Breaking News 2 of 2 – New Star Wars Character Cars!

Originally posted on February 5th, 2017.

Right on the heels of a semi-exciting Marvel release, we can also confirm the existence of 2 more Star Wars Character Cars, specifically from Rogue One.  Feast your eyes on the long awaited, apparently released back in 2016, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus!

Chirrut Imwe

Baze Malbus

For a couple of humans, these 2 actually look pretty cool!  It would make more sense to wait for the 5-pack which includes these 2 as well as the exclusive Cassian, but who knows how long it’ll take for them to pop up on shelves.  Bad news is that it looks like we may never get a Bodhi…and not that I care much about Bodhi, but it is a little weird that he’s the only one of the team to get left out.  Of course what I really want from Rogue One is a Director Krennic – can’t you just imagine a nice, clean, pearly car? – but there’s been absolutely no indication that a Krennic is in the works, especially not if all those illustrations are what we’re looking forward to next.

If you’re looking to own these for yourself, you may need to have a little patience.  There was a single seller with both the new Star Wars stuff and the new Marvel stuff.  I think he/she is pretty much sold out of the 5 cars I’ve mentioned but keep your eyes open!

As always, share what you know!  Let me know what else is new and upcoming that I don’ know about!


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