New 2017 Hot Wheels EASTER Collection (Walmart Exclusive)

About a week ago these colorful guys popped up, right alongside what looks to be the peak of a new wave of “regular” Hot Wheels. These things have flown off the shelves surprisingly fast; I remember how slow 2016’s Holiday Hot Rods were to move and couldn’t believe that the Easter cars had been cleaned out within like 5 days. And we’re not talking like 1 particular car is gone or 1 or 2 really common ones are lying everywhere, I’m talking like zero cars, display all cleaned out and barren. Had I known, I’da picked up a few extra sets for selling!

You know, with Hot Wheels and all it’s Treasure Hunt stuff, I’m kinda surprised they didn’t work in something like “Easter Egg (Treasure) Hunt” or something similar for the occasion…

2017 Hot Wheels Easter Collection

Love the colors on these guys, and it’s always great to see the Maelstrom make an appearance!

  • 1 / 6Torque Twister
  • 2 / 6Yur So Fast
  • 3 / 6Overbored 454
  • 4 / 6Chill Mill
  • 5 / 6Flight ’03
  • 6 / 6Maelstrom

There you have it! If you don’t already have ’em, you may want to hurry up and hunt these down; that’s right, hop to it! I want to get a few more pics, but I’ll bust ’em outta their packs soon enough.


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