Quick Availability Update – New DC Character Cars

Originally posted on February 2nd, 2017.

Yo yo yo, this is time sensitive so I hope it reaches the right people in the right amount of time, so I’ma try to bust this out as quick as I can!

There has been a flood of new character cars on the DCU front, but the last 3 in particular have come and gone very quickly.  They won’t last long, but I’ve spotted all 3 on eBay within the last few hours!

DC Super Hero Girls: Harley Quinn & Katana

Remember that these Super Hero Girls are unique versions.  This is not the same Harley in the nice Suicide Squad packaging, and this is not the same Harley being sold out of the UK.  This is also not the same Katana that just came out in the regular DCU line.  

Harley and Katana

My actual new cars! Yay!

I spotted these a few nights ago (they just got here today!) and grabbed ‘em for $9.99 a piece.  The seller had 5 of each and by the time all 5 had been sold some 4 – 6 hours later, he/she had raised the price to $11.99!  Hah!  Just tonight one of each popped up for $20.00 each (albeit with free shipping) with the caveat that the card was damaged.  Depends on who you are, but personally I don’t think it’s worth it.  I don’t even think these would warrant $20 for a mint card.  Now if they’re still super-rare after 3 or 4 weeks then maybe, but otherwise, I’d hold out.  If you’re super rich and don’t give a damn, then why not, go for it!  But if you’re a regular schmoe on a budget, have patience and just be glad at least one other seller has gotten ahold of these two.

And by the way, keep in mind that as these prices stabilize and solidify Harley will be the most sought after of the pair.  Most people interested enough to be hunting these down in their early days on eBay will already have Katana, but for a lot of folks, this may be their very first Harley.  After all, not everyone will spring for the convention-exclusive Suicide Squad edition (though they are gradually getting cheaper as more and more of them sit idly on eBay), and surely not everyone will have the weird (but classically-colored) seemingly-UK-only version.

Still, I invite everyone who has all 3 Harleys to give me a big ol’ virtual high five!

DCU: Cyborg

This one popped up out of the clear freakin’ blue sometime in the middle of last week, and I guess I just happened to be staring at the computer at the right time.  The seller sold out of all 5 in the matter of a few hours in the middle of the damn night and I was lucky enough to get mine last Friday.


My very own Cyborg!

The good news?  A seller (the same one who I got Super Hero Girls Harley and Katana from) has a grand total of 10 Cyborgs for $11.99 each.  Not what I’d call a great price, but I would consider it acceptable under the circumstances.  Grab it now, or wait a while.  You never really know whether or not these things will disappear or explode in retail stores everywhere, which is why I tend to grab ‘em as soon as I see them.  For example, the previous new DCU cars are started to pop up everywhere, whereas some of the Star Wars cars like Ezra Bridger and Death Trooper (clean) are now more difficult to find even on eBay than they were when they first became available!

Choice is yours, but I’d recommend getting Cyborg.  Why some cars fall into the abyss and others proliferate like rabbits isn’t something I can predict, but one thing’s for sure: the DCU line is one of the easiest to attain in its entirety aside from that damn black & gold Batman Hot Rod.

So that’s that.  Get yo’ ass over to eBay and scrounge up what you can!  Hurry!  And be sure to drop me a line if you know of any existing cars that I don’t!


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