Batmobiles: Addendum #1

Ok ok ok I know I’ve been going on and on about Batmobiles lately but don’t worry – you won’t suddenly see the illustrious “Site Title” replaced with “The Batmobile Blog” one day, but as I was finishing up my piece on Corgi, I thought of something else – well 2 things actually.

At some point during my pursuit of Batmobiles, my son started noticing all the various Imaginext Batmobiles out there. I casually mentioned to him that he ought to start collecting them and then we’d both have a Batmobile collection and by the end of the week he’d added 2 Batmobiles to the one he already had. He’s not here at the moment, and although I could dig through his toys and find and photograph all those vehicles, I know he’d have a ball finding them and getting them ready for pictures that were going to be a part of my blog. So we’re gonna put Imaginext Batmobiles on the backburner for the moment, but it’ll be coming!

Alright, so then what the hell is this entry about? Well it’s pretty simple – I just wanted to quickly document a couple of small LEGO Batmobiles that I got not so long ago. And I’m talking really little, like the tiny sets in the bags up by the registers for $3.99. One of them is the Batman v Superman Batmobile and the other is the new one from The LEGO Batman Movie.

LEGO Batmobiles

The LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile & Batman v Superman Batmobile

LEGO Batmobiles
LEGO Batmobiles

This actually got me thinking: I know that The LEGO Batman Movie is just supposed to be a silly movie (the kiddo and I are gonna try to make time to go see it this weekend) but it made me wonder if the Batmobile from LEGO Batman would enter into the prestigious pantheon of all other Batmobiles! Surely as the movie continues in theaters and eventually hits DVD it’ll be more recognizable than, say, any of the Corgi Batmobiles I just finished writing about. Basically it got me thinking / wondering / hoping that one day we’d get a nice 1:50 Hot Wheels or hell, even a 1:64 version of the LEGO Batmobile. (I think it might officially be called “The Speedwagon” or something…?) And then I got to thinking, “why do I need to wait for another company’s interpretation of said Batmobile?” Why don’t I just get the damn LEGO set for the new Batmobile and proudly place it amongst my collection? Sure, it doesn’t fit with shit else, but how much more perfect can you get than having an actual LEGO model of something appearing in a LEGO movie!!?? And the more I think about it, the more sold I am on the idea…except for the fact that the damn thing runs $50 to $60. It is kind of a lot, especially considering what I spent on my ultra-cool “surprise” lately, and all the other shit I want…like those Monster Hunter Japan-exclusive amiibo…the SDCC-exclusive 12″ Katana doll…that goddamned black Batman Hot Rod character car…stupid R2-KT character car…battle damaged Carships tracksets…any and all other upcoming character cars in the future…more Corgis…at least a couple more Jadas…the Switch…ugh see what I mean!!?? Too much shit. Point is I’d like to get it at some point, and even if they do become available in a more conventional way, having the actual LEGO of the LEGO Batmobile from The LEGO Batman Movie will always be 100% awesome.

That’s it! Just wanted to show of this tiny lil things. There will be more Batman / Batmobile stuff coming but I promise I’ve got a whole list of stuff I want to cover, and that’s not even counting whatever news may be on the horizon and all the infrastructure-type stuff I’d like to do. Hope to see you soon!


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