More 1:24 Jada Batmobiles

This was one of those days I was waiting for, and a few days ago, it all went down pretty much how I’d imagined it. If you go back to one of my earlier posts about Batmobiles, you’ll see my overview/commentary on 2 Jada products, the 1:24 Batmobile and The Dark Knight Batmobile. Advertised on the back was the Classic TV Series Batmobile and the Batman v Superman Batmobile; the former of which I’d seen on shelves plenty of times, and the latter of which I was hoping to see at some point.

Well the other night at Walmart I finally spotted the BvS Batmobile. Sitting right next to it was a great looking Classic TV Batmobile, so I grabbed it too to complete the collection. I’ll do a “Collector’s Guide” or some other permanent fixture type of thing at some point with all 4 models, but for now, let’s just take a quick look at the 2 new ones!

Classic TV Series Batmobile

1966 Batmobile - Jada

The ‘ol ’66 Lincoln Futura has never been one of my favorite Batmobiles, but I’ve gotta admit, it has grown on me some after becoming thoroughly inundated with it during my Batmobile-collecting career. These vehicles become increasingly impressive with size, demonstrating just how long the car was. Not sure if it really qualifies as a tactical beast out in the field, but it does have a luxurious, slightly hi-tech look about it.

1966 Batmobile

Unlike some versions, Jada’s 1:24 Metals Die Cast does not include the trailer hitch; this really isn’t a problem for me. It’s also somewhat debatable how necessary this hitch really was, and I can easily see it becoming more of a marketing feature over time just to sell more ’66 Batboats and their accompanying trailers (Bat-trailers?). The only real moving parts are the opening and closing doors, but great attention to detail has been given to the canopy and cockpit areas. Like almost all large diecast models, there’s a great deal of appeal in just feeling how heavy and sturdy such a small object is and this Batmobile is no different.

1966 Batmobile

My one pet-peeve has to do with the Batman and Robin figures. Each of the Jada’s comes with a Batman figure appropriate for the car. They’re made out of metal, nicely detailed, and come with malleable, rubber-like capes. Nothing wrong with having a little Batman “statue” to display alongside the car, though it should be noted that the figure is not articulated and can not be placed in the car. No problem…except for the TV Batmobile. What we have here is the standard Batmobile figurine as well as Robin seated in the passenger seat…and on the phone no less. Still not a bad display, but what I don’t like is that Robin is attached. There’s no way to get Robin out. So what we have is a character permanently affixed to the passenger seat, and another character who is impossible to place in the driver’s seat.

Batman v Superman Batmobile

BvS Batmobile

2016 saw yet another redesign of the Batmobile – a very lateralized interpretation with aspects of both the Keaton/Burton vehicle and Nolan’s Tumbler. This is another one of those things that looks better as it gets bigger, so if you’ve been underwhelmed by the 1:64 scale Hot Wheels version(s), you may want to take a closer look at this one.

BvS Batmobile

It’s a little awkward to hold and handle, mostly because we’re unable to appreciate the smooth lines and cool metal of other models. Given its plate-like appearance, there are lots of hard edges and corners as well as smaller plastic bits to add detail. It’s not exactly a fault, just something noticeable.

Feature-wise, the cockpit doors open; each half folds up. I’m not sure if this is how it worked in the movie…but maybe. Honestly I don’t think the Batmobile was really showcased properly at all – lots of quick cuts and shadowy scenes. Anyway, that’s where the movement ends. I was surprised the front turrets didn’t at least rotate, and that the back fins didn’t rotate some. Not sure if this is a “sanctioned” movement but I dunno, it feels it’s something that should move!

BvS Batmobile

Overall though the vehicle is beautifully detailed. It wouldn’t hurt the filmmakers to add more details in later installments, maybe some chrome accents or a mixture of black and gray, but until then even the best models are confined by their source material. The BvS Batmobile is a bit underdeveloped in the hearts and minds of Batman fans because we just ain’t seen enough of it yet.

Bottom line: These 1:24 Die Cast Metals from Jada are a great – and relatively inexpensive – way to really get to know your Batmobiles and appreciate all the curves, crevices, flourishes, and everything else that makes these machines so wondrous and iconic. You can take a look at the other half of the Jada 1:24 collection by reading this article, the same one I have linked at the beginning of the post. One day I’m going to really get into my collection category by category and create fixed pages – Jada might be one of the first I put together!

Stay tuned! I’ve still got copious amounts of stuff to write about and I just can’t get to it all! But I’ma try.


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