New Batmobiles! – 2 of 3 – Jada

Hey fellas, alright yo, we’re back! My next guest pioneered the sound of–

Ok right, more about my Batmobiles. These next ones come to us from Jada, a company that I’m honestly not that familiar with. I do have lots of cars from The Fast and the Furious series made by Jada, and at a weird scale at that – something like 1:55. I also have a couple of larger Lykan Hypersport models from Furious 7 (remember the 3.4 million dollar car that Dom jumped through 3 skyscrapers with…?) and they’re among the most beautiful “real cars” I own.

These particular Batmobiles come from Jada’s “Metal Die Cast” series, and they first caught my eye due to their rather large presence – they’re 1:24 scale. According to the back, 4 Batmobiles of this size are in production: the 1966 TV series Batmobile, the Burton/Keaton Batmobile, the Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy, and the latest iteration from Batman v Superman. The ol’ Burton/Keaton Batmobile from the 1989 and 1992 films has always been my favorite and will always be “the original Batmobile” to me. I saw this and had to have it. Next I snatched up the Tumbler – a cool vehicle to be sure, but I dunno, there’s always been a certain disconnect between the Tumbler and what I think of as “the Batmobile.”

Two 1:24 Scale Jada Batmobiles

Since then I’ve seen the ’66 Batmobile around quite a few times but have yet to spot the BvS vehicle anywhere. I guess I’m not really in a rush to get the ’66 version – it is kinda just a car – but I would definitely pick it up in a heartbeat if (when?) I stumble across the elusive BvS Batmobile.

The vehicles are 1:24 scale, which is fairly large, and there’s a large percentage of metal – these are nice, heavy, sturdy “toys” that feel like they ought to cost more than they do!



The packaging is nice but it’s not something I’d consider “display worthy” – it’s still just cardboard and a little plastic. I only mention this because of how obsessive some people are over packaging. Yes, if you’re purchasing these as a potential investment then you’ll probably want to keep them sealed up, but my point is that if you like these things and wanna roll ’em around a little bit, there’s no reason to feel guilty about breaking these bad boys out.



Each is packaged with a small metal Batman figure indicative of the Batman that would’ve been driving said Batmobile. I guess I should really say they’re more like statues. It’d be kinda cool if they could fit in the cars, but they’re still pretty cool. The capes are even semi-malleable and made out of rubber.



Being so large, the cars have some fun features that aren’t as easy to implement in smaller models. As far as I know, the Tumbler only has one moving part, the “door” to the cockpit. (What I really want to see is a version where we can pull the actual Bat-pod out of!) When it comes to the ’89 Batmobile, we’ve got a sliding cockpit door just like in the movies. We also have the little machine-gun turrets on the hood, which is a feature I always loved in the movie and was really happy to see put into effect. (Although technically the guns sort of rose up out of the slots, not rotated like the model – I’ll forgive Jada though, just for making sure that feature made it to production!) Finally there’s a small ventilation cover over the rear rocket engine that lifts up to show a little more of the thruster.


1989 Batmobile with all moveable parts: forward machine guns, sliding cockpit door, and rear engine cover.


The cockpit door on the Tumbler opens but so far I’m not aware of any other moving parts.

Overall these are some solid models that I think any collector would be glad to own. I’m anxious to find the BvS Batmobile and show it off as well. It’d be really great if Jada would expand beyond these 4 versions, though I suppose if they were only gonna pick 4, these were probably the right 4 in this day and age. At $20 a pop they might seem a little pricey, but once you get your hands on it I think you’ll be surprised that it didn’t cost even more. Bottom line: if you want one, get one, they’re worth it! If and when I snatch up the other 2 I’ll report back! I actually just though of a place that might have the BvS vehicle…


Oh and by the way, you can find these at some Targets and Walmarts, though I’ve definitely noticed they’re not in all stores. So far I’ve found the 1989 Batmobile once at Target and a couple of times at Walmart. Spotted the Tumbler at 2 different Walmarts, and I’ve seen the ’66 version only at 2 Targets. Go figure; maybe BvS is hidden at some other store…

Well, that’s a wrap on Jada for now! I’ve gotta take a few snapshots and spend some time cropping and resizing, but stick around, I’ll have Part 3 up soon enough!


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