Imaginext Blind Bag – DC Super Friends – Series 2 (Revealed!)

Imaginext Blind Bag – DC Super Friends – Series 2 (Revealed!)

Originally posted on January 16th, 2017.

Several posts back I documented Series 7 of the Imaginext Blind Bags, and about a week or two ago, Series 2 of the DC Super Friends hit shelves. My son and I scooped these up and I’m here to tell you what’s in store. If you haven’t read my previous post on the subject and/or you don’t know how to tell the bags apart from each other, pay special attention to the next paragraph.

Super Friends Series 2 Blind Bag

Above is what a blind bag from Series 2 of DC Super Friends looks like.  Pretty much all series look the same, except of course for the figures portrayed.  Here’s the trick:  flip the bag over.  Look near the upper right corner of the back.  You should see a long-ish stream of letters and numbers imprinted into the bag.  Notice that they’re imprinted/pressed into the bag, not “written” on it.  Now it’s not this big long string we’re worried about.  Glance over to the left upper corner and you should see a 2-digit number, also imprinted into the package.  Unfortunately the picture below is a bit out of focus, but it should adequately show where the number can be found.

Back with Numbers

These numbers differentiate between the bags!  By themselves they won’t tell you which character is in which bag, but they can stop you from buying duplicates!  If you want to know how many figures are in a given series you can buy one and look at the checklist inside, or you can just look at the front of the bag and count them.  However many different characters there are corresponds with how many different numbers can be found in the back upper left corner.

For DC Super Friends Series 2, the numbers are 89, 90, 91, 92, 95, and 96.  Notice that these are not consecutive, but they are all different, and as long as you don’t grab any of the same number more than once, you can easily own all of them without encountering duplicates.  I’m gonna do you one better – I’m gonna tell you which ones are which! It’s interesting to note that, according to the checklist, these are alternate versions of these characters and most of them are different from previously released characters of the same name.

My son picked up on this before I did, but take a second and pay attention to the characters…Imaginext actually paired up each hero and villain! I thought that was a neat touch, especially since most collections of superheroes (of any toy or collectible) seem to be chosen almost at random, or at the very least with a strong leaning towards the good guys. Anyway, hats off to Imaginext for bringing balance and common sense to the table!


89 – Brainiac – This Brainiac is quite different from the version Imaginext released a year or two back. The older one had a bluish skin tone, an elongated skull, and an accessory with 6 tentacles on the back giving him an appearance similar to Doctor Octopus. As you can see, the new one has green skin, a normal sized head, and a different accessory; this one places the extra arms at he shoulder area instead of the back. I think it’s a cool reinterpretation of the character, but I still think I prefer the older version slightly more.


90 – Superman (Kingdom Come) – I guess this iteration of Superman must be taken from some sort of “Kingdom Come” storyline from the comics; I wouldn’t know because my specific knowledge of comics is pretty slim. This Superman, I assume, is intended to be older hence the gray hair on the sides. His outfit also sports darker accents, and he comes with translucent green shackles, which I suppose symbolizes that they’re made out of kryptonite.


91 – SinestroSomewhere out there there’s another Sinestro from Imaginext that features his typical Yellow Lantern outfit. We’re not quite sure if this is just super hard to find or hasn’t seen a wide release or hasn’t made it to the US yet or what, but aside from some very $$$ listings on eBay once in a while, we’ve found no trace. This “new” Sinestro, while not as recognizable as the other version, still features his purple/magenta skin and Yellow Power Ring. For whatever reason, he’s got a blue and black outfit. Imaginext is well-known for reusing accessories, but damn, I’d think they’d pick something better here: basically we’ve got something from a knight/medevial set with what looks like typical knight armor and some sort of pole weapon (a voulge or halberd maybe). Oh well, at least they’re clear yellow like an appropriate Power Ring construct!

Green Lantern

92 – Green Lantern (John Stewart) – So far this is the third Green Lantern that I know of from Imaginext, except this one has dark skin since’s he’s John Stewart. (I’m assuming the others are Hal Jordan.) The new suit has a more tactical feel to it, and yet again, he’s saddled with recycled weapons. He’s got an oriental-inspired straw hat and chest place plus a rake/claw-like polearm. But yet again, they’re transparent green in line with a Power Ring construct!

95 – Emperor Aquaman – I don’t know where this “emperor” version of Aquaman comes from, but he’s really just a palette swap of the original. Instead of orange shirt and green pants, he’s got a red top and black pants, giving him a little bit of a sinister edge. He sports his typical trident.

Black Manta

96 – Black Manta (Unmasked) – Is it weird that there’s a black guy underneath…? He looks kinda like a tech-ish pirate, complete with some kind of shoulder/chest armor/breathing apparatus accessory and a trident that’s approximately 2.2 times more badass than Aquaman’s!

What Happened to Series 1?

The astute reader no doubt has asked, “where’s Series 1?” by now and believe me, we had the same question. For reasons unknown, it looks like Series 1 never saw a US release. If you scrounge around on eBay you can easily find the Series 1 characters from sellers in the UK, but that’s as close as they get. (They do seem to be in the hands of a few US sellers, but quite pricey.) The only “must-have” from the set would be Red Hood, but there are some other cool ones like an unmasked Deathstroke, red-colored Nightwing, and an unmasked Batman / Bruce Wayne. In addition there’s a regular Batman, the Joker, Two-Face, and a purple Catwoman. Maybe we’ll see this in the US in some way, shape, or form…I have some confidence since the numbering on the bags for Series 2 seems to directly follow the Series 7 numbers – i.e. there’s no gap to account for 8 missing figures. I we’ll find out sooner or later, though Imaginext is weird with these blind bag releases…way back I think Series 4, 5, and 6 all came out within 6 to 9 months and then a year, possibly a little more, passed until Series 7 was on the shelves. Let me know if you have any solid info!

Did this guide help you out? Who’s your favorite? Let me know!


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