Upcoming = Homecoming?

Alright, it’s true, that phrase popped in my head and I reallly wanted to use it! But stick with me and share your thoughts. This would be more effective with a freakin’ audience but it’s all good…I’ma keep toiling away and one day thousands of you (I’ll settle for hundreds) will be drawn in by my meticulous study of certain toys and tenacious collecting spirit. Spread the word, yo. Dis shit ain’t gotsta be all ’bout me – I mean some of it does but I reeeallly want to draw in car-collecting heavyweights out there!

Ok anyway the whole Upcoming = Homecoming thing, if you didn’t catch it, refers to the fact that mightn’t some upcoming Marvel cars be from the upcoming (hah, unintentional) Spider-Man: Homecoming film? I went to Target a little it ago because I was almost positive they’d be restocked with Hot Wheels on this gray Tuesday (they weren’t) plus we needed cat litter, and I noticed the growing Homecoming merchandise on the shelves. There are regular 6-ish” figures, slightly larger ones, a 2-pack I think…point is there’s like 4 designs: 3 Spidey’s (a sort of classic one, a “Homemade Suit,” and a “Tech Suit”) plus The Vulture who appears to be the flick’s Big Bad. Not a great villain to re-introduce us to Spider-Man with, but what do I know. I can at least appreciate the realism with which they seem to have handled the character.

Then again, the MCU doesn’t really give a shit about their villains.

As a quick aside I have high hopes for the kid in the titular role based on his brief appearance in Civil War. Maybe he’ll finally be able to catch the supremely likable nature of Spidey. Tobey Macguire was too vulnerable and not rugged enough for the role of a superhero, and Andrew Garfield was this weird sullen nerd who didn’t bring enough fun to the role, though he does have a few scenes here and there where Spidey’s sarcastic and generally jovial, cocky nature shines through.

⟨/Tangent⟩ I’m not counting on a bunch of Spider-Man cars. We’ve already got several good ones (regular ol’ Spider-Man, Black Costume Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2099) and they’re all the same shape. Maybe one new one with an updated body and color scheme. ‘Course the real prize here will be Vulture, however they decide to do it! I just hope it doesn’t look like a knock-off Falcon…which is sortta what the toy reminds me of. And as much as I hate to criticize that which I know absolutely nothing about, the damn head looks more insectoid than anything. Didn’t Spider-Man have an enemy known as “The Beetle”?

The Vulture

Whatever the case, I fully expect us to get something out of Homecoming, although honestly, expecting a villain would go straight in the face of most of what Hot Wheels has given us so far. Far be of it me to predict what Hot Wheels will do – though the Marvel branch seems to be the most unpredictable by far. It’s almost like a whole different company runs each of the 3 currently active Character Car divisions. DC is by far the most balanced, its only real flub being the omission of Lex Luthor and Doomsday after the release of BvS. General Zod was a big miss too. I can almost forgive the lack of attention given to Suicide Squad due to many of the characters’ relatively minor status. Marvel is just darts thrown at the wall, with special attention given when darts hit villains – “shit don’t count!” I suppose Star Wars falls somewhere in between. I mean it’s got a relatively finite set of characters compared to the MU and DCU, and because the most important characters are all the more obvious, it feels all the more egregious when they’re left out. I’ve bitched about this plenty so I’ll leave it at that.

So whatcha think? Think some Spider-Man: Homecoming cars are in the works for the new future? Who will the cars be? Tell me what’s on your mind!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming = Homecoming?

  1. I could cross my fingers for a Vulture car (comic-based) and a Shocker car (rumored to be in the film as well). If not, what I really hope for is that they put the Doc Ock car in a future wave. I never saw that thing in stores, it hasn’t even been on eBay in months. Similarly, I hope to see the Dr. Strange car get released again around the time of the next Avengers movie, maybe with a brighter paint scheme to reflect a more comic-based appearance (minor tangent: a Thanos car is a must at that time). I enjoy the MCU films, some more than others, but the comics will always be my first love. 🙂


    1. I definitely noticed that Doctor Strange and Doc Ock came and went very quickly. Luckily I snatched up both early on. I’d hoped – since Dr. Strange got his own card – we’d get some more characters from the film but I suppose that’s a foregone conclusion at this point. An interesting note: my local Walmart seems to restock every couple of weeks later on Thursday nights. About 2 weeks ago, I found both 2 Doctor Strange’s and a Doc Ock on the shelf. It’s the ONLY time I’ve seen them in a store. I ended up auctioning off the Doc Ock on eBay for a crazy $48.87!


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