Even MORE New DC Character Cars!

Originally posted on January 29th, 2017.

Holy shiz folks, there are more DCU character cars available!  This is ca-ray-zee – Hot Wheels has really committed to the once-stagnant DC line!

Now if you’ve read through even half of these posts you oughta know how I stay on top of what’s being released: relentless searches on eBay.  And I’m not talking like I hop on once a day and set aside some time for it; no, I search the shit outta eBay whenever I walk by the computer.  Why?  Because when new stuff does pop up, it tends to get snatched up quick.  So I gotta be quicker.

Harley Quinn - SHG Version

The particular term that set off the alarm this time was a search for “hot wheels dc super hero girls.”  I’m not sure if I really expected anything, but then again, that’s kinda the point of this sort of compulsive searching.  Scrolling down I saw the usual, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl…and then, the white hair and friendly face of cartoon-Harley caught my eye!

Obviously I immediately clicked it.  The seller didn’t ring any bells but no sweat…I then went to see what other items he had for sale, searching his listings for any and all character cars he might have available.  And I landed on another worthy result – Katana!  Not the new “regular” Katana, but a newer new Super Hero Girls Katana!  

If you go back a couple of posts where I broke the news about Cyborg (still unavailable, sorry folks…), you’ll remember how perplexed I was at finding precisely the images of DC Super Hero Girls versions of Harley Quinn and Katana on the web, seemingly hidden – unlinked – in the depths of Hot Wheels’ official site.  The fact that these are now available doesn’t answer my plethora of questions – like where the fuck is Poison Ivy and Bumblebee – but I guess it doesn’t really matter!  (Honestly I hate admitting what a huge motivator corporate greed is, especially when I’m buying into it and it’s controlling me in exactly the way it’s meant to, but I suspect that Hot Wheels figured they could make a few extra bucks off new paint jobs without having to cast new vehicle bodies.)

Katana - SHG Version

I bought both of ‘em just as soon as I finished going through the seller’s listings.  He (or she) had 5 of each for sale, and I ran across them sometime between about 6 and 8 this evening.  I did another round of searching sometime around 11 or 12 midnight, and all 10 cars had been sold.  As is often the case with the uber-new cars, no other sellers had them.  Funny thing is that between when I bought 1 of each and when he or she had sold them all, he/she jacked the price up a couple of bucks!  Hah!

So for now, if you want one of these, you’ll have to have some patience.  Keep up with the searching.  Since these DC Super Hero Girls Character Cars have become a little more plentiful in the past few weeks, I’d say there’s a pretty good possibility that they may end up in stores sooner rather than later.  I’m gonna try to do a little bit of hunting tomorrow evening and see what I can dig up.

And there you have it, another pair of vehicles to add to the DC Super Hero Girls line.  Is it weird that 3 came out at first and now there’s just 2?  Is it weird that Cyborg is still an orphan?  I think so.  But as usual, I’ll keep on a-searchin’ and keep on a-updatin’.  Until next time!


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