I don’t know exactly what it is about this new line of DC Super Hero Girls that has everyone going crazy over them, but man, it’s like everyone’s got the fever, especially adult collectors. Is it the level of detail? Is it the fact that girls from DC are getting a light-hearted treatment? Is there some sort of pyscho-sexual Freudian mechanism at play? Who knows. What I kinda like – from a collectability standpoint – is how we start off with 6 core characters, and then Katana is phased in, followed by Starfire, then Frost, etc. It has that building effect that us collectors love.

Anyway, whatever the reason is, there are multiple avenues that the overall DC Super Hero Girls collection takes. We’ve got the 12″ Dolls, highly detailed and articulated, with subsets of their own, including deluxe versions, “in training,” some sort of sound/action gimmick, and then the “___ of ___” format, as in “Supergirl of Krypton” and “Wonder Woman of Themyscira” and the upcoming Starfire. Then there’s the 6″ Action Figures, which as the name implies, strongly resemble typical “boy” figures – like Power Rangers, TMNT, and basically all toys from the ’90s. These aren’t as detailed as the dolls, but they definitely feel more like an “action figure” for those put off by the term “doll,” the main difference being a few points of articulation and lack of soft hair.

Those are probably the most well-known, but there’s also a set of Plushies which I know next to nothing about, as well as a set of 3″ Mini Figures that feature the characters with a removable base/accessory. We also don’t want to forget about the Character Cars from Hot Wheels, which have become collectible to several factions – Super Hero Girl fans, Character Cars, etc. Lastly we have a handful of LEGO Sets, which promises to be expanded upon soon. The distinguishing feature of the LEGOs is that they’re the first format to include villains from the show, something I hope the other lines will eventually branch out into as well. (Keep on the look out for an entire entry devoted to the LEGO line eventually…lots of pics and cropping and editing are what’s holding me back!)

DC SHG Dolls

A few opened dolls from my collection: “Deluxe” Starfire, Mission/Training Gear Harley, and Supergirl of Krypton.

12″ Dolls

Just in case you’re out of the loop, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed. So far, 8 characters have been released as 12″ dolls excluding Frost who just came out days ago. This includes the “core” set of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. There’s also a mission gear / in-training subset which includes all of the above apart from Poison Ivy. There’s also a “special” series (not sure what to call it) which so far consists of Wonder Woman of Themyscira and Supergirl of Krypton. Then there are some odds and ends, like Batgirl with a bunch of accessories and a Wonder Woman that makes noise.

In addition to the core 6, there’s a special edition SDCC exclusive version of Katana. Then Starfire was added to the core, followed very recently by a “regular” Katana. When I say “regular” or “core,” I’m essentially talking about the $20 dolls that come with a Student ID Card. Some people may not yet be aware of this Katana; she’s touted as an Amazon.com exclusive. However, I purchased her off of eBay several days before Amazon’s release date, and she arrived 2 days later in a box from Amazon. Go figure! So for anyone wanting to grab a Katana who doesn’t want to spend the dough on the SDCC version, she’s easy to snag from Amazon.

SDCC Exclusive Katana

The SDCC Exclusive 12″ Katana

I’ve also noticed lately that Targets and TRUs in particular seem to be trying to thin their stock of Super Hero Girls. Hopefully this means that some of these new dolls and figures will be on shelves very soon!

Frost Doll

Frost – box crushed courtesy of Amazon’s unusually poor choice of shipping material! I got a 50% refund though, so ‘s all good.


Technically, Frost has moved over from “upcoming” to “released” but I wanted to put this out there since she is so new. Don’t even pay attention to the scalpers on eBay for this one – she’s on Amazon.com all day long for a cool $20. Couple that with a Prime membership (which is totally worth it; even if you don’t use the streaming service it pays for itself if you order even twice a month) and you’ve got a better deal than you’ll find on eBay right now. Beware though: Amazon uncharacteristically shipped mine in a fucking padded envelope which means that even under the best handling circumstances the corners of the plastic are crushed. It doesn’t matter too much since I’ll eventually unbox it, but I know some collectors will be pissed. The good news is that I emailed Amazon about it and they promptly issued me a 50% refund. With Frost added to the mix, this currently makes 9 dolls in the core series.


Well, we know that a 6″ figure of Hawkgirl is coming (more on that in a second) but what about a doll? The DC Super Hero Girls Dolls Facebook page vaguely alludes to a Hawkgirl doll sometime down the road. Ostensibly it appears to depend on how many “likes” something gets, though the statement read more like a pun and not nearly formal enough to suggest that a serious contest was going on. I think we can say with some degree of certainty that 12″ Hawkgirl will be coming sometime in the near-ish future.


There’s pretty much an identical post pertaining to Catwoman as we see with Hawkgirl. Something about, “would you ‘LIKE’ to get a Catwoman doll!?” or whatever. No pics though, and no other mentions of Catwoman, so this could be a ways away.

Intergalactic Gala – Starfire, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl

I knew I had seen a different version of a 12″ Starfire in some pictures, but I had to dig around on the FB page to find out exactly what I’d seen. I guess I subconsciously made the Wonder Woman / Supergirl connection, because at first I figured it’d be a “Starfire of Tamaran” figure much like Supergirl of Krypton and Wonder Woman of Themyscira. Turns out it’s something altogether different, along with new versions of Supergirl and Wonder Woman as well, known as Intergalactic Gala. So yeah, whatever that’s about, it’s comin’.

Intergalactic Gala Dolls

Action Figures

My collection of the 7 6″ action figures.

6″ Action Figures

Alright, once again let’s bring ourselves up to speed. This’ll be pretty quick – basically there are 7 action figures, our core 6 plus Katana. Now there are a few other versions floating around, such as both Wonder Woman and Batgirl with their respective vehicles, an exclusive Batgirl with the school playset, and possibly a very small number of others I’m missing. But mainly there are these 7 – you can even snatch up the core 6 in a package all together.

Hawkgirl Action Figure


Hawkgirl is confirmed for a recent, upcoming release in 6″ form. Initially she’ll be available within a 9-pack of action figures, including the previous 7 plus a brand-new 6″ Starfire. Hopefully a timely standalone release will follow.

Super Hero Girls 9-Pack


…Pretty much the same story as above. A 6″ Starfire will debut in that same freakin’ 9-pack alongside the new Hawkgirl and 7 previously released figures.


My Minis! And no, I haven’t opened a single one yet…

3″ Minis

So currently we’ve got a somewhat strange assortment of these gals on shelves: Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, and Katana. Why the hell did they leave Ivy out!? I don’t know, but it kinda pisses me off! Anyways, those 6 are where we stand.

Poison Ivy Mini

Poison Ivy

Yeah yeah, I have no idea why they wanted to put Poison Ivy in the second wave of these things, but c’est la vie. At least she’s a’comin’, and from the pictures, she (and the other new ones) look a bit better than the initial offering.

Starfire Mini


Alright, cool, looks like Mattel is finally closing ranks on these guys (girls) to create a sort of new “core 8,” the 2 additional members being Starfire and Katana.

Frost Mini


And here comes Frost outta nowhere, first bustin’ up in doll form and soon to be a brand new mini figure. I definitely dig the new faces, I just don’t get why they want to stagger things up all weird.

So, to recap, here’s where we stand: we’ve got a new Frost doll. New Catwoman
and Hawkgirl dolls may be coming at some damn point, as well as “Intergalactic Gala” versions of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Starfire. The action figures will add Starfire and Hawkgirl to the mix, though it looks like they may only be available within a huge 9-pack for at least the early stages of its release. The population of Minis will catch up to our current collection of dolls, adding Poison Ivy, Starfire, and Frost.

Super Hero Girls Plushies


Not sure if these are something I’ll ever personally collect, but since the Super Hero Girls FB page thinks it’s worth mentioning, I’ll quickly give ’em a once over. A series of small plush toys is set to drop soon, including Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. They have a bit of that toddler-toy look to them – they’re very much a 2D front stitched to a 2D back and then stuffed. I think I’d dig them more if they were “normal” 3D like pretty much every other stuffed animal. For the record, it looks like you can pick these up over at shop.mattel.com right now for $9.99 a piece.

Super Hero Girls Character Cars

My babies! What’s funny is that 4 out of 5 of these exist in another form: Katana and Batgirl have counterparts in the DCU line, Harley has another DCU version as well plus her special Suicide Squad release, and Wonder Woman now has 4 “sisters:” the original DCU, the BvS version, the new Wonder Woman version, and the exclusive vehicle in the Wonder Woman / Ares 2-Pack. Supergirl may be left out, though she does closely resemble the original Superman Character Car.

Character Cars

That’s right! We may be able to get our latest updates on the DC Super Hero Girls Character Cars right there on the FB page. Nothing new on this front, but the page did acknowledge the recent-ish releases of Harley Quinn and Katana. These came after the initial wave consisting of Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. So far we’re still at 5 with no official word on what’s to come next, but it has been a while. With most every other branch of the Super Hero Girls getting a bump, I’ll predict at least 2 Character Cars in the near future, pooled from Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Starfire, and Hawkgirl judging from other releases. Ivy is my personal first choice, and as much as I’d like to see Starfire as well, I really want Hot Wheels to hone in on the core 6 before branching out too much further.

Super Hero Girls LEGOs

Here are the LEGO figures spanning the first 7 sets (minus the one extra Krypto).


The DC Super Hero Girls Dolls FB page doesn’t directly address the franchise’s foray into LEGOs, which I guess kinda makes sense if this particular FB page is dedicated to dolls. There is in fact a wholly different FB page for the franchise itself. Anyway, I wanted to touch on LEGOs because they’re one of the most visible outlets for the girls (and boys).

At present there are 7 sets pertaining to the DC Super Girls. Now wait a minute – before you start counting on your fingers and doing a Google Image search and start shaking your head muttering, “no dude, there’s only 6 sets,” just reign it back in a little, take a breath, and then be reminded of the little set in the bag, Krypto Saves the Day coming in at a cool 55 pieces. (Looks like the set may also be available in a box as well.) “Ok dude but Krypto is not a Super Hero Girl!” Well that might just be true, except the set is branded with the “DC Super Hero Girls” logo and all that good stuff. “Man, weird ass specials and promos and stuff shouldn’t count as ‘a set’!” Well, um, wrong again. I found this (my son found it actually) hanging on an end rack at Toys R Us, right next to a bunch of LEGO friends baggies of similar size and the Mixels. So boom, 7 sets, get the hell wit it.

So yeah, 7 sets right now. I don’t know the exact names offhand, but we’ve got Krypto Saves the Day, the big Super Hero High set, the cafe, Wonder Woman’s dorm room, Batgirl’s Batwing, Lashina’s little vehicle, and Bumblebee’s crazy ass helicopter rig. I’m not sure if we have an official word on new sets, but there are some pics of upcoming sets like Lena Luthor’s Kryptomite Factory, Batgirl’s Secret Bunker, Eclipso Dark Palace, and Harley Quinn’s Dorm Room. Again, nothing so concrete as a release date(s) yet, but it’s worth noting that pictures of this second wave have been floating around quite a while – a month, maybe more – along with other information such as the MSRP. Where are these sets? Most sources point to a Summer 2017 release. I will offer up some quick advice if you’re interested in Super Hero Girls sets and you don’t have all the current ones…2 pieces of advice actually.

First, buy them at Walmart. They are significantly cheaper than somewhere like Target or god forbid TRU. For instance, the largest set, Super Hero High, is $79.99 over at Target. Go right next door to Walmart and you can get it for like $63.24. (Ok, I don’t remember the exact change, but the “63” is right.) That’s an incredible difference and it holds true with not only other Super Hero Girls LEGOs but all LEGOs, of any subseries. Second, go ahead and get those older sets now if you want them, or either start scooping them up quickly when the new ones hit shelves. Yeah, it’s possible they might hang around your particular store for a month or 3, but more likely than not, they will disappear fast. The Super Hero Girls have limited shelfspace, so when those new sets start rolling out, they’ll want to move the old ones out quickly. Walmarts in particular will probably start marking them down (“rollbacks”) little by little until they disappear, a strategy that generally works. This is less likely at places like Target or TRU. Generally they’ll concoct a formula telling them how many of the older sets they’re likely to sell in X period of time, and then shuffle whatever’s left to stores with less turnover where they can afford to let it sit for months and months just to be sure they get full price for it. Ever been to those sort of “graveyard TRUs” or “graveyard Targets” where they’ve got toys on the shelves that disappeared 18 months ago yet they’re still fetching full retail? Well, that’s how/why only certain stores seem to fall prey to this weirdness.

I kinda got on a roll there, but I like to try to help when I can. I know what it’s like to get up one day and be like, “ok, I’m just gonna finally go to so-and-so and buy such-and-such,” and then you get there and suddenly what you want is gone. Just remember that new waves replace older ones, they don’t all hang out on the shelf together (maybe very briefly during the transition, but you get the idea).

Lena's Kryptomite Factory

Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory

Batgirl Secret Bunker

Batgirl Secret Bunker

We had some interesting characters in the first run so I’m excited to see what the new ones may include. The first sets gave us our core 6 plus Steve Trevor and Krypto the Superdog. The villains are the most interesting, and so far, LEGO is the only place to get any Super Hero Girls’ villains, Lashina and Lena Luthor. And those crazy Kryptomites. Based on pics of the new boxes, besides alternate outfits for some of our existing characters, it looks like we can expect Eclipso, Mad Harriet, and The Flash (I’m pretty sure it says The Flash and not Kid Flash). Looks like DC is dredging up some real obscurities for this whole “Super Girls” thing…which is good! It may turn out to be a great way to introduce established yet non-mainstream characters to the masses. I guess DC wants more than Batman and Superman to stand on…even though they have the Teen Titans, which they refuse to give proper treatment to. I DIGRESS.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Dorm

Eclipso Dark Palace

Eclipso Dark Palace

If you really dig the LEGOs, be on the lookout for an entry all about them. It’ll be a chore (mostly because of the photos and subsequent editing) but I’d really like to do a big(ish) piece on the current 7 sets before we’re knee-deep in new releases. And if you really want me to get off my ass and get this piece going, drop me a comment and let me know!

Whew, I think that’s it for the young ladies. And yes, I am aware that there are other avenues of merchandise, I just stuck to these because of what I found on the FB page and of course the visibility of the LEGOs. If you want to keep up with the updates yourself, take note that the proper page to check is the DC Super Hero Girls Dolls Facebook page, and not the “regular” DC Super Hero Girls page.

Now I know this took me waaay too fucking long to type up, but I think it was worth putting out there. The “downside,” if you can call it that, is that there’s been 2 totally awesome and newsworthy events since I started this, and I’m anxious to put the info out there. So if you’ve made it this far, read my recent posts for awesome new stuff – and if those posts don’t exist yet, keep a careful eye on this until they do!


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