Spotlight: 3 Lil’ Harleys

Spotlight: 3 Lil’ Harleys

3 Hot Wheels Harley Quinn Character Cars

Seriously, if you have all 3 of these Harley Quinn cars, give yourself a high-five. Now hold your hand up to your monitor and allow me to give you one as well! Ok ok, if you have all 3 of these you probably don’t need me to tell you how cool you are, but some recognition is always nice, right?

So just what is the big deal when it comes to owning all 3 of these? Why isn’t owning C-3PO, “Dirty” C-3PO, and “Force Awakens / Red Arm” C-3PO just as prestigious? Or all those damned Batmans? (Mega extra bonus hyper-points if you own Hot Rod Batman in black with a gold base!) Why is Harley so special? Is it because everyone loves her after Margot Robbie’s kinderwhore-sex kitten portrayal in Suicide Squad? Nope…although she is damn fucking hot and perfectly capable of stirring the loins of anyone who’s ever been attracted to a female, it has more to do with Hot Wheels’ bizarre marketing and release schedules.

Suicide Squad Harley

“Hot Wheels re-creates a chilling movie moment from Suicide Squad, featuring Harley Quinn. As portrayed in the movie, an insane Harley is captured and held as a “patient” in Arkham Asylum.[1] This premium package contains the all-new and never-seen-before Hot Wheels Harley Quinn Character Car as a hot blooded, tatted-up exotic sports car suspended in her cell. Her devotion to The Joker is emblazoned across the powerful hood and rear deck lid, and the exhaust pipes provide a perfect hiding place for her ominous baseball bat. With looks this twisted, can an cage hold Harley for long?”

[1] – Author’s Note: This is the text taken directly off the box, and for some reason, Hot Wheels made a huge error. We never really see her as patient at the Asylum, just some fucked up shit Joker does before he escapes. Also, it specifically says that “an insane Harley is captured and held … in Arkham Asylum.” Well I assume that before being tortured by the Joker, she was not considered “insane.” This would mean that – according to the above text, she was locked up as a patient in Arkham after The Joker’s attack. Then, sometime afterwards, she either escaped or was released, and then recaptures and sent to Belle Reve, according to what we’re shown in the movie. That’s an awful lot of conjecture just to give Hot Wheels’ bizarre blurb some shred of validity. “As portrayed in the movie,” Harley is an inmate over at Belle Reve.

Suicide Squad Harley

This first iteration of Harley isn’t your standard $3.99 Character Car. It came out late summer or early autumn, sometime around the release of Suicide Squad. Like a lot of Hot Wheels’ super-cool stuff, it was an SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) 2016 exclusive. But thank god for the internet, eBay, and the fact that several dozen individuals picked up several dozen of these vehicles and decided to try to make a buck or two by flipping them to all those poor souls who were unable to drop everything and spend copious amounts of money on toys over in San Diego. I don’t know what the original retail on these was – looks like maybe $19.95 to $29.95 or so? – but I do know that some sellers were confident (or at least hopeful) that they’d offload these things for $75 to $100, maybe more. Unfortunately for them, so many of them sprang up for sale, and I’m sure a good portion of them were from sellers that had several cars and began to get very nervous about merely breaking even. Prices steadily fell, free shipping began appearing everywhere, and with a modicum of patience, you could find one for $50 or even a little less. They’re even cheaper now, with a lot of good deals popping up for around $35. Just be sure to keep an eye on the S&H costs…

Suicide Squad Harley

The packaging itself is a large part of what makes this car so cool. I love the setup, but ultimately I gotsta be able to get in there and touch it myself and roll it around! As you can see, the car rests upon a strip of fabric spanning the width of the cell. Of course this is meant to emulate our first encounter with Harley where she’s doing her little circus/gymnastics routine with her bed sheet. It’s a great idea and I love how Hot Wheels pulled it off.

Suicide Squad Harley

The vehicle itself is quite beautiful as well – one of the most colorful in recent memory. And I love the details, like the card suits on the edge of the tires and the rest of Harley’s ink. Since it’s an ultra-nice collectible release, we of course get that nice, dense, heavy feel and the rubber tires.

Ultimately I think it’s a pretty cool release…might be a little cooler if DC had done a 5-pack for the film but whatever. But the truth is there are gonna be some car collectors who just ain’t gonna pay for something like this, whether it be kids without the necessary funds or casual collectors who don’t even know about it. It’s a bit of specialty item, and certainly less common than most. Even if this is the only Harley you own so far, you’ve definitely earned some cool points!

DC Super Hero Girls Harley

So far no bios on the Super Hero Girl packaging yet, despite bios appearing on the re-packaged DCU Character Cars. This vehicle represents a friendlier, less psychotic version of Harley Quinn. She started off kinda tough to find – first the original three DC Super Hero Girl Character Cars came out (Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl) – and then some weeks later, Harley and Katana just sorta popped up. They’ve been steadily increasing in availability since then, and because of this, for the foreseeable future, this version of Harley will probably become the “default.”

DC Super Hero Girls Harley

Overall this is a perfect reflection of Harley from Super Hero Girls. The color scheme has been captured exceptionally well, and it really does connote the friendly side of Harley’s jester-like appearance. And all that red, black, and white on the front half reminds me of a deck of cards. Character Cars, across all series, achieve varying degrees of success when it comes actually looking like what that character would look like if he or she was a car. Maybe it’s just the colors, but when it comes to being able to glance at a car and know exactly who it’s supposed to be, not many are as successful as Super Hero Girl Harley.

Comics (Classic) Harley

Alright, yeah, you knew it was coming. I won’t lie; I’m proud of this car! I sortta stumbled upon it by accident, but I didn’t let the fact that it was in the UK or that eBay’s Global Shipping Program decided it would be like $19 to ship get in my way. What makes this car worth talking about again and again is its strange availability.

Classic / Comics Harley

If you haven’t already seen this, I want you to click here and read, or at least scroll down to the 2 convention pics that are close to each other. This is where we get out first glimpse of the “red and black Harley” (I’m just going to call her Classic Harley from here on out), alongside several other cars that weren’t yet available. The thing is, all of those cars (and more) have come out since then except Classic Harley who hasn’t even been shown or mentioned officially aside from these few photos.

The one I picked up recently came from the UK, and the back reflects this as well, with words like “colours” being used in the fine print. What’s weird is that it isn’t “new” like the other new DC stuff, else it would have the updated “Character Cars” packaging with the bio on the back. So what kind of weird UK-limbo is this car stuck in…?

Whatever the case may be, I’m very glad to have this classic version of Harley Quinn. If Hot Wheels was only going to make one Harley car, this would get my vote hands down because it represents the most well-known and iconic incarnation of Harley. The younger crowd may not be as aware, but Harley Quinn was originally introduced in the 1992 show Batman: The Animated Series to help “lighten up” the Joker a bit. She was so well-received that she was adapted into the comics where her role was expanded far beyond that of being the Joker’s main squeeze (well, some of the time at least!).

I love the simplicity of the alternating, two-toned, red and black appearance. It’s a little more subdued than the others, but it definitely brings out the darker, more sinister side of Harley’s jester-like persona.

If you are a fellow character car nut, I encourage you to go ahead and pick this one up when you see it, even if you’re forced to bite the bullet a little. Common sense would dictate that this would become widely available – or at least more widely available – than it is right now, but I dunno…there are just too many weird variables in the mix. And with that, I hope you can see why you owe yourself a totally awesome high-five! I’ll do my best to keep you updated on Classic Harley’s availability!

And that about does it for our closer look at my 3 Harleys! Which Harley is your favorite and why? Can you think of any other major versions or incarnations of Harley Quinn that deserve a Character Car of their very own? Leave a comment and keep the conversation going!


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