New Star Wars Toys – Part 4 of 4: Another Upcoming Character Car

Alright alright maybe I cheated just a little with this whole “Part 4” thing, but I didn’t want it to take away from the previous bit about Krennic. And of course I didn’t stick the reveal in the title because that’d be dumb. Obviously this information comes straight from the card back. I blurred it out in the previous article but here it is…


I know it’s a little small, but can you see who’s next(ish)?!? It’s Hera Syndulla! And Chopper, but more importantly it’s Hera! Ok, for real, she’s from the animated Rebels TV series which I totally don’t follow but this has be excited because we finally have a manifestation of one of those illustrations from so long ago and that means we’re that much closer to Lando.

My source image was pretty small though I did my best to enlarge Hera as well as I could. She looks pretty cool from what I can see, and definitely faithful to the old illustration.

Hera Syndulla

Of course no word on when we can expect to see Hera amongst her people but it shouldn’t be too very long…right?

That does it for our rundown of new Star Wars stuff on the horizon, but don’t go anywhere! I’ve still got lots and lots to talk about!


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