2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad…I Guess

Well here we are roughly 3 weeks later and I’ve got 2 of those 3 Links. In case you are in total head-scratch mode right now, we’re talking amiibo. Just to quickly recap, Nintendo resorted to expected fuckery for the first time in several months: 3 Links, 3 exclusives. GameStops were given as many as 3 preorders each while Best Buy received as many as 3 to sell to customers on the floor. Amazon, the third gatekeeper, dropped the motherfuckin’ ball on this one, offering no preorders and then finally opening up the site to orders for less than an hour to Prime members only.

Damn it all to hell!

I ordered a North American Majora’s Mask from a fellow American and I think it got here like 5 or 6 days later.

Majora's Mask amiibo

Twilight Princess came all the way from Japan, and surprisingly, it got here in like 8 or 9 days.

Twilight Princess amiibo

The last one, Skyward Sword, still ain’t here. I’m not worried; I got an email shortly after ordering where the guy said it’d be a week or two, but it’s getting up there. I’ve come to the firm conclusion that most people don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to shipping, regardless of what country they’re shipping to or from. Either that or some folks are adept at skirting the system while others are content on getting completely nickeled and dimed by the Post Office. For the record, my grand total on each of these was something like $35 once shipping was accounted for. Twilight Princess offered free shipping and got here in about a week. Fucking Skyward Sword guy ends up charging me $4 to ship, and here we are precisely 18 days later and I’ve got fuck all to show for it. What’s worse is that I’ve found that the more time these things actually spend in the system, the worse condition they tend to arrive in. I wouldn’t say it’s true all the time, but there’s definitely some correlation there. We’ll just hope that everything is packaged on the up and up and able to survive the (what seems like up to 2 weeks of an unnecessary) journey.

Jeez, I just checked his message to be sure, and he quotes me a 2 to 4 week delivery time. Goddamnit. I wish people would make this shit more clear in their descriptions, especially these guys in other countries who fucking know they’re offloading their stash to the US. If I’m buying Japanese it means either a) I can’t find it elsewhere or b) it’s much cheaper, and in either (or both) case(s), the only goddamn thing that matters at that point is how damn long til it gets here!!

Next batch is due out on the 21st of this month…all those final DLC characters, Splatoon 2 stuff, maybe others? And then on the 28th we get Pikmin! And yes I know, I owe you an article about new amiibo…it’s coming…I just gotta sit down and compile the release dates for what’s known and what isn’t. It’s looking like another frenzy could be on the horizon; then again, maybe it just looks like that and it’ll all calm down.


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