Another New Character Car – BOSSK from Star Wars!

Originally posted on January 7th, 2017.

Holy shit!  Bossk was added to a tentative list of upcoming character cars like way way back and I have steadily trucked along and kept up the eBay (and occasional Amazon) searches, day after day.  At some point in the last month or two, word was Bossk would be part of a 2-pack with Boba (why don’t more 2-packs include 2 people we don’t have…why a repeat?  IG-88 would’ve been a perfect companion).

Well, late yesterday evening, the relentless searches paid off.  Check out this screen grab from eBay:

Bossk and Boba Fett 2-Pack

The price was a little steep, though I think I have an ace in the hole (maybe 2) that should recoup such a wild price.  Originally I was torn, but after another search early this afternoon, it looked like one had been sold (even though I don’t remember it being a multi-quantity listing), so I started to panic.  

So I bought it!

There doesn’t appear to be any others available, but I’ll do my best to post any and all availability updates as they come to my attention.

More pics to come when Bossk gets here!


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