Exclusive Star Wars Celebration 2017 Hot Wheels  – BIGGS DARKLIGHTER

Exclusive Star Wars Celebration 2017 Hot Wheels – BIGGS DARKLIGHTER

Alright ladies and germs, the excitement of this announcement will be directly proportionate to how impassioned you are by random-ass background characters in the Star Wars franchise!

Some time ago we saw some images for what are assumed to be future Character Cars – Lando, Scout Trooper, Hera, Wampa – (none of which have yet come to fruition I might add) and then lastly there was a panel asking people to vote: random droid R5-D4, random pilot Biggs Darklighter, and random Stormtrooper variant Sandtrooper. At the time I had no idea, but the vote was in regards to what car should be unveiled at 2017’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL. After the death of Carrie Fisher, I suspected that a tribute would follow, but I guess 4 months just isn’t enough time to put all those gears and cogs in place.



So the masses spoke, and Biggs we got. I guess he was probably the best of the three, but honestly I don’t think any of them were great choices. What do we even know about this Biggs Darklighter? He was Luke’s friend back on Tatooine, probably had plans on joining the Imperial Academy as a pilot, and then somewhere in there defected to the Alliance. Apparently there are some deleted scenes from A New Hope where he tells Luke of his secret desire to join the Rebellion. The real shitkicker is that we never even give a damn who Biggs is, mostly because he’s just another redshirt gunned down by Vader during that final trench run. Seriously, if Hot Wheels was hellbent on giving us another pilot, why not go with Wedge Antilles? He’s definitely more recognizable, and if someone knows the name of only one random-ass background pilot from the original trilogy, it’s Wedge!

Ok, so even if Biggs won’t be adding much narrative diversity to my Hot Wheels recreations of the saga, we can still get pumped about what a fucking awesome ass car he’ll turn into, right!!??!! Well no, probably not. I would love to have a reason to get all excited about these “Celebration” cars and eagerly hand over $60 to some eBay scalper, but so far all we have is R2-KT – a repaint of R2-D2 who isn’t even a fucking character (no disrespect to all the charitable cancer stuff, this just was not the right release for the occasion) and then last year it was Boba’s prototype armor – still not a real character – which ultimately resulted in the Boba Fett car that we’ve all seen a thousand times…just painted fucking white!!! So what does this mean for the illustrious Biggs Darklighter? Probably a riff on Luke’s pilot gear car. And even then they all had the same outfits so..is Biggs really gonna be the unique exclusive that Celebration 2017 deserves…?

Here’s the article confirming it all (the one on the right). Click on the image to make it bigger or just scroll down to read the article as I’ve typed it out.


From Wingman to Wheelman

Fans Select Biggs Darklighter to Become the Next Star Wars Hot Wheels Car

Lucky fans at Celebration Orlando in 2017 will have the chance to get their hands on an exclusive Biggs Darklighter Hot Wheels car, following a vote at their Celebration in Europe. In July, Mattel’s Hot Wheels team gave the crowd at their Celebration panel the final say over which character would get the custom-car treatment, an Biggs came out ahead by a narrow margin.

The 2016 exclusive was a Boba Fett-inspired vehicle – which reimagined Ralph McQuarrie’s concept armor for the character as a low slung, gleaming hot rod – while 2015’s offering was hot-pink R2-KT droidmobile. We look forward to seeing how Bigg’s signature mustache will play into the new car’s design!

There was a guy on eBay selling pre-orders of Biggs, and call me a sucker, but once he dropped it $10, I jumped all over it. These things do devalue, though it does take a while and afterwards they can then start creeping back up again. I know absolutely nothing about the Celebration this year, but the seller claims that the item will be shipped sometime around April 18th. Again, I’d rather have Wedge as my wingman over Dead Biggs, but exclusivity is pretty cool, and maybe it’ll provide some further impetus for me to go ahead and get R2-KT.


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