Yippie! A 12″ Katana Doll is on the Way!

A while back I was bitching about not being able to own all 8 of the DC Super Hero Girls in any one single form. “Ooh, I dig the 6″ action figures…but no Starfire. Oh wow, the 12″ dolls look great…but no Katana. Ok ok, I’ll settle for the mini-figures…wait, no Starfire and – what the hell – no Poison Ivy.” I just want to line all 8 of them up in the same form, damn is that too much to ask!?

Turns out that not long after that rant I found out about the SDCC-exclusive 12″ Katana doll. I almost immediately jumped on it, but damn, these things are pricey. The low end is around $55 to $70 while some folks have tried asking anywhere from $140 to $200. That seemed to close the book on my issue: I can have all 8 in 12″ doll form, but I’ma have to pony up for Katana.

12 inch Katana Doll - SDCC

I was actually checking out the “Katana scene” a little bit ago for any good deal, I spotted the coolest thing: a 12″ Katana doll in “regular” packaging! The seller has it listed as pre-order that ships on March 25th. I then found it on Amazon, where it has an April 15th release date.

12 inch Katana doll

And check out this other little tidbit I stumbled across while trying to nail down a release date. The site simply listed Katana as coming out sometime in April, but it was a couple of other items that interested me the most…an upcoming 12″ Frost doll and a 6″ Hawkgirl action figure.

12 inch Frost
6 inch Hawkgirl

Does this just mean we’ll have a whole set of dolls minus Hawkgirl…? I hope not…


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