Yeah ok. i did it.


Yep…I fucking broke down. $19.99 + $3.50 + up to 5 days handling = fuck no. But somehow $22.00 + $0.00 + 3 or 4 states away = success.

The $22 free shipping Nebula popped up not long after that $19.99 one. And then the $19.99 one disappeared, nevermind it being the obviously worse deal – even if only marginally worse, it was still blatantly so. And so that Nebula sittin’ up there somewhere in PA (I think) just tore through my brain. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing, but I remember telling myself that I was going to go take a look after I was done. Still there. Click, click, password, bam, ORDER MOTHERFUCKIN’ PLACED. That was that, sometime nearer the morning side of Friday night / Saturday morning.



Super nice guy. Dropped it off in the mail late Saturday morning and even sent me a message. Was I expecting a small box with Nebula today? I dunno, not really. I mean I knew it was possible but my anticipation was tempered appropriately in case it didn’t. I was doing something up front at the desktop computer….watching a parody of Humble I think…heard the mailman (carrier?) thwop clop across the porch, listened to him jam the mail in the box incorrectly (seriously, the front slot is for shit that will fit – if it’s oversized, you open the fucking door on the side), and just as I was about to return my full aural attention to Key of Awesome, I heard the tell-tale “brrreeeep” of the guy’s scanner gun thingamabob. (Do-dad, skitamarink…Whatchmacallit!)

I gave him a couple of seconds to make his way down the steps into the next yard, popped half my body out the door like some kind of deranged hermit, and snatched the small box off the top of the mailbox.


And that’s it. My kid just came back last night, and he was just hella excited to load 2 more cars into Groot Hauler since last week – Battle Damaged Rocket Raccoon and duh, Nebula.


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