New Marvel Character Car – Iron Fist!

Originally posted on January 6th, 2017.

Well I guess it’s about that time – another character car has trickled out, this time from the Marvel camp.  To be honest I wasn’t expecting this guy…maybe a Luke Cage or someone from the Dr. Strange movie, but hey, these releases are almost always a surprise.  Still, I wish they’d throw more villains in the mix.  Out of 40ish cars I think we only have like 5 or 6 villains!  Where the hell is Loki!?

Anyway, gaze upon the newness!  (This is a screen cap nabbed from eBay.)

Iron Fist

I haven’t committed to buying one just yet.  So far only 2 sellers have them, one for $14 and the other for $15, which is a little higher than I like to pay.  I also try my best to buy more than one vehicle at a time because for some reason these sellers love to push that shipping charge up.  Seriously, I ship cars all day long for a flat $3.  I could probably knock that down to $2.50 if I didn’t use a box.  So why do so many of these sellers charge $5+ to ship a single car?  It bugs me, especially when the shipping alone is more than a character car in a store ($3.99), so I try to make the best of it by finding something else I need from the seller as well.

I don’t know, I may break down and order one just so that it hopefully gets in the mail tomorrow and makes it here Monday or Tuesday…we’ll see…


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