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Rounding Out Marvel’s Roster (Character Cars)

This happened a few days ago, but damn, Thanksgiving has been more of a whirlwind than I’d thought!

I was quietly pining over Gladiator Hulk and Valkyrie which were topping out at ~$20+ each, trying to exercise some patience. I swung by my local Walmart late Tuesday / very early Wednesday and WOW the shelves were full of new Marvel cars, including the 2 aforementioned.

Ragnarok Character Cars

Ragnarok Character Cars


And with those 2 plus the rest of the elusive-ish new Marvels (Thor (Ragnarok), Vulture, Deadpool, & Loki), we’ve officially closed the book on what we know of upcoming Marvel Character Cars! Next in line is Black Panther slated for February 2018…I don’t doubt that we’ll see a new, reworked Black Panther car, but honestly I think the Black Panther mythos is too far removed from public consciousness for it to have much of an impact on any upcoming Character Cars. I mean I guess it could blow up as all things that are popular must start off as non-popular. (I know the word there probably ought to be unpopular, but the un- feels more like an active disregard for popularity, but what I mean is more like a lack of popularity.)

Deadpool vs. Dune-a-Soar

Check it out: Deadpool looks a lot like this newcomer to the 2018 Mainline, Dune-a-Soar. Yeah…there’s no real point to this observation…just an observation!

And after that we get the ultimate MCU banger, Infinity War. I’m sure we’ll get a Thanos out of it but beyond that…I have no idea what the future of Marvel Character Cars has in store! So things ought to get interesting…or maybe not. It’s no secret that occasionally Hot Wheels will stick one of their “Big 3” on the backburner and focus a little more heavily on the other two. Whatever happens, the cars obviously aren’t obligated to follow what’s happening on film, and it looks like Infinity War is gonna be a crazy convergence of damn near all the heroes thus far. It’d be really nice if Hot Wheels would take a moment to “take a look back” and acknowledge some of Phase 1 thru 3’s villains. Hot Wheels, if you’re listening:

  • AbominationThe Incredible Hulk
  • WhiplashIron Man 2
  • Red SkullCaptain America
  • CrossbonesCaptain America: The Winter Soldier
  • MalekithThor: The Dark World
  • RonanGuardians of the Galaxy
  • Yellow JacketAnt-Man
  • ShockerSpider-Man: Homecoming
  • HelaThor: Ragnarok
  • DormammuDoctor Strange

Also, although I’m not terribly familiar with Marvel’s TV presence, I think they could probably churn out a few cars in this vein to keep people’s attention: Coulson, Jones, Cage, and others that may not be so immediately obvious.

And I reckon that ’bout sums it up! I’ll really dig into the cars more at some point, but for now I just wanted to show ’em off real quick and point towards an unknown future! As always, if you know something I don’t, drop me a line – leave me a comment – do something! Or we could play a fun game of “Who’s Next”…I could see Hot Wheels pulling some randoms out: Namor? Mojo? Galactus? Colossus?

‘Til next time!

New Hot Wheels SPIDER-MAN / SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Set at Walmart with Special Chase Car

New Hot Wheels SPIDER-MAN / SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Set at Walmart with Special Chase Car

As I was doing my rounds this past weekend, not expecting to find anything in particular, I ran across this brand new set of 6 Spider-Man cars at Walmart. These fall into what I’ve come to call “Fake Character Cars,” just because that became a term my son and I used to describe this class of vehicles. Unlike a Character Car which represents a given character, these are more like vehicles that commemorate a certain character or event. I love the artwork on these things, and even though they aren’t as high-end as the “Pop Culture” series that crops up occasionally, I think they’re fun to collect.

The story picks up a little steam a day or two later when I visited my local Walmart. Now my closest Walmart (5 minutes or so) is pretty good when it comes to character cars but they can be a week or two behind when it comes to the fun Walmart-only stuff. Sometimes they never get it at all. I was excited to see the new Spider-Man cars, but what caught my eye was what seemed to be a 7th car in the series. The cars are numbered ” X / 6 ” and the back only shows 6 cars, but sometimes these sets contain a “chase car,” which is somewhat similar to a Treasure Hunt / Super Treasure Hunt. Within these Walmart sets, “chase car” usually means a sort of “secret,” extra car in the series that’s produced in limited quantities. It isn’t officially numbered, but if you look on the back, you’ll see the other cars in the set. The most recent one I know of came out with the Batman v Superman set of 7 cars; the 8th car was a purple Overbored with “Hero” scrawled on the card.

I snatched up the 5 or 6 that I could find. I’ve been to another Walmart since, also full of Spider-Man cars, and they had 0 zero chase cars. That’s 3 Walmarts and I only saw ’em at one.


I love the packaging on this one – the simple but elegant card and the sporty, slighty futuristic look of the Scoopa di Fuego gives it that austere, highly collectible look…like some kinda super special limited edition shit. I’ll definitely have to open one for my own collection, but since I found so many the other day, I might just keep one in the packaging for myself as well.

Spidey - Homecoming

Power Rage

Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Spidey - Homecoming


Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

These next 2 also celebrate the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, presumably Spidey’s new outfit and appearance even if we don’t yet know the significance (if any) that these aspects carry. I dig that one’s primarily red and the other blue, and I really love the design of the Teegray – I think it was used to great effect.


Power Bomb

Spider-Man vs. Vulture

Now we move back into oldschool territory with art from the comics; #3 kicks it off with a battle between the web-slinger and – appropriately enough – the Vulture. At first glance Power Bomb looks a helluva lot like the Greedo Character Car (from Star Wars). The car itself is pretty cool, and I can sortta see a big lanky bird somewhere in there!



Spider-Man vs. Scorpion

Next up we’re looking at Spidey vs. Scorpion, another drab-green, animal-themed villain. (Weird.) I don’t know what in the hell Jaded evokes when it comes to the Scorpion, but hey, I love the car’s design and I also like the way the tiny but detailed graphics have been integrated.


Golden Yellow

Spider-Man vs. Shocker

Clocking in at #5 is another match-up that we’re expecting to see re-imagined in the new flick. The vibrant red and yellow of the Golden Arrow is in stark contrast to the cool greens used thus far. It may not have the jagged look of your traditional lightning bolt, but the colors closely align with the Shocker’s comic book appearance and that bright yellow serves as a reminder of the raw power that the villain possesses.


Drift King

Spider-Man vs. Prowler

Lastly we have one of Spider-Man’s lesser known foes, the Prowler. Funny thing is when I first glanced at the card in the store, I thought it was the Beetle. It wasn’t until I later inspected them and saw “Prowler” written among the car’s graphics. I also love the overall look of the Drift King…it has a sleek, predatory nature that perfectly fits its name.

Alright, well, that about does it for these guys! I have more Spider-Man cars like this too; the situation is kinda weird, because there like 2 sets of 10 (something like that) yet 6 of the cars overlapped…it amounts to not needing both sets to snag all the individuals.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Send ’em my way! Stay tuned for a piece about a brand new toy…. And after that I’ve got another 3 or 4 or so I wanna type up and then I’m gonna see if I can find some time to work on site infrastructure a little. Wish me luck!

BREAKING NEWS: Brand New MARVEL Character Cars on the Horizon!

Yo yo, I’m probably not the first to break this but I’ve gotta be at least near the top right? Anyway, late last week when the Spider-Man: Homecoming cars dropped I ordered the new Spidey and Iron Man cars. When they arrived less than 48 hours ago, I noticed what looked to be a folded up pamphlet in the bubble. I mean it’s not obvious what the small paper is, but similar pamphlets are in other toys.

So late last night / earlier this morning, while I was finishing up the previous article, I decided to open one of these new ones and check out just what that little slip of paper had to say. Once unfolded, it revealed a small checklist, front and back, of existing and presumably upcoming Marvel Character Cars!

(The following are not mere pictures, but actual scans of the pamphlet. Enjoy!)


This is one of 3 cars under the Spider-Man: Homecoming heading, alongside the new Spider-Man and Iron Man cars. So far it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting Shocker or anything else from the new film, though it is entirely possible that the checklist isn’t necessarily complete or exhaustive. Still, Vulture looks better than I would’ve expected!


Deadpool is in an unnamed class all by its lonesome which I guess makes perfect sense! We’re long overdue for a Deadpool if you ask me, I just wish he had an adversary or something to go with him. C’mon Marvel, we need villains! I know you wanna focus on the heroes themselves and their characters, but you can do complex and engaging shit with bad dudes too! </endrant&rt;

Thor: Ragnarok

Next up is the entire subsection dedicated to future film Thor: Ragnarok. Thor was always a great looking (if a tad simplistic) character car and I really love the update. The Hulk could be a little less than impressive at times, but this gladiator-esque look really suits him. And did you notice…? I can barely contain myself….we’re gettin’ a damn Loki! A little late if you ask me, but better late than never. Love the super-curled-back horns! Lastly we have Valkyrie, some chick who I know nothing about. A quick glance at Wikipedia tells me…that she’s a heroine Fuck it I quit. Ok maybe not, and we certainly need females, but we need some evil!

Here’s the front and back of the sheet if you want to take a closer look. Click on each to bring it up larger in a new window. Do you have a different looking checklist? Let me know! And let me know if you start to see these guys popping up as well!