New Star Wars Toys – Part 3 of 4: Jyn Erso and Director Krennic Character Car 2-Pack

Wow WOW just fucking WOW…I mean I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing even though it’s something I’ve been personally lobbying for for like, ever. This image comes to us from a guy on Twitter who apparently discovered it on Amazon’s Canadian site. And no, before you wonder, there’s currently none of these for sale.

Jyn and Krennic

How cool is that!? Besides the Twitter account, and the cached image over at, a .de website has gotten a hold of them as well and they give us a great image of The Director.


I think it’s a great fit: pearly white, clean lines, subtle curves, and an austere, regal look about him. Not sure why they have to release Jyn a third time though…why not Bodhi…? I haven’t lost all hope though. So far we don’t have any tracksets for Rogue One and I could definitely see us getting an exclusive with such a set. After all, they tucked Finn away in such a manner, and he was like, one of the two most main characters! I’ll bet there are still collectors out there that have no idea Finn even exists!

No idea yet when these 2-packs will be available but I will checking like madman.

And so, we move on to number fo…wait…what? Oh yeah! Number 4 comes to us directly from the Jyn and Krennic card! I’ve altered the image a little bit, but take a look anyway:


C’mon back for Part 4!


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