New (I Think!) Wonder Woman / DC Character Car

New (I Think!) Wonder Woman / DC Character Car

The last few hours have been full of bizarre finds, from the strange possibly-Canadian Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 5-Pack, to the different wheels of Yondu, and now to this strange “new” Wonder Woman Character Car.

A Brief History of Wonder Woman

Way back when, back when the first DCU Character Cars were rolling off the line, we got this first version of Wonder Woman. She’s got a typical comic-esque Wonder Woman appearance with lots of blue and red and even a large portion of the car being clear. It’s been out of production for some time, and has not been re-released. Along with Bane, she’s one of the rarest of the old DC cars.

Wonder Woman (1)

Sometime early last summer (2016), alleged pictures of a new, updated Wonder Woman car popped up with a look more closely resembling her appearance in Batman v Superman. She’s mostly red with a matte finish and some subtle gold accents. The car is pretty simple, but it adequately captures Wonder Woman’s austere and elegant demeanor.

Wonder Woman (2)

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, and the first 3 DC Super Hero Girls Character Cars come rolling out, including Wonder Woman. The exact same car from her initial release is used, though it’s given an appropriate paint job becoming of her appearance on the cartoon show.

Wonder Woman (3)

And so that brings me to early this morning, where I was casually searching as usual. This time I got a hit on a “new,” 2017″ Wonder Woman. It wasn’t the vehicle that immediately caught my eye though, it was the packaging. The card is branded as merchandise from the upcoming Wonder Woman film! When it comes to the car itself, well, things become a little difficult to figure out, especially from this one, single pic courtesy of the eBay seller.

Wonder Woman (4)

Can you see much? I’ll be honest, At first it struck me as nothing more than repackaged BvS Wonder Woman. But then I looked at it a little longer; the red seems to be somewhat shiny, and the back quarter panels look silver. Even within the bubble, the previous Wonder Woman clearly has a matte finish, and the back area is definitely gray instead of something silver or shiny. What we need is a clear shot of the car out in the open.

Wonder Woman (2)

I’ll admit this is a tough one…obviously Hot Wheels isn’t intent on unveiling a brand new Wonder Woman, but clearly they’re aware that they’re making some changes. I guess the big question is “why?” Why inundate the collectors with all these trivial differences? This is already a problem over on their Marvel front and it looks like it’s creeping over into DCU territory. (I’ve got several examples I plan on gathering up and sharing at some point in the near future.) Oh well. The new card back is encouraging at least, so yes, I ordered this “new”(ish?) Wonder Woman so we’ll see just how new she is before long!


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