New Star Wars Toys – Part 1 of 4: Y-Wing Carship!

Ok everyone, I’m going to try to keep these entries brief so that you’ll be encouraged to move through all 4 in one sitting!

First bit of awesome: right now, right this second, you can get your butt on eBay and purchase a Y-Wing Carship of your very own, and for a decent price at that. It features the brand new “40th Anniversary” packaging that a few of the character cars are being reissued under, along with applicable Carships and probably Starships as well.

Y-Wing Carship

…I dunno that this looks much like a Y-Wing, but eh, I’ll take it. It also seems a little weird for it to be released alone like this. Since the whole “40th Anniversary” thing technically only applies to Episode IV: A New Hope, does that mean Hot Wheels is gonna spend the year focusing only on the first installment? (At least until October or so when the hype for Episode VIII will begin in earnest.) If so, I guess we can quit holding our breath for the likes of Lando, Wampa, Scout Trooper, etc. However, Hot Wheels could go after a few more Carships from the first film, including the Blockcade Runner (Tantive IV), Imperial Star Destroyer, or even the Death Star. Hell, even Luke’s Landspeeder might translate into a pretty cool Carship.

Y-Wing Carship

There’s a closer look at the newest Carship. What do you think? I like it, I think, and though the Y-Wing is a natural choice based on notability, it does look a little strange. As for me, well, one is on the way to my doorstep as we speak! Should be here tomorrow or the next day.

Now let’s keep things moving and get into Part 2 of these new Star Wars findings…


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