Star Wars Character Car Mini-Update

Originally posted on January 17th, 2017.

This’ll be a quick one here.  I’ve gleaned a molecule of new information regarding upcoming (existing?) Star Wars Character Cars, so let’s jump straight into it!

Imperial Royal Guard

Screen cap from eBay

Imperial Royal Guard

A couple of these popped up back in mid-November, based in Malaysia.  Bidding started at a measly $10, and I definitely would’ve gotten in on it if not for the crazy shipping: $30!  No thank you.  Since these 2 sold, there hasn’t been any other sign of these guys.  Earlier today (yesterday at this point I guess) another one finally popped up…but this one was from Australia.  The guy wanted about $18 for the car and then another $21 to ship.  No thank you again; plus I’d like to have 2 eventually, and if I wait around for a cheaper second one anyway, I’ll just kick myself over paying some ridiculous amount for the first one.  I’ll admit I was tempted, but luckily someone scooped it up within a few hours.  When will these be in the US?  Why have they only popped up in Malaysia (something to do with the manufacturing plant…?) and Australia (close to Malaysia…?).

Anyway, these things do exist, somewhere or another, just gotta have some patience.  They’ve certainly got an odd pedigree so far though.

Jabba and Carbonite Han

Here’s the pic from, the most official thing we have concerning Carbonite Han so far

Carbonite Han Solo & Jabba the Hutt 2-Pack

Way back when the Carships were fairly new, Target’s website had a lot of them listed in their online catalog, complete with nice big pictures.  Strangely, none of them were available for online order and all of them said “only in stores.”  However, when you then tried to use the locator function, it was unavailable virtually everywhere.  Back then I plugged in several nearby Targets to no avail, and then I started plugging in random cities and zip codes – California, Missouri, New York, Alabama, Michigan, Arizona – anywhere.  And as I suspected, no such luck.

Today – I don’t even know what prompted me to do this – I found the Carbonite Han / Jabba 2-pack listed under the same circumstances.  What’s even weirder is that the Luke / Rancor set that I found almost 2 weeks ago is not in the online catalog.  It’s kinda up in the air as to what this all means, though at the very least we can extrapolate that we should see Carbonite Han sometime soon…somewhere.

Personally I think Carbonite Han should’ve been packaged with Boba (instead of Boba with Bossk) and then Bossk with IG-88.  Of course that’s all wishful thinking because most of the time Hot Wheels is pretty much dead set on including 1 previously released car and 1 new car in their 2-packs.  Shame!

That’s all I got for now.  Clue me in to any info you may have!  And once we’ve got Carbonite Han and the Imperial Guard, that’ll wrap up everything introduced at ComiCon (pertaining to Star Wars cars at least) and from there…who knows?  I guess we’ve got those illustrations to go on (Wampa, Lando, Scout Trooper, Hera, and then that weird Sand Trooper / R5 / Rebel Pilot (Biggs?  Wedge?) multiple choice thing) and then the rumored Baze, Chirrut, and Finn (FN-2187 Version).  Still plenty of unanswered questions though…what about Bodhi?  Saw?  Moroff?  (Hey, Sidon made it to car-form, I think Moroff is within the realm of possibility!)  And what about Cassian?  He was fo’ sho’ a notch about Baze and Chirrut.  Right?  I still want Padme, Mace, Dooku, and Qui-Gon.  

Oh and my prediction for next Marvel Character Car….Luke Cage!  Doesn’t Power Man sound better though?  I like Power Man.  Luke Cage ain’t even his real fuckin’ name.


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