New amiibo – Alm & Celica (Fire Emblem Series)

Hey folks, quick update on the amiibo front. I pre-ordered these a couple months back so there’s not much of a story to tell; went to Best Buy, gave them my little printout, and it’s all done.

The weird thing is that I usually tend to see the new releases scattered around retail for at least a couple of days, and in the fair bit of hunting I did over the weekend, I only saw the pair at a couple of Targets. I guess “Fire Emblem” isn’t a huge deal to your average gamer.

amiibo - Alm and Celica

Just look at these 2 though – they’re great looking figures, certainly a notch more detailed than many of the older Fire Emblem characters from the SSB series. The angles on Alm’s armor are impressive in their detail and precision, as is Celica’s flowing hair and clothing. The subtle effect from the layered clothing really helps them stand out, even among similarly detailed amiibo. Granted these two don’t have a lot of elaborate ornamentation or accessories, but their relative simplicity adds to their realism. I’m also digging that sort of faded, painted wood look of the artwork on the card as well.

I dunno if I’ll get around to the new Fire Emblem game anytime soon, though I’ve heard nothing but good things about the series. Truth is I’m so backed up on my 3DS games that I don’t really need to be buying anything else for it!

That’s a wrap for now – keep your fingers crossed for me come next month this time..or really more like 3 weeks-ish…because those damn Links are dropping and I haven’t been able to secure pre-orders for any of them. My one and only hope is that GameStop will get 1 or 2 extra and I can get their early and grab it. Last time I talked to the guy he said their store had like 3 preorder slots and that was it! Fucking crazy…fucking Nintendo. As always, if you know something that I don’t, well, make sure I know it!


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