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Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory – DC Super Hero Girls LEGO

Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory – DC Super Hero Girls LEGO

With the 4 new DC Super Hero Girls LEGO sets out and these little mini-structures currently dotted around my house, I figured why not go over another one?

Previously I covered Harley’s Room and Batgirl’s Bunker, the 2 “smallest” sets of the series. Moving on up is Lena Luthor’s Kryptomite Factory with an MSRP of ~$60 and a total of 432 pieces. Is 432 a lot? It kinda depends on the type of LEGO it is. Structures are different than vehicles which are different from “beings” etc. Personally I find structures to be some of the most arduous to build simply because it’s a slow layer-by-layer process as opposed to something like a vehicle where you start from the inside and work outwards.

Kryptomite Factory


I like the prevailing theme of the Kryptomite Factory. It has that kinda mad scientist feel and I’m a real sucker for the black + neon green combo. It’s spooky, a little campy, and its main “action piece” works well. (I’ll explain shortly.) In total, set consists of the three-story factory, Lena’s boat, Supergirl’s boat, and a detachable wing of the factory that acts as the structure’s defense and offense. We also get 3 Kryptomites, Supergirl, Lena Luthor, and Krypto the Superdog.

Kryptomite Factory

The Cast

Let’s talk a little about the factory itself first. The bottom layer seems to be insulated by some sort of moat or other body of water. Lena’s “boat” (for lack of better word) is housed behind a soft wall. Via a simple launcher, you can forcefully push Lena’s vehicle forward whereupon the wall is designed to quickly fall away. The second floor contains what seems to be the facility’s control center. There’s a chair, a microscope, some computery stuff, and a lab-like workstation housing it all. It also has a door leading from the interior to the exterior. The third floor is where finished Kryptomites are spit out into collection bin. Here’s the cool part: to the side is a door – like a door for a garage. If you manually open this door, you can use the collection bin to “dump” the Kryptomite down the massive slide at which point it’s caught in another collection container. This container has a chain which can attach to Lena’s boat so that she many transport this mischievous little monsters…wherever! Unfortunately, Krypto is also held prisoner on this level, and wouldn’t you know it…it looks like that somehow this Kryptomites are being created via Krypto himself. See the tube above the bin? That’s where Kryptomites come from! Follow the hose and…there’s a captive Kryto in his green, tubular prison…

Kryptomite Factory

2nd & 3rd Floors – Interior

I think the slide feature is great, highlighted even more by its ability to actually work as intended. I’m continually amazed at all the new ways LEGO gives its sets motion.

Kryptomite Factory


Another movable piece is the detachable “wing.” I’m not sure what purpose this serves other than protection – it’s got one of those mean LEGO guns on top – well it’s actually 2 guns – but then at the bottom we’ve got what, Kryptomite scraps…? Is this where Krytomites meet their maker? Just spare parts? See at first I thought it was some sort of collection area for materials. I guess that’s still possible but the whole Krypto setup seems to steer us in the direction of the Kryptomites originating from Krypto…? Maybe it’s just a box full of old Kryptonite (notice I said “KryptoNite – you know, the substance that endangers Superman – and not KryptoMite, one of those little colorful critters wreaking havoc) just to keep old Supes at bay if need be. These main areas are chock full of the types of details I love to see: there’s the streetlight on the extension, the little chain partition out front, the microscope I mentioned earlier, and the Kryptomite decal on the breakaway wall.

Kryptomite Factory

Upper Floors – Exterior

Lena’s small boat fits in perfectly with the factory’s color scheme, and while it is a little tiny, I can understand the need to keep it small in order for it to “hide” behind the wall. Supergirl gives chase in a much larger boat which has these weird movable guns with 180° of motion. She’s also got the perfect spot on the back for eventually rescuing Krypto.

Kryptomite Factory

Supergirl Rescues Krypto

Finally we have 3 small Kryptomites: green, blue, and purple. Generally they come in more unique forms, but I understand the need to keep them compact in this scenario so that they move down the slide smoothly. Supergirl and Lena are also included, with Supergirl now sporting her full “super” suit rather than her schoolgirl outfit. Lena’s appearance is identical to her first-wave counterpart, only this time she’s sans laser gun.

And I think that pretty well covers Lena Luthor’s Kryptomite Factory. (If you’ve noticed a discrepancy between me saying Luthor and Luthor’s you’re not crazy. See, the LEGO box says Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory but grammatically that doesn’t really flow, does it? Saying Lena Luthor's Kryptomite Factory sounds much better.) Overall it’s a nice set. Apart from the “island,” the building is very sturdy, and any kids (or grown-ups) playing with it will have plenty of components to work with.

Batgirl’s Secret Bunker – More New DC Super Hero Girls LEGOs

Batgirl’s Secret Bunker – More New DC Super Hero Girls LEGOs

This latest wave of DC Super Hero Girls LEGOs was one of my most anticipated toys for Summer of 2017…even though summer is kinda on its way out now. Regardless, these are very cool LEGOs, and if you’re interested, I already tackled Harley’s Dorm Room a few posts back.

The next smallest set, which is still quite large at 351 pieces – is Batgirl’s Secret Bunker. Including the main bunker itself, we also get to build a rather meaty flying jail van thingy (I don’t know what the hell to call it, but it is pretty unique), a green Kryptomite, Batgirl, and the debut of SHG villain Mad Harriet.

The bunker itself is a bit small but full of detail. Disguised to look like the exterior of an abandoned building, a “secret door” activated by a cleverly built lever acts as the entrance. There’s also a working vehicle gate, you know, kinda like those bars that block off parking decks or snooty neighborhoods. The way that LEGO has integrated these moving parts into the larger structure is pretty impressive. Inside the bunker are a few rooms: one includes some computer stuff and an extra cape for Batgirl which is (I hate to keep using this word over and over but…) cleverly displayed on a simple contraption. She’s also got a room full of weapons and her very own workout area upstairs. There’s a workout bench, a weight, a water bottle, and even a well-articulated punching bag!

Batgirl Secret Bunker

Back / Interior View

Little details really round this out, such as the decals on the clear pieces to replicate computer screens. We’ve also got a small surveillance camera outside capable of a wide range of motion, and a bizarre “bat-drone” that (I guess) whizzes around and assists our heroine. I’m also a sucker for the really small stuff like the outdoor “lamp.”

If the bunker feels a bit small based on the overall size of this LEGO, look no further than the giant van thingy! This is a pretty unique vehicle. Not only is it solid and dense as hell, but it has the potential to transform by extending the wings and then drawing the wheels flat underneath. Why!? I have no fucking idea. It’s kinda random, and I think I’d prefer some extra square footage tacked onto the bunker. The van does fit nicely under the arch and through the movable gate though.

Batgirl Secret Bunker

Front View

I know a lot of people chase down some sets of LEGOs purely for the figures inside…not sure if this rings true for the “girl-shaped” figures, but they are super heroes, so they’re rife with collectibility. I wouldn’t exactly count the Bat Drone or the Green Kryptomite as “figures” since you build them out of standard parts, so we’ll just be focusing on Batgirl and Mad Harriet. Batgirl has a slightly different color scheme going on this time and also features a handheld grappling hook whereby she can slide around on the “rope” that can connect to various pegs throughout the sets.

Batgirl Secret Bunker


Mad Harriet makes her first appearance, and no, I have no clue who the hell she is either, but it is super-cool to have another villain around. Alls else I can really say is that she’s got some claw thing reminiscent of Vega or possibly Freddy Krueger…

That’s it for now! I’m still just a little backed up but I’m almost back to where I want to be, and once I get there, we can definitely get into some older stuff or more speculative things or whatever! Stay tuned!

NEW DC Super Hero Girls LEGOS – Check Out Harley Quinn’s Room

NEW DC Super Hero Girls LEGOS – Check Out Harley Quinn’s Room

The DC Super Hero Girls have exploded into various toy formats and today (well ok, about a week ago if I’d gotten to this when I really wanted to) we’re treated to the second wave of LEGO sets devoted to the young cadre of heroes and future villains.

It looks like we have 4 new sets total, and they’re all a bit on the pricey side: Harley’s Room ($19.99), Batgirl’s Bunker ($44.99), Lena’s Kryptomite Factory ($59.99), and Eclipso’s Castle ($99.99). (I think those prices are right – or at least pretty close.) Yikes! This is kinda starting to remind me of all those LEGO Batman Movie LEGOS – tons and tons and tons of freaking sets, with many (most?) at the $50+ mark. I hope the SHG line doesn’t go this way, but it may take me a while to get ’em all. (Plus I really want that “Ultimate Batmobile” thing from the movie that’s like $150 or so.) Besides some alternate outfits, we get a few new villains in this series, like Eclipso and Mad Harriet. And the Flash. Random.

But hey, LEGOs are always cool, and if there’s one instance where bigger truly is better, it’s gotta be LEGOs. Harley’s Room isn’t huge, but it does have some fun pieces. I dig the whole bed/window setup and the fact that the bed flips up to act as a gaudy vanity. The resident Kryptomite is of course causing mischief on the scooter, and even comes with an optional party hat. (WTF?) Also included is a fun little “strong man” type of carnival game that actually works, well, except for the “bell” actually dinging. It’s still a cool contraption though, and an especially clever usage of LEGOs. Lastly we’ve got a little couch, complete with popcorn and a whoopie cushion. This piece flips similar to the bed, exposing what I assume to be a small mirror and lights. Check out a few snapshots:

Harley's Room Lego

Harley with the “Selfie Stick,” the bed, the Kryptomite on the loose (replete with scooter and lipstick, and “strong man” piece.

Harley's Room Lego

Bed folded up to show vanity, Kryptomite, scooter, and Harley with her signature mallet at the “strong man” game.

Harley's Room Lego

Bed, “strong man,” and couch.

Harley's Room Lego

Couch and bed with vanity exposed.

Overall it’s not a bad little set for 20 bucks: 1 biggish component (bed), 2 smaller ones (couch and game), 1 small one (the scooter), the tiny little Kryptomite, and a figure – Harley Quinn of course, and in this case dressed closer to her comics appearance with the half red, half black.

I’ve got to admit, that fucking selfie stick does make me cringe a little. A clever interpretation from EGO, but damn. Damn.

Lots of New DC Super Hero Girls Stuff…Well Kinda

Over the last week or so, the DC Super Hero Girls camp has released a ton of stuff, though it seems to be limited to wildly fluctuating availability status on Amazon.com.


I made a fun discovery whilst finishing up this article, and rather having to run back and try to rewrite it with this info in mind, I just decided to tack it onto the end.

First off are 2 dorm room sets sized for the 6″ action figures: one for Wonder Woman, the other for Harley Quinn. At the moment, it doesn’t look like Amazon has either for sale, or either the search tagging is incorrect (as it is with another of these releases). The 6″ figures are exclusive to these sets and I wouldn’t mind having them, especially the Harley looking like her classic Batman: Animated Series iteration, but at $20 a pop. no thanks.

The series of 3 Intergalactic Gala dolls – Starfire, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman were also released. The problem is that Amazon calls them “Premium” or some shit and won’t even acknowledge the official “Intergalactic Gala” moniker. Stocks of these have been all over the place as well. A couple of days ago all 3 were available for $20 a piece. Then late last night all of them were available through 3rd party sellers for $41.99. I checked just now, and Starfire is completely out of stock, Supergirl is still hanging up there at $42, and Amazon.com seems to have gotten their own (current) stash of 9 Wonder Woman’s at the regular $20 cost. Again, I would like to have these, but not with all this added cost and headache.

Finally we have 3 long-awaited mini figures: Poison Ivy, Frost, and Starfire. Now out of the 3 groups, these are probably the ones I wanted most and were most willing to jump on, especially because they’re like $5 each. Anyway, the FB page made the announcement that these mini figs were available on Amazon at like 1:04a.m. (this was about a week back). By the time I saw it, some time around 5 the following day, all 3 were unavailable. Around 24 hours after that, Stafire became available, but she was available as an add-on. If you’re not familiar, “add-on’s” are this sortta stupid thing Amazon has been doing for a while, claiming to slash shipping costs. When you have an add-on item, it’ll only ship when you buy at least $25 worth of stuff at one time. Thankfully, what ever you’re spending on the toy counts towards the $25. The dilemma here should be obvious: if I want Starfire, I’ma have to pick out another $20 worth of stuff to buy to get her. Not totally crazy, but what about the other 2? Am I gonna have to do the same thing which each one of those, too? In this case, Amazon is just fucking me out of money I don’t plan on spending yet. Now if I could just grab all 3 – even if they were relegated to goddamn “add-on” status – I’d have $15 of the $25 covered and I’d only have to go and “waste” $10 to get the goods. As of this moment, none of the new mini figs are available.

So yeah, not such a good day to be a DC Super Hero Girls fan. I mean I don’t mind missing out on the first wave or whatever, but this availability situation is too much to keep up with. Actually, I’ll be perfectly happy if this stuff just started showing up in stores…and it’s kinda worrying me that we’ve gone so long without seeing the 12″ Katana doll or the 12″ Frost.

I know I didn’t include any pictures; you can find pics of most of this stuff on an earlier post about this same stuff. I’ma cut Mattel some leeway here and hope that this all straightens itself out within a couple of weeks, at least when it comes to online availability, I just hope they do a little better at meeting demand in the future.

UPDATE: Just as I was wrapping up this piece, I had to make a quick trip to the store – Target to be exact – so I quickly scurried through the toys. Having written much of this, those damn DC Girls were on my mind. I kept my spirits up as I made my way down the aisle bathed in pink and quickly noticed the same thinning numbers of SHG toys that has been the norm in several stores for the last couple of months. As I carefully scanned the boxes for any of the new “dorm room” sets, something did catch my eye…it’s a 6 pack of 6″ figures without Bumblebee and Poison Ivy, who’ve been replaced with Katana and – wait for it – BEAST BOY!!! Aside from Katana, the others are in “alternate outfits” just so it isn’t a total ripoff, and really, the outfits aren’t any different, just the colors. I should’ve taken a picture of the damn thing but didn’t think to; then again, I might head over there when they open in a few hours and just get the damn thing. I know it’ll bug me until I do. The price tag kind of sucks, and yeah I’d rather have a nicer doll and the minis, but whatever.

What’s totally fucking bizarre is that the webpage has spent all of its time focusing on Hawkgirl as the newcomer, even discussing an upcoming 9-pack to feature the core 6, Katana, and the debut of 6″ Hawkgirl and 6″ Starfire. Sooo why the hell do we get…Beast Boy…? Hawkgirl is being dangled…Catwoman is too recognizable to leave out for much longer…chicks like Cheetah and Raven and Star Sapphire deserve some love…and we’ve got baddies like Lena Luthor and Lashina…why Beast Boy!? Oh well, the alternate “outfights” might be kinda cool…at least they could function as evil clones or some shit. Not sure why, but companies nowadays are oddly reluctant to produce figures of villains. Now don’t go and list every villain currently on shelves right now. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but they are far outweighed by the amount of heroes made.

…I’ll stop there before I start going off on something completely different! If you’re in the process of collecting DC SHG stuff or some subset thereof, let me know how your search is going and if you’ve got any tips or tricks for the rest of us!