologize for the lack of original images in this article. I use a separate computer for my photo editing and I don’t have reasonable access to it at the moment. So in lieu of waiting around for my computer issues, I’m publishing this anyway. I’ll post an update once I get this (and any possible future) articles all fancied up with pics! Thanks!

Recently we’ve had a lot of Character Cars dropping all over the place. There’s been Infinity War waves 1 and 2 (the second wave did not include any newcomers), a round of Solo Character Cars with at least one more wave in the works (not to mention the All-Terrain vehicles and Battle Rollers), the Donkey Kong one-off with a re-release of the Super Mario series, the Jurassic World series, and last but not least, a bespeckling of DC entities. Naturally this stuff tends to show up on eBay before I spot it in a store, but over time I’ve learned that a little patience can save me a decent amount of money and around 75% of the time I can find what I want – with diligent searching, mind you – without about 1 to 3 weeks. When it came to the new DC stuff and Jurassic World, I was fruitless after each and every excursion.

So I broke down, ordered the Jurassic World set for a nominal but not entirely unreasonable markup, and then scooped up 3 of the new DC characters as well: Batman Rebirth, Robin 2.0T, and Cyborg from Injustice 2.

Since then, I’ve slowly seen the Jurassic World series creep onto the shelves of at least 4 stores now. As you may or may not know, these larger Character Cars come in cases of 8 cars each. Now there are 5 in the series, and obviously 5 doesn’t divide evenly into 8, so some vehicles are going to be inherently rarer than others, at least until the market is saturated (which may happen very quickly or not at all, it is impossible to tell with these things). For reasons unknown, it looks like entries 3/5 and 5/5 have gotten the short end of the stick. As of right now, and in this particular geographical area, it appears that each case has 2 of each of the remaining 3 cars (2 × 3 = 6 total) plus 1 of each of 3/5 and 5/5 (6 + 2 = 8 = a case). Number 3 is the Triceratops while number 5 is “the big’un,” the aquatic Mosasauras. So if you can’t snatch ’em up all up at once, put the Triceratops and Mosasaurus at the top of your list.

The DC cars seem to be experiencing an oddity of their own. I saw them late Friday / early Saturday for the first time in retail alongside the second wave of Solo Starships that I mentioned previously (and also the first appearance of the Jurassic World set at that particular location). Yet again the magic number is 8. Well, first of all the case contained the entire Injustice 2 sub-set with the four previously released cars (Superman, Supergirl, Batman, & The Flash) along with the long awaited (was it…?) 5/5, Cyborg. So what about the other 3? Batman Rebirth, Robin 2.0T, and the “new” (I have news about this; read on) Wonder Woman, right? Well no…close but no cigar. Instead we’re treated to a new Wonder Woman and a double dose of Robin. So where’s Batman Rebirth? What else is in “his” case? I don’t have the answer just yet.

And to quickly address the “new” Wonder Woman situation now that I have one in hand: yes, this is in fact a “new” and “different” version of the heroine despite the lack of First Appearance on the card. You can go back to this article when I first began to ponder the subject, and yes, the back half of the car is a glossy, very deep shade of blue. Wonder Woman has undergone several minor changes ever since she was redesigned for her Batman v Superman release, and although this is somewhat subtle, it is technically different. It can actually be difficult to tell what color the back is and it’d be easy to mistake it for a black or very dark slate color, but if you get yourself a nice, bright LED flashlight (use the one on your phone) or something comparable, the rear is unmistakably blue with dark (black?) striations akin to wood-grain, contributing to he confusion. I gotta say I’m a little miffed…if they wanna make it blue then I’m all for it, but if it’s ‘sposed to be blue, the make it friggin’ BLUE.

So yes, weirdness abounds when it comes to these new releases, so good luck your hunt. None of these are particularly expensive on eBay, so if you’re really desperate you won’t necessarily break the bank. I can’t speak for everyone’s area, but around here, I give Walmart the edge. Since I started writing this I’ve visited a few more stores, and so far, more Walmarts have had the Jurassic World set than Targets, and I’ve only seen the new DC stuff at a single Walmart. I’m sure this will change, however, I’ve never seen the Injustice 2 stuff at any Target.

What kinds of experiences have you had tracking down these (or even other) vehicles and the like? Share your story! Stick around; next up we’ll either be going over upcoming Battle Rollers, a particularly interesting instance surrounding a Batmobile, or we might just talk about some dad gum MONSTER TRUCKS!

Until then