DC Super Hero Girls – A True Source of Collector Frustration

Originally posted on January 17th, 2017.

I’ll admit that I’ve never really had much of a reason to go to the girls’ section of toys.  I glance down there and it’s just two or three rows of PINK DAMMIT.  I guess there were a couple of girl toys I may have wanted as a kid, but by and large I was glad to be a boy and enjoyed my action figures and guns and lazers and swords and muscles and cars and missiles and so forth.

But when I saw that the DC Super Hero Girls were making their way to the character car arena a few months back, I started giving them a closer look.  I’m still on the fence about collection or even buying an actual doll, but I did spend some time gathering up the 6 inch “action figures,” you know, smaller, more articulated, and sans “real” hair.

Here’s the thing:

To the best of my knowledge, as of right now, there have been toys – in some form or another – based on 8 characters from the show:  Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Katana, and Starfire.  (Note:  I’m excluding Legos from this discussion because most of the time you’ve gotta spring for 2 or 3 $80 sets (maybe worse) just to get all the characters of a particular series.  (Note Again:  I looked it up and neither Katana nor Starfire has made it to Lego form yet, although Steve Trevor has.))  Of these, Katana and Starfire are by far he least common, with Starfire being the newest addition.  The part that sucks is that Mattel (or whoever, I think Mattel) refuses to make all 8 within the same fucking format, so it’s impossible to line up all 8 of ‘em all nice and neat!

If we start with the Character Cars, we only got Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman.  Most people probably won’t pay attention to this branch, but I felt the need to mention it since that’s what drew my attention to them in the first place.

Mini DC Super Hero Girls

Recently I started seeing the little 2.5 inch mini-figures around.  Ok, no Starfire, but I guess I can live with that…for now.  Oh cool, they have Katana, that’s a good sign…but wait…no Poison Ivy…why!?  She’s like, one of the “core 6,” why is she randomly left out of the minis?  It’s strange to be sure, but everyone else is included.

Katana - 6 inch

Moving on to the 6 inch figures, which really are much more similar to a traditional boys’ action figure (like a Ninja Turtle, X-Men, Power Rangers, etc.), we seem to be off to a good start.  We’ve got our “core 6″ plus Katana, who it seems was an exclusive to this form for some time.  She damn sure was hard enough to find, although now I’m seeing her everywhere.  But guess what…no freakin’ Starfire.  Ugh.

Lastly are the big 12 inch dolls – yes, I’m calling these dolls because they have far fewer points of articulation than the action figures and they have “real,” style-able hair.  You guessed it; so far this is where Starfire makes her one and only appearance.  The dolls come in 3 different formats: there’s the bare-bones “doll-only” package for $15, then you move up a tier into “doll +” where you get a few accessories for a cool $20, and then finally there’s the “doll deluxe” and I’m not sure what the hell all comes with it, but the packages are enormous and run $25.  Now I don’t know if everyone is available in all 3 forms, but I’m still counting all of these as “dolls” since the figures are all the same size / shape / composition / etc.  Starfire has shown up in the “doll +” packaging, the “core 6″ can easily be found in one of the 3 forms, but of course damn Katana appears to be relegated to smaller sizes.  WHY MATTEL WHY GODDAMNIT!?

Starfire - 12 inch

Anyway, that’s it, rant over.  I mean I would love love love to have all 8 of them as cars, but that’s probably a pipe dream.  Beyond that, I prefer the action figures but honestly I’d be willing to “convert” to any format so long as Mattel would stick to it and continually release at least 1 iteration of each character in said format.  I do have all 7 in action figure form (and 3 minis) but I don’t know if I’m ready to own a doll yet or not…plus I won’t exactly be rushing out to get dolls of the other characters since there’s no way to really complete the set.  UGH…as a collector it just drives me crazy that I can’t line up all 8 of them and admire my collection!!!

Collectors out there, do you feel my pain?  I know you do!  If you don’t, it’s ok, you’ll get there.  Anyone have any insight into this issue or know of any upcoming releases that would help me scratch this itch?  Character Cars aside, it’s obvious that Mattel is doing this deliberately, but why?  They’ve got to know they make 8 characters, and they’ve got to realize you can get all of them except for Katana in doll form and all of them except Starfire in action figure form.  As to why 2 of them are left out of the minis, well, that’s just plain weird.

I’m equally open to speculation and information…someone just please tell me why Mattel won’t let me have a nice neat set of DC Super Hero Girls!

And P.S. – When you gonna throw some villains in!?  Lego makes a Lena Luthor figure for God’s sake!  And Lashina, whoever the hell that is.  And Kryptomite, whatever the hell that is!

LEGOs...or something


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