Awesome Find – QUEEN HIPPOLYTA (& Horse) and STEVE TREVOR

A long time ago you may have heard me complain about not being able to have all 8 of the DC Super Hero Girls in a single form – 12″, 6″, Mini, whatever – it just didn’t seem like it was possible to have them all in the same format. Some time after that, I reported on the upcoming 12″ Katana doll, effectively meaning that all 8 would be available as 12″ dolls. I also mentioned the SDCC exclusive 12″ Katana, which came out quite a while back and rendered my argument null and void in the first place.

Since then, I’ve gotten several dolls I wanna show off (coming soon, I promise) and a few upcoming pieces. So far we know that a 12″ Frost doll and a 6″ Hawkgirl figure will be available mid-April. Well, it turns out there was some other cool stuff I hadn’t heard about too!

Rewind to like, 2 days ago, and I noticed some brand new stuff over with the DC Super Hero Girls dolls. These new packages were emblazoned with the new theatrical “Wonder Woman” logo! Ok, so it’s not technically Super Girls stuff, but it’s pretty darn close, right? The dolls are beautifully done in Gal Gadot’s likeness (when applicable) and some of them have some sort of “action movement. Check out what I got:

Queen Hippolyta and Horse

Cool right? It’s Queen Hippolyta and a big white horse! And it’s all mine!

Steve Trevor & Wonder Woman

It took a little searching, but I also happily snatched this up too – it’s an exclusive Steve Trevor doll (along with a more casual Wonder Woman).

Five other items are also available, including Wonder Woman with a black horse! The rest are singles of – you guessed it – Wonder Woman in different garb. There’s Battle Ready and Shield Wielding featuring her in her typical outfit, a Bow Wielding version where she has more subdued and less flashy clothes (same outfit she wears in the pack with Steve), and then a Diana Prince version where she wears a robe.

Other Wonder Woman Movie Dolls

Will I splurge on the other 5 of these? I don’t know…I wouldn’t mind having the black horse, but at the same time, I’m not nearly as interested in gimmicky “moving action” features; I’d rather just have a simple, articulated doll. Currently I’m a little more interested in gathering up all the strange variations of the regular line of DC Super Hero Girls. For the time being though, I do at least have one of each character. Man, I really need to gather up all my Super Hero Girls gear and show it off!

I haven’t brought myself to open them up yet, but the time will come soon enough, especially since I’ve already gotten some decent pictures while writing this piece. I doubt these dolls will ever expand much into “boy” territory, though it would be awesome if we could get a decent roster of DC characters out of it. So far the DC Super Hero Girls series seems to be crazy popular, and though the movie Wonder Woman stuff isn’t exactly in the same line, you can bet that they’re targeting the Super Hero Girls fans and collectors above all else.

Keep an eye out – I’ve got LOTS more doll stuff to share!


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