Upcoming (or Existing?) Star Wars Rogue One Character Cars

Originally posted on January 28th, 2017.

This was a monumental discovery, in my opinion. Maybe you were privy to this knowledge before now, maybe not, but either way it’s a vital bit of information that’s sure to leave most of us scratching our heads.

If you read my previous post about the new and possibly upcoming DCU character cars, you heard me mention a tentative upcoming list of characters that I gleaned from a few sources several months ago.  As of the latest DC wave, the DC section of that list has been officially exhausted (and then some).  The Star Wars column, however, well, we haven’t been nearly as lucky.  Most of what’s left for Star Wars is pure speculation (like the “FN-2187″ version of Finn) or confined to what looks like various concept drawings (Lando, Wampa, Hera, Scout Trooper, and possibly a few others).

Quick Tangent:  You may remember me posting pictures of those aforementioned drawings way back – well, there was one more in the series that I couldn’t find at the time.and I just ran across it.  This slide encourages whoever’s in attendance to vote for either R5-D4, Biggs Darklighter, or Sandtrooper as the next character car!


For the record, I’m on the fence. My first thought would be to lean towards whoever would add the most to the story…in this case, I think all 3 are pretty insignificant, though I guess Biggs would have a slight edge in that department. My next deciding factor would be who would make the most interesting car. I see R5 as a boxier version of R2, I can’t imagine Biggs looking too much different than Luke in his flight suit, and the Sandtrooper would obviously be derivative of a regular Stormtrooper. So yeah, no clear favorite here. How about we toss all of ’em out and make cars like Qui-Gon, Padme, Mace, and Dooku.

Getting back to the point, solid leads on upcoming Star War cars are drying up.  Since the Bossk / Boba Fett 2-pack and Luke / Rancor 2-pack have finally seen the light of day, and the Imperial Royal Guard to a small extent (though something is still fishy with this guy…), all that’s really left is the Carbonite Han / Jabba 2-pack. Target had the item listed on their website, but it has since disappeared.

About all that’s left at this point is Chirrut and Baze, the duo of combat experts from Rogue One.  It seems like a good idea – we haven’t really seen all that many characters from Rogue One yet, but at the same time I have my reservations about 2 more “human” character cars.  And then if Chirrut and Baze do become a reality, why leave Cassian and Bodhi out?  And what about Director Krennic?

Well during my dig through Google Images – the same day I found those DCU pics – I found something very, very interesting.  I’ll just let the image speak for itself:


Are you seeing this?  Besides the large motorized trackset, there’s both a Baze and Chirrut character car, and even crazier, a Rogue One 5-pack with the already-familiar Jyn and Death Trooper, Baze and Chirrut, and then the 5-pack exclusive: Cassian Andor!  No Bodhi…?  Will we ever get a Krennic?  Or Saw?  Or Moroff?  I don’t know, but I’m glad they’re acknowledging Cassian.

I’ll tell you what little bit of information I have on the pic.  Apparently it comes from a user’s Google+ account, and judging from the post, he just “found this shit” in a store.  Looking at the background, there appear to be Christmas decorations.  What’s even weirder is that if you go back a few posts, he also located the Bossk / Boba and Luke / Rancor 2-packs a full 2 months or so before anyone on the eBay circuit got ahold of them…and even then, it took another 2 to 4 weeks before these could be regularly found.  So where the hell does this guy live?  ‘Cause I’m moving there, immediately.

One interesting thing about the toys in the pic is that the big motorized Death Star trackset, with the exclusive “battle-damaged” versions of a couple of Carships, is and has been prevalent in Target stores since at least early or mid-December.  Is that a good sign or a bad sign?  I don’t know.  Could these cars and 5-packs be popping up sporadically similar to how I found the 2 Luke / Rancor 2-packs?  I guess it’s possible.  All I know is that I want these, or really, just the 5-pack would do since it’s the only way to get Cassian, and Baze and Chirrut are included anyway.  We also know that these Hot Wheels 5-packs only appear at Target, so that helps to narrow it down a little.

I was totally blown away by this revelation, as well as how narrowly these things seem to be released.  I know not everyone who finds these will be on eBay and I know they won’t all take pictures and blog about them and whatever, but it still seems weird as well.  How – and more importantly, why – are so few of these floating around?

Needless to say, if you know something I don’t, please let me know!  Even if it’s just a release date or a store where you’ve seen these in the flesh or anything else remotely helpful I would be most appreciative.  

Alright nerds, that’s 2/3 of my glorious news!  See what I mean?  I did have some cool stuff to share!  Stay plugged in for one more installment, and then if I have an iota of energy left, I’ll harp on a bit about all the kinda-neato stuff I tracked down over the past week.  Hang tight!


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