Stuff I Plan to Write About

Update: Just in case you noticed, yes, I did add a few things to this list. That is all.

I was glancing through some older posts and I realize that I pretty much complain in every entry about not getting around to writing what I want to write as often as I want to write it. Just so I don’t come off as a total tool, I wanted to take a moment or two to figuratively jot down what I intend to write about.

This list is mildly haphazard and in no particular order. As new developments arise – new purchases, new toys, etc. – these will tend to take precedence and already accounts for part of the reason why it’s taking me so long to bang shit out. Anyway, here it is. As I said, there is no order whatsoever to these, just a simple little color coded system.

  • RED is for stuff I really want to get done because it’s time sensitive or just because I personally want to get around to the subject.
  • BLACK just means regular ol’ normal priority article.
  • GREEN is for stuff a bit more personal in nature and not strongly related to toys – more like stuff I just happen to feel like talking about.
  • FAVORITE SONGS – People all the time are like, “that’s my favorite song!” or, “this is my favorite song of all time!” This is a question that plagues me from time to time. I even try to be conscientious and say stuff like, “this is probably one of my top 5 favorite songs.” So this is a question I wanted to try really hard to accurately answer.
  • FAVORITE ALBUMS – Pretty much the same as the above, just taken to an album level. I thought this would be especially interesting in an era where the album is dying…fast.
  • MY GROWING DISCOMFORT WITH TECHNOLOGY – Yeah that’s right, I’m sort of a technophobe. A while back I really sat down and thought about what it was that everyone else loved about technology and how that translates into what makes me so uncomfortable. I think it’ll be a fun read when I’m in the mood to really flesh it out!
  • MARIO SPORTS SUPERSTARS AMIIBO CARDS – I kinda wanted to do a little piece about tracking these down, buying and selling them, etc. but the moment may have passed. We’ll see.
  • DC SUPER HERO GIRLS 12″ DOLLS – I really want to get all these opened and posed and photographed…I just can’t seem to find that perfect intersection of motivation and availability.
  • DC SUPER HERO GIRLS 6″ FIGURES – Pretty much the same as above, except with the “action figures” instead of the “dolls.”
  • DC SUPER HERO GIRLS LEGOS – I’ve got all 7 sets of these and I want to get some good photos and a decent article put together, especially before I start losing pieces or things go missing or the new summer batch comes out.
  • LEGO BATMAN MOVIE BATMOBILE LEGO – I know that reads redundant as hell; just read it carefully. I’ve had this forever and really would like to do a short piece on it.
  • IMAGINEXT POWER RANGERS COLLECTION – My son loves these things and I always enjoy seeing them as they’re a trigger for nostalgia when it comes to those early years of Power Rangers. We’ve got the whole collection thus far apart from the “Warrior Mode” of the White Tigerzord, which I’m not even convinced is widely available yet.
  • SERPENTERA – Man, I wanted to get to this forever ago. I snagged a real Serpentera zord from the local used toy store, and it’s way cool, especially since folks my age totally remember Serpentera but never remember it made into a toy!
  • ARTILLATRON – Another cool find at the same store several weeks beforehand. A very cool piece that I want to show off, even if it’s a little less well known than others.
  • CUBES – One of my other big passions is cubes, more accurately called “rotational puzzles.” Ya know, like a Rubik’s Cube and all of its variations. I have tons of these things and would really love to do reviews, methodologies, and maybe a few outright solution guides / tutorials. This is a daunting task though. Successfully teaching someone how to solve these puzzles can be difficult and require lots of precise language as well as a multitude of diagrams. I thought I might start discussing these on a sort of intermediate level and maybe going from there, as well as putting together solid guides for some puzzles. I dunno. We’ll see, though at the very least I would like to review specific puzzles.
  • ALL FAST & FURIOUS CARS – I actually have a ton of these things spread across different sizes and brands. It’s by no means a complete collection, but taking stock of them all at once could e cool.
  • STAR WARS “FAKE CHARACTER CARS” – I have a few of these little themed Star Wars sets that I really want to photo-document and then open and admire, including the set with the planet-themed cars, the “factions” set, and the set with the movies and TV shows.
  • LOTSA OTHER “FAKE CHARACTER CARS” – Besides the 3 (I think) Star Wars sets, there are plenty of others I want to bust into, like Batman v Superman, Captain America, Civil War, and I think I even have a small set of He-Man cars and oh oh of course Spider-Man. Maybe more.
  • LAST 2 CORGIS – Way back forever ago when I posted pictures of all my Batman-related Corgis, the store I was getting them from had 2 left. Not long afterwards I went ahead and got those 2, eager to write about them at the time. Now this doesn’t mean I have all Batman-related Corgis, just all of the ones that I could go buy off a shelf at the time. At the time I wanted to go ahead and get this done, but it’s been so long, I’ll have to recap the collection anyway.
  • MINUTE DIFFERENCES – This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I guess if I’m smart I need to keep a running tally of these “differences” when I notice them. What differences am I talking about? Well mainly I’m referring to small differences in detail and/or paint job between different editions of the same character car. For example, if we look at Iron Man and what is now known as Iron Man Mark XLVI, these are supposed to be different and are intended as 2 distinct cars. But then look at pre-Civil War Hawkeye versus Civil War-era Hawkeye. The latter uses a noticeably darker shade of purple and a more subdued silver/chrome on the arrows on the front and back of the vehicle. Pre-Civil War Black Widow features gold accents, whereas Civil War Black Widow sports silver accents. Other differences are even more subtle, such as the metalflake used only in first editions of Superman and not in the 2nd and 3rd releases and the darker shade of blue in newer editions of Blue-Yellow Wolverine. These differences are most prevalent in Marvel and least apparent in the Star Wars line. I do want to take a serious look at these variations and carefully document them.
  • 1:50 SCALE HOT WHEELS BATMOBILES – This was supposed to be a sort of nerd-erific surprise, but it’s just slipped way from me due to one thing after another. This project will probably be 2-part – as both a casual entry and as a more formal fixed page on the site – so that means a lot of work. Anyway, as of a couple of months ago, I procured the Batblade and Batgirl’s Batcycle as part of Hot Wheels’ 1:50 scale line of Batmobiles and other Bat-vehicles, which marked the completion of my collection! As such, I really wanna do a piece featuring all of them and discussing them a little bit, and then extending that into a full fledged “guide” or whatever, just something to say, “this is the collection and here’s everything in it.”
  • SHIT I DON’T HAVE – There’s no real rush on getting this done, but I did want to do a fun piece on stuff I don’t have that I really want, or that would fill in major holes in my collection, i.e. Hot Rod Batman with the GOLD Base and R2-KT, the only Star Wars car I’m missing.
  • WANTED TOYS – Yeah ok, I get that this is kind of an inversion of the previous topic. I guess I just thought of it as a blanket list of stuff I wanted, regardless of how serious I was about actually getting it, versus the former, which was more about specific holes in my collections.
  • FLICKR! – Maybe you know this AND MAYBE YOU DON’T but I started this whole endeavor on Tumblr. To register on Tumblr, you need a email addy. Well, with that addy, you get some space on Flickr. I don’t want Flickr to necessarily be a pic by pic record of what’s on the blog, but that’d be a good starting point. I’d like to take elaborate sets of pictures of individual collections, and I think having these to view on Flickr would be a nice counterpart to the largely text-based material here. I wouldn’t really call it “urgent,” though it would certainly be easier to upload pics as I go through articles. But that’s not to say I couldn’t just upload a bunch of random pics whenever I felt like.
  • “HEAVY METAL MONDAYS” OR “ALBUM OF THE WEEK” OR SOME SUCH SHIZ THAT STRIKES A BALANCE BETWEEN SUPER CORNY & ULTRA BORING – Yeah that kinda came outta left field, eh? Am I a fan of extreme metal?!? Maybe…? Do I wanna be? I think so… I suppose what I want is more time to explore the extreme subgenres of heavy metal. Running errands and toy-hunting with the 10 year old aren’t the greatest places to pump Thergothon or Buzzoven or Benighted. So I sortta want to give myself a reason to listen to this stuff and naturally, chronicle the results. I have an assload of albums from all sorts of extreme metal subgenres (and other stuff that purists would probably call subsets of heavy metal though not necessarily extreme metal) downloaded on my computer and I’d love to go through them methodically. They were actually all on my old laptop, and when it died, I thought that was it. Well, this $3 dohickey I bought off eBay finally got here 11 weeks later and I was able to access the old HD and blah blah all that good stuff. At the end of the day I’ve got something like 22,000 tracks spread across roughly 1,700 albums totaling 140GB.
  • NEW “REGULAR CARS” / RECENT HAULS – The thing about wanting to share “recent” purchases is that “recent” very quickly becomes “a while back” and after that it’s just some indeterminate point in the past and who really gives a damn by then? I mean I love all that I have, but there’s that rush of excitement when I first run across something new – and I wanna get on this damn thing and convey that excitement and shiny newness – but it gets put off and put off and overlaid by another haul and buried under another batch of awesome shit and then those 8 or 10 cars I wanted to take a moment to recognize are just lost in the fray of “shit I’ve collected.” So yeah. Maybe I should’ve marked this as a RED entry…what I really need to do is make it a weekly thing, and like every Whatever-day gather up new stuff to share. Hopefully I can get some of this backlogged stuff taken care of and this can become a bit of a routine.
  • ALL 1:24 SCALE JADA BATMOBILES – Right now I think this material is divided among 2 separate posts, which is OK. What I’d like to do is create (maybe) one of my first fixed pages on the site showcasing all 4 of them “permanently” and in one place.
  • GIANT 1:18 LYKAN HYPERSPORT – Here’s another case where “new” gets less and less relevant everyday, though I still want to take a second at some point to give it some special attention, maybe alongside my other Lykans from FF7 as well.
  • GROOT HAULER – I got this quite a while ago and I think it’s a neat direction to take the whole Character Car thing – not permanently mind you but as an occasional offshoot. Anyway, I was so excited about this guy, I got him fairly quick, and I just can’t get it together enough to write a quick blurb and snap a few photos!
  • “THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 7” PART 2 – I guess this is more a personal thing than anything, but I remember being so impassioned regarding the direction of the first half of Season 7 that I would hate to not follow it up. I actually caught the last half during the last couple of weeks while it was airing new episodes. I’m excited to gather my thoughts and write something up, but it could take a while. Problem is I need to go ahead and due it while I can still remember a lot of the minutia from episode to episode.
  • SO I BOUGHT A SWITCH… – I definitely have an ancient and deep-seated love for video games, even if that tends to wane a little as I get older and as the games (and the hardware) get more complex. Still, I’ve held on to the fact that “Nintendo” and “Mario” are pretty much synonymous with “FUN” and have kept up with their efforts over the last several years. I got the Deluxe Wii U back on launch day, toughed out that rough first year, and I think I own every first party title for the system. And please, the 3DS is like the coolest shit ever. And I don’t even give a damn about the 3D technology, it’s just a damn fine handheld. Anyway, I hemmed and hawed when it came to the Switch and the days leading up to it. Then I watched one micro-pre-order window after another pass me by on the internet. Well about a week and a half ago I broke down and bought one. It got here a few days later and I’ve been sussing it up ever since. Being a Nintendo nut I really want to put out my thoughts and first impressions on the machine. I wouldn’t mind spending a little more time with it first, but ideally I’d like to have something up before we cross the 3-month (since launch) mark. So this is something I’d like to get going on fairly soon, which also means spending time on the Switch and not blogging. So yeah. ROCK AND A HARD PLACE.
  • 1:64 SCALE BATMOBILES – I have a farqing hyperton of these things and they’ll probably keep growing, at least for a little while. There are only a few basic designs but within them are also certain variations. I’ve talked about this before, but basically there are 5 main factors: body shape, main paint color, accents and/or graphics, window color, and luster. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to put together a comprehensive and exhaustive list yet, though I wouldn’t mind doing a post that quickly points to each piece I have.
  • MY FAVORITE RAP VERSES – Does that sound crazy? Maybe it is. I’m not sold on the concept just yet. I mean I know exactly what I want to write about, I just don’t know if it belongs here. Again, it’s weird intersection of interests that could be seen as either bringing diversity to “Site Title” or veering pointlessly off topic.
  • “TOONED” / “GLOW WHEELS” / ETC. – This sortta falls in line with sharing new hauls, but really it’s just me wanting to showcase specific collections/sets within the yearly Hot Wheels’ sets. This is one of those things that wouldn’t take so long except for the damn pictures pictures pictures.
  • GHOSTBUSTERS – I’ve got a handful of Ghostbusters vehicles (mainly Ecto-1 and variations thereof) that I wanna share just because I think it’s a neato car, up there with the likes of the Batmobile!
  • IMAGINEXT BLIND BAG – DC SUPER FRIENDS SERIES 1Ideally this is the next thing you’ll see me cover. It involves pictures and formatting and all that damn shit but I think it’s worth it! I won’t say too much more except that I think it’s really fucking bizarre how some tiny little pockets of these Series 1 guys have popped up.
  • SOMETHING KINDA LIKE CHARACTER CARS – I wont go into a lot of detail here because I’m not sure if I want to write about it at length yet. But anyway, Mattel makes Hot Wheels. Mattel also make a ton of other stuff, including Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price is mostly pre-school stuff, but they’ve put out a couple of lines based on younger children’s shows. Diecast and everything.
  • OLD STUFF, FROM ANOTHER LIFE…KINDA – The idea for this material just popped in my head not so long ago. Long story short, I used to put a lot of time and effort into another website. I won’t mention it because I don’t want any judgment passed. I still love those guys and I hope to return one day, it’s just not an obligation I’ve been able to handle for a while. Anyway, I spent a lot of time putting together some really cool articles like consoles that never made it to market, and totally obscure Castlevania games (and how to play them!), and Mortal Kombat characters that should be playable, and re-purposing a router into a bridge, AP, and/or wi-fi extender… stuff like that. It’s stuff I’m proud of, stuff I think might be useful and/or informative, and stuff I’d like to preserve. It doesn’t really have anything to do with toys – mostly – but “moving it” wouldn’t be that hard or time consuming. Drop me a comment or something: should I bring this older material over the blog…? The material is pretty varied, though it mostly centers on video gaming, which really isn’t that far off from the world of toys, so I wouldn’t feel like there was a giant disconnect between the two types of content.

Well, um, I think that about does it! There you have it: my “to-do list,” if you will. Something in particular grabbing your interest? Let me know and maybe I can do something about it!


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