Character Car News: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A few weeks ago we got our first dose of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cars. The 2 coolest finds were the all-new Yondu and Groot Go-Kart, meant to represent the new “Baby Groot” as per the end of the first installment. We also get a new version of Rocket Raccoon who’s basically just wearing blue pants instead of the orange ones on the original. Star-Lord shows up as well in new packaging, and despite all of the artwork depicting a rather bluish car, this new Star-Lord is identical to the old Star-Lord; I’ve compared the 2 side by side.

New Guardians Vol. 2
Blue Star-Lord Art

All recent artwork for this “new” Star-Lord depicts him as bluish, even though the actual car is the same silver/gray as the original release!

This all seemed pretty reasonable, and then last night I ran across something new: a Guardians 2 5-pack! What do we know about 5 packs? That’s right! One of the cars is a super-cool exclusive! Here’s a screen-cap of the pack from the eBay listing where I found it:

Guardians 2 5-Pack

Umm, wait, what?

Yeah yeah I’m confused too. First of all Drax and Gamora look the same. I’d have to really get close and side-by-side to determine if there were any small differences, but so far so good. Star-Lord, again despite blue artowrk, is the same. Rocket Raccoon is the same…except he’s the same as his earlier appearance with the orange pants – remember that “new” Rocket sports blue pants!

New Guardians 2 5-Pack

Finally we get to Groot Go-Kart, the alleged exclusive member of the group. Only…it looks like…regular ol’ Groot Go-Kart…I think. Whatever the difference(s) they’re not obvious, but my son did spot something: he believes that the clear face/windshield part of exclusive Groot has a greenish tint, as opposed to the same area on regular Groot which is a clear brownish color. I guess this is what’s going on, but it’s pretty strange, and it’s really hard to gauge those clear parts from photos.

Groot Windshield

Here’s the “original” Groot Go-Kart with a clear, brownish windshield.

Groot Windshield

And here’s the “exclusive” Groot Go-Kart with a clear, greenish windshield.

This all seems a little strange to me but I suppose it’s not impossible. One thing that really grabs my attention is the packaging, especially looking at the back. Does it look “off” or weird to you? To me, it looks like the kind of packaging that might’ve been used for a foreign or overseas release. I dunno…something about the amount of text floating around… Edit: If you look around the lower mid-right of the back of the package, pictured below, it does say “Mattel Canada…Ontario.” With the seller in New York and the cars coming from Canada this is certainly plausible!

New Guardians 5-Pack

As of writing this, to the best of my knowledge, these 5-packs are only being sold by a single vendor on eBay based in New York. He/she appears to have had 3 – I bought 1 and the other 2 are still for sale. The seller had these listed at a reasonable price so I went ahead and grabbed one! So stick around, maybe I’ll have more answers once I can get the 2 side by side. It’s not exactly unheard of for Marvel to produce cars with tiny differences – whether by accident, necessity, or deliberately, we may never know – but it would be unusual for such a minute change to be counted as a 5-pack exclusive. And as always, you’ll know when I know!


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