NEW Character Cars CONFIRMED! – Part 1: DC Universe

Well it didn’t take long, did it!? As usual, I was doing my relentless searching. It’s tough to tell exactly what is what at this point, so I’ll just go over what I found.

The Riddler
Huh? “The Riddler”? Doesn’t he already exist? Well…yes, he does. The Riddler was featured as the exclusive in the Batman’s Rogue Gallery 5-pack that’s been sitting in stores for well over a year now. However, the fact that it suddenly pops up as a single shouldn’t be construed as insignificant. Hot Wheels has generally been pretty good about preserving the exclusivity of similar items, but what I really want to pay attention to is the back of the card… Update: I bought one of these and received it in the mail much much quicker than I thought…I can honestly say there is no difference between this standalone Riddler and the “exclusive” within the Batman 5-pack.

The Riddler

Harley Quinn (Classic / Comics Appearance)
Following the course of this version of Harley has been a strange journey. This classic, red-and-black version of Harley had been rumored for some time, and I finally saw it pop up from a single seller…over in the UK. I bought it, and obviously the packaging was tailored for a UK audience (with words like “colours” and overall a larger text-to-artwork ratio). I saw her pop up again a few weeks later – also from the UK – but this time the total was like $11.30 plus free shipping. (I paid almost $50 total for the first one.) Just for the hell of it, I got it. What was odd is that this was definitely in US packaging….of course what makes all this super strange is that for a while now, we’ve had the new “Character Cars” branded packaging, neither of which these Harley’s had. However, as of earlier this week, it seems that we finally have a US version of the Classic Harley and part of the same wave as the Riddler. Still doesn’t explain where these old Harley’s came from but wtf ever. Like The Riddler, we don’t want to ignore Harley’s back either…

Harley Quinn

Notice that we finally have a US version of Harley!


I was going to show you the back of the new Harley Quinn card here…but it has disappeared! I don’t know what happened to it…2 days later and it is absolutely no where…

Wonder Woman (2017)
Part of what’s on these backs is a version of Wonder Woman not totally unlike the BvS version that came out last summer. Now we know from experience we can’t 100% rely on the artwork used on the back of the cards, but it can be useful. This “new” Wonder Woman looks like the BvS model with blue hindquarters instead of the original gray. One or two posts back I mention stumbling across a new Wonder Woman with the logo from the upcoming film on the package…is this the new Wonder Woman or by some crazy chance another new Wonder Woman? Well I can’t answer that question for you just yet, but my “new Wonder Woman” did just get here. She is most definitely shiny (unlike the matte finish of BvS version) and the rear portion is straight up black instead of the original gray. Blue? Anyone see any blue!? No…and this is what confuses me. On the one hand, why the hell would Hot Wheels bang out 2 separate Wonder Womans so close together? On the other hand, would it perhaps make some sense to put out a “2017 movie Wonder Woman” (the one I just got with the black) and a sort of “regular DCU edition” as well…?

Wonder Woman

Alright, did you cheat and look at the back(s) yet? We’ve got an Ares on the way!!! This is character/car that would’ve easily gone on any “DC want list” by virtue of being one of Wonder Woman’s coolest enemies, but damn, I am surprised we’re seeing it so soon! The artwork can be hit or miss when it comes to these vehicles, and it’s hard to tell exactly what the Ares car is going for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite exist just yet…but so far Hot Wheels hasn’t left us dangling, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t drop sometime in the near future.


The artwork leaves something to be desired in this indistinct, tank-like ride, but I’m still very excited to see the finished product in the flesh!

Yeah, that was kinda confusing I guess…for some reason I just felt like going through my thought process and discovery. Here’s what we’re left with at the end of the day:

  • Aresconfirmed via back of card; not out yet
  • Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Versionconfirmed, I’ve got one of these in my possession
  • Harley Quinn – Red & Black Comics/Classic Versionconfirmed – yes, we’ve known about this for a while, but we finally have proof that a US version in new US packaging exists. It’s also made its way onto the back of other cards.
  • The Riddlerconfirmed as a single, standalone release; for better or worse, it is exactly the same thing found in the Batman Rogue’s Gallery 5-pack

Stick around for a quick Part 2 where we look at some upcoming releases from another camp!


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