New (to me) Batman 5-Pack

Originally posted on February 16th, 2017.

I think this pack might be sorta old, and I also think that I might now have all of these little Batman themed 5-packs.  Now I’m not talking about the big Character Car 5 Packs, I’m talking about the “regular” ones that you’ll typically see tons of in a Target or Walmart.

Batman 5-Pack

This particular one was buried under some other outdated packs over at the used toy place and I was instantly attracted to its lineup of “fake character cars.”  If you remember, “fake character cars” (sometimes “half character cars”) is basically the best term I could come up with for these silk-screened vehicles.  These are the ones that have relevant graphics and/or words printed onto them, like a decoration.  The bodies used are always Hot Wheels Originals designs, not the 100% new and unique creations used for true Character Cars.

These “fake character cars” certainly play second fiddle to the real guys, but I do enjoy the unique graphics and themes.  Maybe I’ll try to round them all up one of these days and do a full article on ‘em.  

Let’s have a look!


“Pony Up” as Bane

The Joker

??? as The Joker

Strange…usually you can find the name of the car imprinted on the bottom, but not here, and the pack was made before they listed the models on the back! Anyone know the name of this design?


“Sinistra” as Catwoman

Mr. Freeze

“Golden Arrow” as Mr. Freeze



It doesn’t show so well in the photo, but it’s an awesome blue color.

Obviously the Batmobile falls outside of the whole “fake character car” thing, but I love having the ‘89 version in a nice, deep blue color.  I also love the Sinistra design (Catwoman’s car); I think “The Separatists” car in the Star Wars Factions uses it as well.  The gold and purple work especially well together, as does the icy blue and white theme on Mr. Freeze’’s ride.  I don’t think the picture does it justice, but also worth noting is the amazing level of detail in the graphics on the sides of Freeze’s car.  There’s another Mr. Freeze car available in this series of Batman 2-packs (none of which I have yet!) that shares similar features.

That’s all for now ladies and gents!  I got all kindsa stuff I wanna type up so stay in touch!


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