They Keep on a’ Comin’ – More NEW DC Character Cars

Originally posted on January 19th, 2017.

You heard it here first (or maybe not): Hot Wheels has busted out yet another 2 character cars, this time from the DCU.  Curious?  Of course you are!

Aquaman (New)

Aquaman (Version 2.0?)

Finally we get the new and updated version of Aquaman.  The scant information I had suggested it was going to be like a “movie version” of Aquaman, and even though we only see Aquaman for like 14 seconds or less in Batman v Superman, we got an ok look at him and I’m not 100% convinced that this car is indicative of that Aquaman in the same way that Wonder Woman sortta matched up with her BvS counterpart.  Take a look and decide for yourself!  Either way, it looks pretty cool from what I can see so far.

I’m sure these will start popping up everywhere before long (then again there is the occasional car that doesn’t) but if you want one now there are a couple of sellers on eBay letting them go.  So if you want one and don’t wanna take any chances, go ahead and get over there and get one!



This woman almost slipped under my radar.  I’d been expecting the new Aquaman release, but I had absolutely no idea about Katana.  I kept browsing around after seeing Aquaman and eventually noticed a shape I didn’t recognize.  I didn’t immediately figure it out though – I had to actually zoom in and read the packaging.  I can’t quite make out her shape as well as I’d like, so I’ll reserve judgment until I own one of my own.  So far she kinda reminds me of the Inquisitor from Star Wars, at least her color scheme does.

She’s also up for sale by a couple of sellers, but like any new car, expect those initial sales to go fast. Good luck!

Ugh ok, any more surprises coming!?  I can practically smell Luke Cage coming out of the Marvel camp, and Star Wars has several more cars that are supposedly at some stage of development.  Of all that I’ve heard of, Chirrut and Baze seem to be the most likely candidates, especially before Rogue One becomes too distant…but as I’ve mentioned before, why do these 2 and leave out Cassian?  What about Bodhi?  And moreover, how exciting are they going to be able to make all these character cars based on fairly typical humanoids..?  As always, time will tell.

If you’ve got any new info, please please please share it with me!  Are there more DC characters coming with this wave?  What’s up with all the uber-rare Star Wars pieces (Imperial Guard, Rancor 2-pack, Bossk 2-pack, possibly Carbonite Han 2-pack…)?  Will Marvel ever given us another villain?  Tell me what you know and let me know what you think!


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