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I Discovered Another ALL-NEW Marvel Character Car!

Pretty wild, right? I mean I know that adding a battle-damaged Rocket Raccoon to the pantheon wasn’t the most exciting to break, but I still kinda wonder, why was I the first to run across it?

A similar thing happened to me Thursday night. Yeah I know, post is a bit late but I get to it when I get to it. So yeah, I’m at TRU Thursday evening, mostly hoping to run across the upcoming Vulture or perhaps even Doomsday but no… Instead I’m immediately drawn to a 2-pack featuring the Spider-Man: Homecoming packaging. Now at that point the only Homecoming cars I’d seen were those featuring – duh – Spidey and Iron Man. So as quickly as I got excited about the 2-pack, I almost instantly deflated because I figured it was the 2 cars I’d just recently gotten off of eBay.

But I picked it up nonetheless, and my mind quickly put together that there ought to be an exclusive in here…BAM: Exclusive Spider-Man: Homemade Suit. Hey, that’s a a little more exciting than a battle-damaged Rocket, eh? The Iron Man alongside Mr. Homemade Suit is the “new” Homecoming Iron Man that just came out.

Homecoming Character Cars 2-Pack

Yeah yeah, it’s just a repaint of the new Homecoming version of Spider-Man, but I do appreciate the gesture from Hot Wheels even if it does feel like they’re milking it a bit much. Anyone out there a Mortal Kombat fan circa 1992 – 1997? If so, you’ll probably remember that one of the main criticisms leveled at the franchise was its use of palette-swapped characters – basically the same outfit was used on more than one character but the color of the outfit was changed. Think Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Ermac, Noob Saibot, Rain, etc. They did it with the ladies too: Kitana, Mileena, Jade, and the little-known Khameleon. Anyway, at the time, it was a clever(ish) way of getting more characters out of less space. Instead of putting in a whole new character, all you needed to do was “swap” out a color (or entire palette – however small it may be – to be more precise) and add in a few new special moves. What I’m saying is that it kinda feels like Hot Wheels is doing this, except it isn’t for some lofty purpose like giving us more characters. Rather we’re just getting multiple versions of the same character. I guess I would be a little less critical if more of the color changes were dramatic rather than the small-ish ones we usually see.

Before I sign off to try and bang out another article about cool new shit, I do want to extrapolate a pertinent implication heralded by the release of this 2-pack. Remember the pamphlet present in the new Spider-Man and Iron Man cars that I posted scans of a few days ago? Now this ain’t my first trip around the playground, so even after seeing such a list, I was careful not to jump to conclusions, and indeed somewhere near the end I mention that just because someone wasn’t on this list didn’t mean that they wouldn’t appear. The 2-pack is interesting proof of this – not the 2-pack itself, but the inclusion of the Homemade Suit Spider-Man. This fella wasn’t present on the insert, so voila, fucking proof that not every upcoming car is featured on the insert. Now I may have my foot in my mouth post-Ragnarok when Homemade Homeboy is the only car to be released that wasn’t on the pamphlet, but technically I will still be / have been correct! It won’t be a victory to savor, but my point is that just maybe we don’t have to give up on a Shocker car or – how hard would it be – a fucking villain from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Alright fiends, I’m off to serve up some more delicious new shit. I hope I’m not too late with this info – well, I know I’m a little late but maybe I’ll get it out there somewhat timely. So read this (I’m guessing that you already have and assuming you didn’t just jump down to the last paragraph) and then check back every hour or two for some new fun stuff. Adieu!

New Hot Wheels SPIDER-MAN / SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Set at Walmart with Special Chase Car

New Hot Wheels SPIDER-MAN / SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Set at Walmart with Special Chase Car

As I was doing my rounds this past weekend, not expecting to find anything in particular, I ran across this brand new set of 6 Spider-Man cars at Walmart. These fall into what I’ve come to call “Fake Character Cars,” just because that became a term my son and I used to describe this class of vehicles. Unlike a Character Car which represents a given character, these are more like vehicles that commemorate a certain character or event. I love the artwork on these things, and even though they aren’t as high-end as the “Pop Culture” series that crops up occasionally, I think they’re fun to collect.

The story picks up a little steam a day or two later when I visited my local Walmart. Now my closest Walmart (5 minutes or so) is pretty good when it comes to character cars but they can be a week or two behind when it comes to the fun Walmart-only stuff. Sometimes they never get it at all. I was excited to see the new Spider-Man cars, but what caught my eye was what seemed to be a 7th car in the series. The cars are numbered ” X / 6 ” and the back only shows 6 cars, but sometimes these sets contain a “chase car,” which is somewhat similar to a Treasure Hunt / Super Treasure Hunt. Within these Walmart sets, “chase car” usually means a sort of “secret,” extra car in the series that’s produced in limited quantities. It isn’t officially numbered, but if you look on the back, you’ll see the other cars in the set. The most recent one I know of came out with the Batman v Superman set of 7 cars; the 8th car was a purple Overbored with “Hero” scrawled on the card.

I snatched up the 5 or 6 that I could find. I’ve been to another Walmart since, also full of Spider-Man cars, and they had 0 zero chase cars. That’s 3 Walmarts and I only saw ’em at one.


I love the packaging on this one – the simple but elegant card and the sporty, slighty futuristic look of the Scoopa di Fuego gives it that austere, highly collectible look…like some kinda super special limited edition shit. I’ll definitely have to open one for my own collection, but since I found so many the other day, I might just keep one in the packaging for myself as well.

Spidey - Homecoming

Power Rage

Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Spidey - Homecoming


Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

These next 2 also celebrate the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, presumably Spidey’s new outfit and appearance even if we don’t yet know the significance (if any) that these aspects carry. I dig that one’s primarily red and the other blue, and I really love the design of the Teegray – I think it was used to great effect.


Power Bomb

Spider-Man vs. Vulture

Now we move back into oldschool territory with art from the comics; #3 kicks it off with a battle between the web-slinger and – appropriately enough – the Vulture. At first glance Power Bomb looks a helluva lot like the Greedo Character Car (from Star Wars). The car itself is pretty cool, and I can sortta see a big lanky bird somewhere in there!



Spider-Man vs. Scorpion

Next up we’re looking at Spidey vs. Scorpion, another drab-green, animal-themed villain. (Weird.) I don’t know what in the hell Jaded evokes when it comes to the Scorpion, but hey, I love the car’s design and I also like the way the tiny but detailed graphics have been integrated.


Golden Yellow

Spider-Man vs. Shocker

Clocking in at #5 is another match-up that we’re expecting to see re-imagined in the new flick. The vibrant red and yellow of the Golden Arrow is in stark contrast to the cool greens used thus far. It may not have the jagged look of your traditional lightning bolt, but the colors closely align with the Shocker’s comic book appearance and that bright yellow serves as a reminder of the raw power that the villain possesses.


Drift King

Spider-Man vs. Prowler

Lastly we have one of Spider-Man’s lesser known foes, the Prowler. Funny thing is when I first glanced at the card in the store, I thought it was the Beetle. It wasn’t until I later inspected them and saw “Prowler” written among the car’s graphics. I also love the overall look of the Drift King…it has a sleek, predatory nature that perfectly fits its name.

Alright, well, that about does it for these guys! I have more Spider-Man cars like this too; the situation is kinda weird, because there like 2 sets of 10 (something like that) yet 6 of the cars overlapped…it amounts to not needing both sets to snag all the individuals.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Send ’em my way! Stay tuned for a piece about a brand new toy…. And after that I’ve got another 3 or 4 or so I wanna type up and then I’m gonna see if I can find some time to work on site infrastructure a little. Wish me luck!

New and Upcoming Character Cars – MARVEL & DC

With a swath of new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cars coming out in various forms and availability, it may be a little shocking to know that Hot Wheels is already getting its feet wet with Marvel’s next film, Spider-man: Homecoming. We’ve got a brand new Spider-man Character Car currently available, as well as a slightly recolored version of Iron Man, in the newer Mark XLVI shape. Both of these come in their own “Spider-man: Homecoming” packaging, though neither of the backs offer any further insight. (Collectively, I think the backs include Punisher, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and maybe Green Goblin – regardless, no further “Homecoming” editions.)

Spidey: Homecoming
Iron Man: Homecoming

I screen-capped these from a guy on eBay, burningrubbertoycompany, the first vendor to show up with them. I’d highly recommend him/her for those of you on a quest for new character cars. The cars are almost always very fairly priced, and while the shipping may be a little high, he/she ships Priority 2-day so it gets to you quick.

Spidey: Homecoming
Iron Man: Homecoming

Doctor Octopus and Rhino have been re-released in new unnumbered “Character Car” packaging as well, a welcome development for those who missed out on Doc Ock’s oddly narrow window of availability a few months ago.

This is all we know so far – I think we all pretty much expected a new Spidey, but the inclusion of yet another Iron Man is underwhelming. Cross your damn fingers that Hot Wheels graces us with a Vulture and Shocker car in due time!

Ares - Single

On the DC front, Ares is now available singly. Judging from the picture, it’s the same as the car from the Wonder Woman vs. Ares 2-pack; plus, the Wonder Woman car was touted as the exclusive. I haven’t caught sight of the back of the Ares card yet, so no word on if anyone else new is on the horizon. I’m hoping for another car or two under the Wonder Woman banner, maybe Hippolyta and Steve Trevor cars, though I could also see how Hot Wheels may not deem them all that marketable. However, I think it’s important to note that they really branched out with Ares, because he’s the first and so far only non-Batman-centric villain in the DCU line!

And finally, we’ve got some very cool news courtesy of a reader and fellow character car aficionado. It looks like at some point this year DC has a few new characters slated for release: “Movie Version” Flash, Doomsday, and one I’m really excited about…SWAMP THING! Also, the cryptic “Justice League 2” is These might be a bit further out (July and August), but there is the possibility of a new Batman as early as June. The case is set to include a “Batman” and not necessarily the Armored Batman and Hot Rod Batman which have become so common. It’s possible that it could be a re-release of the plain ol’ Batman character car from way back, but our reader also provided me with a convincing picture as to what this new Batman might look like. With many of the characters getting updates, we think there’s a good chance that the Batman below is what we’ll be seeing shortly.

New Batman

There he is, all the way on the right…oddly enough not on the small clear platform. The rest of them have already been released, most recently the newest Wonder Woman.

New Batman

Man, I am hung up on that car. It actually looks like a cross between a character car and a modern sort of Batmobile without all the military tech.

Update: As I was putting the finishing touches on this piece, our well-informed reader from before dropped another fun tidbit my way. It looks like a Malaysian seller has put up an auction for an unspun prototype of Swamp Thing. How cool is that?! I mean, I’ve got no intention of buying the thing but it’s cool to get such an advanced look. I’ve got a couple of pics posted below, including the “proof” whereby SWAMP THING is printed on the chassis.

Swamp Thing Prototype
Swamp Thing Prototype

Not sure this is how I would’ve pictured Swamp Thing…I guess I was thinking of something more Groot-like…but I’m sure it’ll look better with some color!

If you wanna check out more pics or if you’re thinking about grabbing this for yourself, check out the official listing.

Thaz all I gots for now! I know I shoulda gotten this up like 2 days ago, but damn, this shit just takes me longer than I ever think it will! When I know more, so will you…and if you know more, tell me dammit! Shout out and big thanks to C. for his info on the DC front!

Upcoming = Homecoming?

Alright, it’s true, that phrase popped in my head and I reallly wanted to use it! But stick with me and share your thoughts. This would be more effective with a freakin’ audience but it’s all good…I’ma keep toiling away and one day thousands of you (I’ll settle for hundreds) will be drawn in by my meticulous study of certain toys and tenacious collecting spirit. Spread the word, yo. Dis shit ain’t gotsta be all ’bout me – I mean some of it does but I reeeallly want to draw in car-collecting heavyweights out there!

Ok anyway the whole Upcoming = Homecoming thing, if you didn’t catch it, refers to the fact that mightn’t some upcoming Marvel cars be from the upcoming (hah, unintentional) Spider-Man: Homecoming film? I went to Target a little it ago because I was almost positive they’d be restocked with Hot Wheels on this gray Tuesday (they weren’t) plus we needed cat litter, and I noticed the growing Homecoming merchandise on the shelves. There are regular 6-ish” figures, slightly larger ones, a 2-pack I think…point is there’s like 4 designs: 3 Spidey’s (a sort of classic one, a “Homemade Suit,” and a “Tech Suit”) plus The Vulture who appears to be the flick’s Big Bad. Not a great villain to re-introduce us to Spider-Man with, but what do I know. I can at least appreciate the realism with which they seem to have handled the character.

Then again, the MCU doesn’t really give a shit about their villains.

As a quick aside I have high hopes for the kid in the titular role based on his brief appearance in Civil War. Maybe he’ll finally be able to catch the supremely likable nature of Spidey. Tobey Macguire was too vulnerable and not rugged enough for the role of a superhero, and Andrew Garfield was this weird sullen nerd who didn’t bring enough fun to the role, though he does have a few scenes here and there where Spidey’s sarcastic and generally jovial, cocky nature shines through.

⟨/Tangent⟩ I’m not counting on a bunch of Spider-Man cars. We’ve already got several good ones (regular ol’ Spider-Man, Black Costume Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2099) and they’re all the same shape. Maybe one new one with an updated body and color scheme. ‘Course the real prize here will be Vulture, however they decide to do it! I just hope it doesn’t look like a knock-off Falcon…which is sortta what the toy reminds me of. And as much as I hate to criticize that which I know absolutely nothing about, the damn head looks more insectoid than anything. Didn’t Spider-Man have an enemy known as “The Beetle”?

The Vulture

Whatever the case, I fully expect us to get something out of Homecoming, although honestly, expecting a villain would go straight in the face of most of what Hot Wheels has given us so far. Far be of it me to predict what Hot Wheels will do – though the Marvel branch seems to be the most unpredictable by far. It’s almost like a whole different company runs each of the 3 currently active Character Car divisions. DC is by far the most balanced, its only real flub being the omission of Lex Luthor and Doomsday after the release of BvS. General Zod was a big miss too. I can almost forgive the lack of attention given to Suicide Squad due to many of the characters’ relatively minor status. Marvel is just darts thrown at the wall, with special attention given when darts hit villains – “shit don’t count!” I suppose Star Wars falls somewhere in between. I mean it’s got a relatively finite set of characters compared to the MU and DCU, and because the most important characters are all the more obvious, it feels all the more egregious when they’re left out. I’ve bitched about this plenty so I’ll leave it at that.

So whatcha think? Think some Spider-Man: Homecoming cars are in the works for the new future? Who will the cars be? Tell me what’s on your mind!