Update: I’m Still Here!

Yo yo yo Count Cubes comin’ back atcha after a bit of a break. Unfortunately, there really hasn’t been much to report on from a strictly Character Car basis…sadly, it doesn’t even look like SDCC offered up any exclusive character cars this year, just the Spidermobile (which, admittedly, isn’t all that amazing looking) and a strange version of the BvS Batmobile whereby part of it is replaced by a giant turret. Kinda weird.

Anyway, we do/did/will/may get a Cheetah Doll out of the event, though it has to be purchased in a 2-pack with the “standard” Woman Woman only now with a cape. Not really a big deal, but since it’s SDCC exclusive and I’ll have to pay out the nose for it anyway, it’d be nice if they coulda made it as cheap as possible.

Otherwise I’ve basically just been adjusting to a new summer schedule and gathering lots of pictures together for future articles where I just say, “hey, here’s some shit I have!” Barring any new Character Car releases, I do have a few articles in the works: one on a rather large swath of amiibo coming down the pipeline, another on my personal woes this past Friday whilst trying to procure “the 3 fucking Links,” a fairly accurate photographic depiction of my 1:64 Batmobiles, and a few other favored subsets from the Hot Wheels mainline. Oh yeah, and I’ve got to get these damn dolls photographed and in order. To be clear, I have no objection opening stuff. I’m not just not one of those guys who can stand to keep shit wrapped up; I wanna touch it, fondle it, play with it to a certain degree – you know, pose it, make it stylish. I mean if I had the space and the $$$ I’d buy 2 of everything, and honestly right now space is probably the bigger concern. When you buy some dishes or some towels or a fucking chair, you usually have some place in the house meant for it. But when you start gathering up a boat-load of toys, well, it gets a little trickier. Yeah, you can stand ’em all up on a shelf somewhere, but then you gotta dust ’em and pick ’em up, blah blah. The alternative is to stick ’em away nice and neatly in some box that you’ve then gotta find a home for as well, and then you gotta drag all your shit out to show someone (or even look at it yourself), but hey, it’ll stay looking great!

The point that I was originally getting at was that I have lots of stuff I need to get around to opening as part of an effort to clean up the house and better organize and catalog my stuff. So it’s entirely possible I might go for something totally random to open one day!

So sit tight folks, and as per the norm, please please please plug me into anything I’m oblivious to!


2 thoughts on “Update: I’m Still Here!

  1. Yeah, it definitely has been slow. You leap-frogged us ahead with that Marvel checklist you found, and we seem to know basically what there is to know for character cars through the summer now. At least we can look forward to some Star Wars stuff later in the year with Episode 8 coming out. But San Diego Comic Con is in three weeks or so, and I’ll definitely be scouring the news sites for character car news out of that show. So we might just be in a short lull for now.


  2. Also: I know the feeling with having unopened stuff laying around. Mine are mostly action figures, but I have plenty just taking up space because a) what with twist-ties and whatnot, they can be kind of annoying to open in general, and b) I’m always telling myself “as soon as I get those new shelves” which I never actually get because they involve building (very simple) shelving myself. 🙂


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