Surprise! 2 Variations of Yondu! (Marvel Character Car)

This is weird…and almost nitpicky…yet there the difference is, impossible to ignore. My son actually spotted it while we were sifting through listings to find anything new, so kudos to his eye for detail. About an hour later, it seemed that at least one vendor had noticed the issue as well due to a listing titled something like “Yondu – Both Variations.” Stick with me; this is a totally strange and like I said equally non-negligible difference:

Look at the larger set of back wheels on this Yondu:


Now look at the larger set of back wheels on this version of Yondu:



Just in case I need to spell it out, the back wheels on the first example are smooth. Moving over to the second one, these wheels are textured like off-road-type tires. What the hell!?

I instantly looked at mine – smooth, and then I looked at an extra I picked up – also smooth. We spent the afternoon hitting whatever Walmarts and Targets we could…everything we saw was of the smooth-wheel variety. Not wanting this bullshit to eat me alive, I just found a bumpy-wheel on eBay and bought it!

This most closely reminds me of the Slave I Carship issue from some time ago; the two had different accent colors (gray vs. green) and a different sized Fett Family Crest on the hood. As trivial as these differences may have been though, they’re still seemingly more substantial than a change in back wheels. What happened? Did they run out of one and have to use the other? Did they plan on using one wheel, found a bunch of unused other wheels with nowhere to go, and decide to use them up instead?

Based on my own shopping and my perusal of eBay so far, the smooth wheel seems to be the most prominent. Note that this may not correlate with rarity, and probably more to do with when each batch was manufactured. But who knows. I doubt it’ll ever become a big thing, but who knows.

If anyone out there can shed light on the situation, let us know! Why does Yondu get this bizarre treatment? I’m well aware of a lot of other differences in minutia between the Marvel cars, but this one takes the cake! Anyway, share your knowledge or speculations with us!


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