Six amiibo Never to Surface in North America!? Say It Ain’t So!

Originally posted on January 19th, 2017.

I have, by most standards, a fairly impressive collection of amiibo.  In fact, I have all of them that’ve been released up this point, including the 454 official amiibo cards.  (Yes, 454: 100 per series for 4 series of Animal Crossing, 50 in the new Welcome amiibo series, 3 “special” cards that came with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, and the single Shadow Mewtwo available with first-print editions of Pokken Tournament.)  Back in November we had a rather large bump to the Super Mario series, including the long-awaited Waluigi and Daisy, Wario in his classic outfit (much better than his updated look), and a glow-in-the-dark Boo among others (Diddy, Donkey, and Rosalina if I’m not mistaken).  Nintendo must be really excited about the upcoming Switch and the Legend of Zelda installment they have planned, because December brought us 8-Bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link, and Toon Link and Toon Zelda from Wind Waker.  

It looks like we have another wallop of Zelda amiibo scheduled for March. I guess these are supposed to work with the new Switch, because suddenly they’re more expensive.  According to Best Buy’s website (where I plan to pre-order them very soon), some of them are $15.99 and a couple are $19.99.  Best Buy even has one amiibo listed that’s not on Nintendo’s official site, which is certainly odd.  I’d tell you which one it is, but Best Buy doesn’t even have a name for it…

Between then and now, we’re going to get a very cool Poochy amiibo to add to the Yoshi’s Woolly World set and you can bet I’ve got my copy reserved at GameStop.  (It comes bundled with a 3DS version of Woolly World; they probably will make a standalone release one day, but I try very hard to stay on top of these releases.)

Overall I’d say I’m pretty “with it;” I keep up with the amiibo, try my best to get them on the first day – I know rarity isn’t the issue it once was, but it could happen and there’s no way to know which ones will be rare until it happens, so for me it just make sense to get all of them as quickly as possible.  I even started keeping them sealed in little shoebox-sized plastic boxes once I realized how they accumulated dust in all their little bends and turns.  Whether I get a Switch right away or not and by extension that new Zelda game, I’d still like to stay on top of the amiibo, for the time being at least.  The March releases will be a little pricey but not unmanageable, that is, until I found out about 6 that as of this time are not slated for any kind of North American release.

The names are a little strange; I’m just going off of what Amazon tells me…


One-Eyed Rathalos Rider (Male)




One-Eyed Rathalos Rider (Female)

I remember whispers of Monster Hunter amiibo going back to Summer or even Spring of 2016.  And then at some point I’d spotted the first batch of 3 over on Amazon, but since they weren’t listed on Nintendo’s official American site yet, I wasn’t all that concerned and I figured I’d just wait until they popped up with a release date.  Following up on the issue, I started poking around again, and it only took me a few seconds to find 3 more damn Monster Hunter amiibo!  Wait a minute, hold up, what the hell is going on!?

Oh right, Google to the rescue…survey says…if you’re in North American, you’re shit outta luck!  Apparently these amiibo are attached to a 3DS game called Monster Hunter Stories, and there’s no word yet on when or even if this game will hit North American shelves.  There is perhaps one shred of hope…some guy said that update to New Leaf, the update that allows for integration of the new Welcome amiibo cards, also recognized the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo.

These names are even weirder. I guess there’s some sort of structure to them that I’m not getting. I guess one name is the monster and the other is the rider, but I don’t really get the doubled-up names.


Rathian / Liolaenus & Cheval


Barioth (Glacier) & Ayuria


Qurupeco & Dan

So…who knows?  Do I just try to grab ‘em now and get a good deal, or wait and wait and wait for possibly nothing?  It’s a tough call.  And while we’re at it, Nintendo’s Japanese site has some other weird shit over in their amiibo lineup area, namely a little block looking thing and what appears to be a pack of “Hello Kitty” cards.  Part of me kinda wants to go for it, mostly because way back, Nintendo announced the Famicom R.O.B. as a Japan exclusive.  So what’d I do?  I bought one!  Several months later it was released in the US anyway, and as you probably know, this is pretty much “the easy R.O.B.” to find since the original was packaged with the Retro Pack alongside Mr. Game & Watch (with 4 swappable figures) and Duck Hunt (don’t you love how they never even got a name..,it’s a dog and a duck and together they’re just “Duck Hunt”…).

I guess I’ll need to mull this over a bit.  One thing’s for sure though, these guys are big and detailed and colorful and easily some of the best looking amiibo around.  Well, that Navirou thing is kinda goofy but whatever.  I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime let me know if there are any good deals or any news about these fellas appearing stateside!


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