So I wanted to break this news a few hours ago when it actually happened, but you know, life and shit got in the way of all that. Anyway, I discovered a new character car this afternoon evening! This has only happened a couple of times before: way back I found Vision and Winter Soldier a full 2 days before any popped up on the web. And then there was Luke vs. Rancor who I had 2 of and sat on for 2 weeks before I did anything. I either had the first or second listing up on eBay, and like I said, that was after 2 weeks of wondering what to do. Still, I only halfway count this because we did at least know that this 2-pack was coming at some point. Finally, I was the first to list the Civil War 2-packs, the ones with the exclusive battle-damaged Captain America and Civil War version” Falcon. I knew nothing about these; just came up on ’em in the store.

And that’s exactly what happened today while I was out furiously turning over every rock for a chance at Nebula or Mantis. It was at Toys R Us, but it wasn’t over there with the Hot Wheels and most of the other Character Cars. It wasn’t even over in the “Marvel area” where they still keep those comic book 2-packs and Civil War and Age of Ultron 2-packs. Instead, it managed to catch my eye while in the midst of bunch of action figures…



Alright alright, it may not be as mind-blowing as find a Bodhi car or Lex Luthor, but it is kinda neat. The Groot Go-Kart is the same one we see singly, but Rocket Raccoon sports a distressed, battle-damaged look.


I was really excited to get to the back of the card and see what other new 2-packs might be out there or soon on their way, but nada, just the bio text for Rocket and Grroot is all we get.


So that’s it! Add a Battle-Damaged Rocket Raccoon to the ranks! I got one for myself and a few extras to peddle on eBay, so it’ll be fun to see what happens over the next few days.

So, dear readers, why do you make of this newest inclusion? Kinda random if I do say so myself!


2 thoughts on “BRAND NEW Marvel Character Car I JUST DISCOVERED!

  1. Curious: how often do you go out hunting for this stuff, and how many stores do you check? I’ve got two Wal-Marts, a Target, and a TRU that I check maybe once a week (actually, one of those Wal-Marts even less). I just don’t enjoy “The Hunt” at all and acutely feel the time wasted when I walk out of these places empty-handed. Any hints/tips as to how often Hot Wheels get re-stocked or anything like that? I’ve never been into HW at all before these character cars started happening, and it’s not as easy to just order stuff online like it is with the action figures I’ve collected for years.


  2. Huh, checked the Wal-Mart I mentioned that I hardly ever do, since I had the day off. I’ve never gotten anything from this Wal-Mart, they have a pretty big Hot Wheels section that is barely ever even close to fully-stocked, but today they had what appeared to be a fresh case of Guardians Vol. 2 stuff on the pegs, and sure enough, there was a Nebula. No Mantis, though. But I was pretty surprised to be finding something so new in my area so soon.


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