Strange New Hot Wheels / Star Wars Toys on the Horizon

First of all, I guess I need to issue a big fat “HELLO WORLD!” to WordPress. As of about half an hour ago, I have officially finished “moving” my 43 prior posts over from my Tumblr to my new I know a lot of stuff is still incomplete – for example the big ol’ Site Title hanging out overhead, but I’ll fiddle with all of that soon enough. Right now I want to get some damn writing/blogging done; I’ve got a whole list of subjects I’ve been itching to cover, but I promised myself I’d move everything first. And the more I use this, the more I’m considering doing the whole $8.25 per month just to give myself more bells and whistles…anyway, enough rambling from me. Let’s get to these weirdo Star Wars thingies that have just recently popped up on my radar.

The first new product falls into the realm of both Carships and tracksets. I ascribe the same importance to Carships as I do any Character Car…it’s sort of the same concept at play. And while I’m pretty damn obsessive when it comes to tiny variations across character cars, I have admittedly ignored a similar phenomenon when it comes to Carships.

Ever since the Carships debuted, tracksets emerged as well. The first of these is the Death Star Revolution Race Trackset, a motorized raceway that features 2 “exclusive” carships: the X-wing and TIE Fighter. Of course the “exclusive” qualifier seems bogus at first, if you look a little harder, you’ll see that these are actually battle damaged versions of those carships. Yeah. The completist in me says “must have” but then there’s also the part of me screaming, “that’s $50 for a motorized track!” Now I don’t mind dropping $50 on something rare or unusual, but for 2 slightly different cars and a big ass trackset that I’m not sure will get much use between me or my son…I just don’t know.

Death Star Revolution Race

Were it just one damn trackset, I could probably ignore the damn thing and go on, but no. Not long afterwards the Star Destroyer Double Jump set dropped, which includes a Battle Damaged Millennium Falcon. For some reason I had a feeling there’d be another Star Wars-themed trackset sometime soon, specifically one related to Rogue One. Well, we didn’t get a Character Car trackset, but a little searching through Google Images and then Amazon revealed the TIE Striker Takedown and its exclusive, a Battle Damaged U-Wing carship. Although this set isn’t all that visible just yet, it’s up for sale on Amazon, and anyone who wants all these battle damaged carships could easily own them all inside of a few clicks.

Star Destroyer Double Jump

I certainly wouldn’t mind adding these damaged carships to my collection, but I’m also weary of accumulating all these virtual miles of track just to get ’em. We’ll see.

TIE Striker Takedown

Our next curiosity comes to us via pictures on Target’s website. The listing doesn’t seem to be accessible through normal searching on, but you can find the images on Google and trace them to actual product pages on Target’s site. It’s hard to confirm anything since we don’t have a box or anything to go on, but it’s labeled as the Star Wars Rogue One Rathtar Escape Character Car Trackset.

Notice any red flags? No, that was not a typo, it does say “Rogue One.” Of course the Rathtars were in The Force Awakens, not Rogue One. Then again, it seems like Target’s inventory system has caught some kind of virus where everything related to Star Wars gets a “Rogue One” prefix – including the old Heroes of the Resistance 5-Pack and the even older Light Side vs. Dark Side 5-Pack. Even so, it feels a little strange to me that they’re releasing something so blatantly Episode VII right in the midst of prime Rogue One merchandising. And not only that – we can’t be more than about 6 or 7 months away from the beginnings of Episode VIII merchandise as well. I guess it makes sense to keep the whole saga fresh and continue to release sets and cars and whatever else form various points in the timeline, I just wish that, if this were the case, Hot Wheels would give equal weight to the widely neglected prequel trilogy. (Think about it, how many Character Cars have been made from characters appearing exclusively in the prequel trilogy? Anakin, Grievous, Jango Fett, Battle Droid, Clone Trooper, Shock Trooper, and Darth Maul. Dammit Hot Wheels, I want Qui-Gon, Padme, Dooku, Mace, and even Jar Jar. A young Obi-Wan would be welcomed as would a Commander Cody considering the other 2 Clone Trooper variants.) Anyway, we don’t have a box, but we do have the same 6 or so screen shots popping up, including the 2 below.

Rathtar Escape Trackset

Rathtar Escape Trackset

If you’re a Character Car nut I probably don’t even need to write all of this, but I’ll spell it out anyway. Notice that it features existing Character Cars for Rey, Finn, and BB-8, but no exclusive. There is a Rathtar on wheels, but it’s obviously a part of the track and in no way a “real car.” What baffles me is that besides these 3, only Han and Chewie were present during this scene in the movie…aside from those 2 gangs. Surely we’re not going to get some lame Force Awakens thug as our exclusive character car, are we? The other alternative is that we get some kinda new paint job on Rey, Finn, or BB-8, though from the pictures, none of these appear different from the versions already released. Then again, maybe Hot Wheels is completely ignoring the fact that Finn was included in the Starkiller Base Trackset, although I tend to not lean in this direction; Hot Wheels is usually true to their word when they say “exclusive”…usually.

All we can do for now is keep pluggin’ those terms in and keeping our fingers crossed. I’ll write more when I know more, and as always, if you have something to add, keep me in the loop!


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