Ezra Bridger and Death Trooper – Character Cars

Ezra Bridger and Death Trooper – Character Cars

Originally posted on January 5th, 2017.

I mentioned these 2 new(ish) character cars a few days back and posted some quick screen grabs, but as of a couple of hours ago, I now own both!  I’ll let you in on a little secret too – I actually bought the same 2 from another seller just because I wanted 2 “clean” Death Troopers and I thought I might hang on to an unopened Ezra for a while.  For the record, the Death Troopers are pretty easy to find (either singly as the new “clean” version or the battle-damaged version packaged with a battle-damaged Stormtrooper) but Ezra still seems to be in short supply.  A few sellers are getting them in small amounts, but they seem to go fast.

Ok, so now that I’ve got these bad boys all to myself, let’s take a closer look.

Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger

“This adventurous rally car has the street smarts and independent spirit of young hero and Jedi-in-training, Ezra.”

“Ready to race into action for the REbellion, the headstrong vehicle sports a helmet-like design and Ezra’s iconic weapons: a lightsaber and slingshot in the rocker panels.  The long road ahead will be tough and treacherous, as evidenced by the deep battle scar on the hood, but this fierce fighter possesses the grit, speed, and courage to fight for the greater good!”

Let’s be honest, the original Ezra isn’t the most…exciting…of the Star Wars Character Cars.  The design is sort of flat and cartoony, and he sortta looks like a muddled version of your typical original trilogy-era starfighter pilot.  This new “battle-damaged” version is essentially the same, but there are some noteworthy changes, the most obvious being the 2 scratches indicating damage.  The cool thing is that these scratches are actually in the mold; you can feel the indentations in contrast to other battle-damaged versions who simply sport different paint jobs.

Ezra Comparison

The other big(ish?) change is Ezra’s lightsaber.  On the original model, the lightsaber is simply a section of the right rocker panel painted blue.  It’s plain enough to see, though not quite as “cool looking” as other lightsabers on character cars.  With the new battle-damaged variant, a portion of the rocker panel has actually been omitted from the main mold and replaced by a clear blue piece, much more in line with the other character car lightsabers.

Ezra Comparison

The remaining differences I’ve noticed are just small variations in color, of interest to only hardcore nerds.  For one, the antenna on the back of the original is gray, and on the new one it’s white.  Also on the front left, about where the headlight would be, there’s a jagged little lightning bolt thing that appears to be derived from Ezra’s helmet.  The bolt is yellowish on the original and darker and more orange on the new one; there appears to be a similar change on the right side where we have that weird little separate piece that I don’t really know what is – the yellow is updated to the darker orange as well.

Overall Ezra may not be my favorite of the series, but hey, I’m cool with giving the cartoons some representation.  Plus the improved lightsaber is pretty cool.

Death Trooper

Death Trooper

“Death Trooper is an elite form of Stormtrooper and part of Imperial leader Krennic’s personal army.  Poised to destroy all enemies, this villainous vehicle brandishes a blaster rifle and grenades on its battle-ready build, resembling the fearsome fighters’ helmets and masks.”

“Armed to attack the road with unmatched velocity and ferocity – will the Death Trooper be powerful enough to defeat the Rebel Alliance?”

The differences between the clean and battle-damaged Death Trooper cars are a bit more conventional than Ezra’s updates.  Basically the original (battle-damaged) features a number of painted-on gray scratches, mostly on the left side of the hood, the top of the cabin, the frontmost right corner, and then the edge of the matte plastic flap on the rear right.  Not that exciting, I know, but clearly these were intended to be 2 “different” (distinct, maybe?) vehicles.

Death Trooper Comparison

Well there you have it!  As I said, this new version of Ezra can be difficult to pin down.  The best thing to do is stay vigilant on eBay and buy it as soon as you see it.  (As of right this moment, there are none available.)  The Death Trooper shouldn’t be any trouble at all.  If it’s an original Ezra you’re after, you should be able to pick up the TIE Factory Takedown trackset for about $20 – $25 at most Wal-marts – be sure you go to Wal-mart, ‘cause Target doesn’t stock this stuff, at least not any around here.  If you’re lucky you may be able to pick up the Blast and Battle Lightsaber Launcher for about $10; I’ve only ever seen it at Barnes & Noble and even then it’s been rare.  As far as the original battle-damaged Death Trooper, you can find these pretty much anywhere in a 2-pack alongside a battle-damaged Imperial Stormtrooper.  The Targets around here have been woefully devoid of Star Wars Character Cars for the most part, but these things are usually in plentiful supply at Wal-mart and Toys R Us.

Have you picked up either of the new cars?  Let me know what you think!


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