Availability Update – March 2017

Man, for a while there, these Character Cars were dropping every week or two! We had the rest of the Looney Tunes drop, Deadshot, Batgirl, Green Arrow, and The Joker GT from the DCU quickly followed by the first wave of Super Hero Girls: Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. Then we had more DCU folks – Katana, 2017 Aquaman, and then Cyborg plus more DC Super Hero Girls – Harley Quinn and Katana. (Not to mention the weird lil’ DCU Harley Quiinn with strange availability…) Marvel dropped Elektra, Iron Fist, an awesome display-quality Iron Man and Hulkbuster set, and then new folks from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Rocket Raccoon (blue), Groot Go-Kart, and Yondu. And of course the steady stream of Star Wars cars: Death Trooper, Ezra Bridger, Imperial Royal Guard, Luke & Rancor, Bossk & Boba, Carbonite Han & Jabba, Chirrut, Baze, Rogue One 5-Pack with Cassian…did anyone fall through the cracks?

A lot of this madness started in November, peaked maybe mid-December through mid-January, and has pretty much ground to a halt. Nothing wrong with that – gives us a chance to catch up or maybe brush up on some other collections or whatever. The good news is that if wyou were hesitant to pay a premium for these cars back when they first dropped, many of them are starting to appear more frequently in retail stores. I’m not saying you’ll find every car at every store I’m about to mention, but hey, all I can report on is what I know, right?

DC Universe

The new DCU cars dropped in 2 batches – one with Deadshot, Batgirl, The Joker GT, and Green Arrow; the other with the new 2017 Aquaman and Katana. The first batch came in cases with one of the aforementioned each, plus 2 Hot Rod Batmans and 2 Supermans. I actually think this new version of Hot Rod Batman is a darker blue than the previous releases. Also, the re-released Superman (not the same car as Man of Steel) has been out of production for a while and it’s a good chance to grab one. It’s not exactly the same as the first release – it’s got metalflake in the blue paint – but it comes close. I won’t spend too much time on these differences but I do want to spend an article going over them at some point. Anyway, this “first batch” isn’t everywhere, but I have spotted it at Toys R Us in its entirety several times and 2 or 3 cars here or there at various Barnes & Nobles.

The second batch is filled in with re-releases as well, including Man of Steel and Armored Batman. To my knowledge, “new” Aquaman and Katana are the only new ones. These 2 have started popping up everywhere – particularly Walmarts and Targets – and should be pretty easy to find.

As for Cyborg, well, he appears to be packaged in a case with other re-releases but I have yet to see him on shelves anywhere!

DC Super Hero Girls

Ever since they first came out, these started slowly appearing in a couple of nearby Barnes & Nobles, though I don’t think I ever saw all 3 at the same time! Starting a couple of months back they started showing up en masse at Toys R Us. They seemed to fly off the shelves at first, but now it looks like they’re steadily consuming their allocated shelf space. This of course refers to the first 3, not Harley and Katana. For the very first time yesterday, I saw the Super Hero Girls at Target, and guess what? Their selection included Harley and Katana! I went out to another Target a few hours later and good news, they had all 5 Super Girl Character Cars as well! I don’t know how long these will last or how soon they’ll come back or whatever, but both Targets had multiples of the “first 3” yet only one each of Harley and Katana.


Marvel’s Character Cars don’t seem to be as ubiquitous as they once were; Elektra could be found fairly easily in the weeks following her release but it’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen one. Iron Fists are starting to pop up more frequently, including Barnes & Noble and Walmart. The nice Real Riders display case set with Iron Man and Hulkbuster is still a mystery…no idea where this can be found!

Marvel has been re-releasing a lot of existing cars in new packaging, including an Iron Man Mark XLVI, which is the same thing as the “non-rocket car” version of Iron Man…something like Number 26 back when they still had numbers. The big new ones to watch out for are those with the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 packaging. Rocket Raccon now has a blue outfit, Yondu is added to the mix, and Baby Groot takes the form of Groot Go-Kart. Star-Lord was also released with new Guardians packaging, but he’s identical to his earlier version.

Star Wars

Whew, um, ok, where to start… One thing’s for sure: so far the Imperial Royal Guard and the 2-pack with Carbonite Han and Jabba are the most elusive. Folks are still asking top-dollar for the Royal Guards and Carbonite Han is still quite popular.

The Bossk & Boba 2-pack is becoming relatively common. I’ve spotted them at multiple Targets. Luke & Rancor are a little more elusive, but I’ve since spotted it at least twice in 2 different Targets. Walmarts aren’t the best for 2-packs, but I have seen the Han & Greedo packs with new packaging a couple of times, certainly more than I ever sw them in their original packaging. As for the Rogue One 5-Packs, I’ve only seen them at this 1 Target. The good news is that they seem to have a good supply of them or at least quick access to more of them. I would guess that they’ll be in most Targets before long!

The most recent larger wave of singles has been steadily appearing on shelves of Walmarts and at least 2 Targets. We’re talking Death Trooper, Scarif Trooper, Ezra, K-2SO, Jyn Erso, and other re-releases like Chopper, Kanan, and Battle Droid. Chirrut and Baze are the newest, and this past week I noticed one of each in one Walmart, and then a whopping 3 of each in another Walmart!

Looney Tunes

I mention this because they’re so recent – remember a while back, before Christmas, and Toys R Us got a ton of Daffy Duck cars. And it stayed that way. I remember seeing 20 – 40 cars at times. And then out of nowhere, a few weeks ago the remaining 5 (plus Daffy) spilled out all over Walmart. These things disappeared surprisingly fast, and I wondered if that was the end. Well I guess not, because as of yesterday or maybe the day before, they’re back in full force, at least at 2 Walmarts around here. I still think we can expect a fairly limited run, but at least now more people have a chance to put together a complete set.


I really hope these aren’t fizzling out…I guess time will tell. The first 4 came out, no problems, followed by the Ghost and Vader’s TIE. Then more started showing up, the Ghost and Vader’s TIE all but disappeared, Poe’s X-Wing stuck around with the first four, and we barely got to see any of those other new ones. Up until last weekend, I’d seen all of them in stores at least once except for the U-Wing. I finally spotted a couple of them at a sort of out of the way Walmart.

I haven’t been keeping up so well with the Starships lately, but I have seen the Imperial Cargo Shuttle up on eBay, looking pretty much like the Hasbro Titanium Series version. Still waiting on that Hover Tank though…

Don’t worry, I still search like crazy on eBay every day, so as I know more, you’ll know more! If there’s something worth knowing that I don’t already know, then make sure that I know!


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