New KRENNIC and HERA Character Cars – And the Super-Secret Non-Secret Way to Get Them!

New KRENNIC and HERA Character Cars – And the Super-Secret Non-Secret Way to Get Them!

Let me take you back…a week ago? 10 or 11 days maybe? In a perfect world, that’s when you’d be reading this because I stumbled across this piece of information via someone I sold one of the Wonder Woman vs. Ares 2-packs to. Here’s the original post where I break the info for the first time (in case you missed it).

Jyn Erso vs. Director Krennic

Ok, so on to the fun part: how can you get these cars? Pay three times retail over on eBay? Wait a couple of months for one to maybe pop up in your neighborhood Target? Relentlessly scour every Hot Wheels-selling retailer within a 1 hour radius? Normally I’d tell you just to suck it up and bite the bullet on eBay. Inevitably some cars become crazy common – like the Scarif Stormtrooper or Vision – while others fall into inexplicable obscurity – like Doc Ock or Doctor Strange. Obviously there’s no way to know which way a given toy will go, so my blanket advice to any collector is to snatch it up as soon as it’s at a price you’re comfortable with. But like I was getting at: you don’t have to worry about any of this bullshit when it comes to Krennic and Hera – at least not for the time being!

Jyn vs. Krennic

The solution couldn’t be simpler. Just get your ass over to and use a search term like hot wheels star wars or something similar, or use the menu to browse through categories. Fairly quickly you should see our two crown jewels: the Jyn Erso vs. Director Krennic 2-pack as well as the Hera Syndulla & Chopper 2-pack! Kinda sucks that we’ve already seen Jyn and Chopper regularly for quite some time, but hey, whatcha gonna do? The coolest part of it all is that you’ll get the 2-packs for the normal retail price of $7.99 each! Unfortunately, Mattel’s flat rate for shipping is $9.95, but if you spend at least $39 and give them an email address (go create a dummy account on Yahoo if need be) you can get that $10 knocked off. You’ll still have to spend about $40, but at least you can spend all $40 on stuff instead of $30 on stuff and $10 on shipping. Ya follow me camera guy?

Hera Syndulla and Chopper

You can also spring for 2-day rush shipping, but this brings the charge up to $24.95. I was hoping that with the discount applied it would bring it down appropriately – oddly enough it doesn’t. You either get the free standard shipping or pay full price for faster shipping. I guess I always get a little nervous about shipping…too many Web 1.0 and mail order catalog days in my memory. Still they handled the order relatively quickly. I placed the order late Monday / early Tuesday and it arrived Saturday morning. And that’s factoring in at least one business day for “processing” as per Mattel’s shipping info.

Now before you start blowing your wad on all the cool shit over at take a moment to temper your expectations and make sure that what you want is in stock. I don’t know why online retailers do this (search results maybe…?) but you’ll see plenty of items listed that are no longer in stock or that are on backorder. Like I said, I really wanted to get this piece out a week or so ago, so I apologize again that this news isn’t newer. But you’re in luck – as of right now, both the Jyn vs Krennic and Hera & Chopper are marked as limited quantities. Yeah that’s right, there are still some left so go get ’em!

Hera and Chopper

If there are any other holes in your collection, I’d advise you to take a look around. I know that the Jabba vs. Carbonite Han 2-packs are still elusive for some folks – they’re also marked as limited quantities. It’s not just Character Cars either; you can find Carships, Starships, and certain tracksets as well. Don’t forget about Marvel and DCU stuff too, and really anything under Mattel’s umbrella.

We’ll do a proper rundown of Krennic and Hera some other time with more pics and bios and whatnot. Right now I’ve got so much stuff to get to that I want to keep these posts moving as quickly as possible. Again, sorry for the lateness, but this is good info not only for these sets, but future sets as well. Among the sources I check for new cars, I’ve now added Mattel’s site! Remember, the site is Be sure to let me know what you find and shout at me if you find something new! Many thanks to the gentleman on eBay and a reader here at “Site Title” for alerting me to this fact! Keep ’em coming! Give me the inside scoop! Now!

Alright folks, stay tuned. Next we’re going to take a look at the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-themed Hot Wheels that I often refer to as “fake Character Cars.” Seriously, this is an awful name…what do we call them? They’re not “Real Riders,” they’re not “Retro Entertainment,” they aren’t “Pop Culture”…wtf do I call them!? Whatever, let’s get to it! NEXT!


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