Anotha Quick Update from YA BOI CUBEZ

Ninjas and ninjettes, don’t count me out yet! I know I know I know posts have been slow BUT I have some good reasons. One of them is that there are no new character cars rolling out! I promise! I guess everyone’s resources are devoted to SDCC or something but I have been diligently searching for things like Homecoming’s Vulture or the upcoming Deadpool. I’ve even been on the hunt for a new (movie?) Flash or Swamp Thing. Looks like Star Wars may be in hibernation until Octoberish or so, but I’ve still got me fingers crossed that we’ll get something with a Bodhi car – I don’t even car how uninteresting it is – or at long last freaking Lando!

So yeah, I’m definitely staying on top of things, making my rounds, checking high low near far early and late, there just ain’t nothing to see!

“But dude, don’t you have like, a ton of old stuff you were gonna talk about and take pictures of and stuff?”

Yes, yes I do! And here goes the other half of my excuse: “summer” has not been the lazy-ass A-bomb that I imagined. I’ve had my son all day to entertain and take places and stuff and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that free time is difficult to obtain in the midst of a 10 year old, it’s hard to get that free time in large chunks. It’s more like 5 minutes here, maybe 15 or 20 there, which is why stuff like a few blurbs on Power Rangers takes several days to get through. He does spend half the time over with his mom though, but yet again, my laziness is thwarted! Long story short, I’ve been helping my mom clean the house. Like really clean the house. And I really can’t say much, because most of the mess is either from me or my son. The good news is that it’s really helping me sort through my collections, get some photos, and get them organized and in a proper, safe place.

So don’t despair! I’ve been doing lots and lots of photoing and opening and sorting. Look forward to my 1:64 Batmobiles, 1:50 Batmobiles, DC Super Hero Girl stuff, new Hot Wheels’, lots of Imaginext Power Rangers stuff, and more! Don’t miss it!


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